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'IF THE HUNS CAME TO MELBOURNE!'   What would happen if by any means a German army should land in Australia? The question is not very difficult to an- swer, if one imagines the nameless hor- rors perpetrated on helpless Belgians and Poles in the name of Kultur. Think for a moment of a repetition of the dreadful nightmare here in Adelaide! Picture those nearest and dearest to you at the mercy of the merciless Hun! Think of the un- dreamed-of possibilities, of the 'remorseless and wanton destruction of our beautiful cities! Imagine our beautiful public build- ings, our stately churches, our treasured squares and gardens laid in smoking ruins! That is what the producers of a remark- able moving picture, entitled, 'If the Huns came to Melbourne, ' have set out to bring in a vivid manner before our eyes. The result is a pictorial achievement that Aus- tralia may well be proud of. Every in- cident has been carefully thought out, and faithfully reproduced. It teems with sur- prises, thrills, and sensations. It was screened privately for the Minister of De fence (Sr Pearce), who expressed his hearty approval, and remarked that it should be a powerful factor to help the re- cruiting movement. 'If the Huns Came to Melbourne' will be shown this evening, and for three nights only, at the Wonder- graph, Hindley Street. Lx