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Bcircos' A.vsrjAi, BACK.-This aimuul turf meo, came off on Tuesday and AVodaesday lust. Tlio spor ¡B represented to liavo been very good and (lie utmost order prevailed on Ibo course. Tho following par- ticulars aro gleaned from a gontlcman who was pre- sent at tho meeting. First Dut/.-Thc Maiden Tinto of I/.45. Mv 1*. Davoren'a g g Irish Stranger, 1 ; J tr Kennedy's eh g Dcneon, 2. Bight others started. The Town 1'ltilo of L.40 with a sweepstake of two guin- eas added: Mr- J. AloAlister'a b g Despatch, 1 ; Mr Dnvoren's Bim O'Counel), 2, 'Trial Stakes oflj.ÜOfor all two-year olds, won by Afr liidonoy's Nettle, beating three others. Second Doy.-Thu Squatter's Burso wus not run for, us (hove were only, (wo entrances. Thc Publican's l'tirse of L.40, tor all llóreos currying welter weights, Won by Mr' J. McAlistor's Despatch, beating Jackey Morgun and Bon Oaulticr. As tho start, for t ho trial slakes on the ilrst day hud not proved satisfactory, a purse of Ki sovoreigns wus now run for by two-years olds mid which wus won by Nettie nguiu. Thc Farmer's Pnrso of Jj. 15 was won hy Air J. MoAlistcr's'Bingloadcr, beating two others. Tho Consolation Stakes woro taken by Air B. Dnvoron's Bim O'Connell, (cloverly ridden by Mr J. McAlister) beating Jackey Morgun, Beacon, and Lath. A match hus been mudo for L.150 n-sido, titree miles, between Air Hancock's Jackey Alorgan and Mr Bi'oughlon's Deacon, to come oil'on tho Burrowa course, on tlio 27th of nest month.- Yass Courier, of Saturday.

TEDDIXOTOX, tho' winner of (he Derby in 1851, had a narrow cscnpe a fow days ago. Elberfeld- Gazelle says : -Tho Belgian stenmor Baron Osy, inrivod at Antwerp from London, having on board two very vulunblo horses, which had been purchased in England for tho Emperor of Austria, mid woro thon on their way to"Vienna, imdortho oavo of an English jockoy. Ono ol' tltcso horses is tho ro nownod Teddington, for which tho emporor had paid the sum ot'L.170O.. In Antwerp harbour preparations wcro made to land tho .horses. Whilst tho Oustom-liouso

ohTeors woro cngngod in inspecting (ho effects of tho pus sèngors, a loud cry and a splash wcro suddenly heard. Teddington had fallon into tho water. Tho steamboat peuple had placed a board without railings from (lie vessel to tho quay for tho liorso to walk ashoro upon ; but tho llery animal, feeling tho insecurity mid weak- ness of tho bonrd, mudo a bnokward plunge, and fell from a height of 25 or 30 feet into tho Scheldt. Tho liorso sank to tho bottom, but fortunately roso again to tho sur- face, when ho waa seized by tho headband after, n struggle of ubotit lialf-an-hotir's duration was brought to land. Though apparently uninjured, ho must have suffered by his involuntary bath in such cold weather." *