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The regular three days' snort commenced on Thursday, and has thus far proved very suc- cessful-die" « eather being most propitious, and die racing; first-class. The attendance, hon-ever,

did'not come up to our expectations on the. opening day, -though the Club ' bael no cause to grumble at the amount of patronage'bestowed. Probably, Saturday will be the grand day of the meet, as the Queen's Plate v\ ill tlien be decided, and many »ho could not make it convenient to attend before will take advantage of the hall holiday. Simply premising then, that all the ar- rangements were carricif out in the meist satis- factory manner, and t awarding due praise to the starter, Mr Martyn, and to the worthy .Clerk of the Course, Mr Henfrey, for the' able manner in which their respective duties were discharged, we proceed to a detail of the running!.:

First Race.-To start at 1.15.-Tho TRIAL STAKES of 3

sovs each, with 50 nova added ; for all horses ; weight for ago ; onco round and a distance j -winner to be sold by auution immediately nftur tho race for. £75; any > surplus rculiscd by tho salo ubovo thut. sum to go to

thu raco fund ; if entered not to bo sold to curry 71b oxtrn ; entrance, £2 10s.

.Mr Mylae na ch li Lunatic, 3 yrs, Hst., (not to be sold)... Driscoll 1

J.Tait's by I'resto, aped. But.:.Ashworth 2

ll. Martin's brc Mack Tommy. 3 yrs, 8st. 3 T. Lee"« br ni Lilla, IS yrs, Sst, albs, f not lo lie sohl)

'Possum scratched. Betting (5 to 4 on tho Hold. A good sturt was cfi'cctcd ; Black. Tommy led, Presto second, and Lunatic third ; Lilla, who started dead lanie, and sndly out of condition, lying last, and in fact being completely out of tho raco from thc outsot. Tlieec positions wore kept to tho back, when Prosto and Lun ' atio drew forward j for a fow strides Tommy held his own, hut boforo passing the Derby eomor ho Ayas over- hauled by Presto, und immediately afterwards Lunatic , challenged, and aftor a lino spurt, scoured tho lead at !tho turn into thb.rnils. The finish Jioino layexclusively between Lunutio and Prosto, tho former winning clovcr : ley by nearly n length, Blnck .Tommy Jive lengths be-

hind the second horse. Time, 2iuiii. -iSsecs. - , J

Second Euee.-To start ut 2 .p.m.-Second year of, the

1ST N. S. "W. BIIÎÎIÎÎI,IT. ; for 3 yr olds ; li milo; 1U . .nominations; entries closed. '.

Mr T. Hobarts' eh ll Exeter, 3 yrs. 8st. Tib.M 'Cabe 1

A, ll iirkcllnrM Ur c Kyogle, a yrs. Pst. "lb.Holmes 2

H. M'Uowan'sch li8pnrtnii,3 yra. Sst. 71b. . S J. J. Huberts' ch h Tn uhndour, 3 yrs. Sst. 71b. B. Richards'* b f Wrdmlng, 3 yrs. fist. 41b. C. tt'il^rls'd ru c Wniulcr, a yrs. Sot. 71b. J. Tall*« br r Lady Joitp, tl yrs. Sst. iib.

J. Tail's b c Stork, 3 yrs. Sst. 71b. . . J. Tait's ch r Trliicunmlee. a v». 8st. 411). .

Belting : Even on tho field.' Tho Kim. scratched.

Spartan shewed .Jirst past the stand, with Kyoglo second, < Tnncomnleo third, Troubadour fourth, and Exeter fifth. iSro damage was dono .till reaching the huck stretch ; when nn exciting struggle ensued between tho two lead- ing horses, Jixetcr meanwhile emerging from tho ruck and taking up third place. Tlie pitee now improved, mid nt tho Derby turn, Spartan lind lullen to tho rear, und the rnec lay between Kyogle and ICxetor, the latter coming'forward nt every stride.' Hounding tho last j turn, un exciting contest ensued, and ti fine rnec hume ! resulted: in favour of Kxctcr by a length mid a hull', Kyoglo second, both at* thc whip for the Inst hundred yards. Timo 2min. 57sccs. ¡

Third Knee.-To start ut 3.15.-JOCKEY/ Ciun HAN-JU

CA1> ol' 100 sovs, with a'sweep of 10 so vs each added ; fat. nil hnxvae ta ho hniirli'.-Jipricrl i 2 ..milo« : .jwr-nml horse to receive 25 SOYS from the prize ¡ entrance, ;U5; non acceptors to forfeit hull' outrance

Mr J. Tait's di B Talleyrand, 3 yin. 9»t 1 lb .....Ashworth I

Mr. U. A. Stacie's eh ir lieu li ult, aged, ¡1st Clb.Rose ! T. Ivory's ch ni Flying Doe, Syrs, ÎJt lolb.Holmes 3 A, Loller's ch li Thc Doy, Oy rs, Dst oil) Eaton's ch in KiiRenlu, aynr. Hst Jib

J. J. lloberts' rh fl 'J'ruaiii Corri, Syn, Sat J. T. Ityan's b ni Miss Rose, .'»yr«, "st Sib J. DcClouett's ch r h l'aslia, lyra, 7st I llb ? DeMcstre's b m Moss Hose, .lyrs, Sst iib

Betting 6 to 4 on tho Hold v. Tulleyrand. The Don, Grasshopper, îîow Chum, Shamrock, anti Young Morgun scratched. Miss Bo.«e led from the start, and on passing tho stund showed three lengths in udvauco of Trump Curd, L'aslui and tho Doo ; Hen Bolt, Tulley rand, and Moss Boso lying immediately' behind, all hurd held.: At tho Kocks, Bnsliii and Moss Bose wont forward, and u fino struggle ensued for tho next quarlcr-nu'lo between tho leading horses. ' Tho interest in this portion of tho con- test, had barely roached its climax, when it was completely superseded by an amount of excitement seldom equalled -ocensioned by a rush on tho part of Ben Bolt und Talleyrand, both ol'whom now made play, and lifter n Uno race, took up tho ilrst and . second positions respect- ively ¡ tho loro division, howovor, lying very close. Rounding into thc the turn at tho rails,, tho lot wore all of ii houp, old Bon and the Doe having, if anything, tho bost of the positions. " Ben wins" was now tito cry, but in another second or two Ashworth again let out Iiis horse, and wont nt once to tho front, a dospernto ilnish resulting in favor of tho clicsntit by a length, tho Flying Doo third, and tho ruck two or threo lengths behind. Tho time,. Srain. 53sccs. is tho best over mudo nt tho weight ovor Bandiviok, und certainly a bettor nico was never witnessed in the colony.

Fourth Bace.-To start at 4 p.m.-First Year of tho

2ND N. S. VT. BIENNIAL ; for 2 yr olds : J milo ¡ IG

nominations ; entrañóos closed.

Mr R. Hanan's chflliliico, 8st,-llb.;.il'Cabe 1

tv. Town's b f Lady Mary, Sst. -llb.Driscoll 2

(1. Roma's bc , Sst. 71b. 8 ll. Weliard»'* 1) o Rifle Bird, Sst -llb. Miss Dixon's eli f Zcitotil.i, Sst -llb

Rioter and Rockingham scratched. Belting, evon on Hai- dee against any other. Mr. Hassall's beautiful filly fully jiiBtiled the opinion formed of her by winning this race literally in n canter. Lady Mary led for a short distance, but was passed and beaton to tho . post by six lengths, nono of the.others having tho Bhatlow of a chunco against the Braidwood flyer. Time, lmin. 2Gscca.

Fifth Boco.-To start at 4.45 p.m.-SiiuviTKtis' PoitsE

of 50 sovs, with a sweep of 3 sovs each added ; for nil horses that havo never won a prizo exceeding 30 sovs at I he timo of. entrance ;, woight for ago ¡13 milo; . second horse to receive. 10 sovs from thu' prize : en-

trance, £2 10s.

ar T. Ivory's b h-William Toll,,* yr«, 8«t. 1311. ...Holme» I

Mylae ns ch f Ada, .1 yn 'st 101b.Bishop 2

' H. Marttneer'* b li Eucalyptus,' ** yrs, Sst. lilb. '. 3 j'. Moore junior's ch ti Now Clmm, 4 yrs, Sst, 91b.

J. Byrne's b R Capt. (inuit, 3 yrs, 7st. Sib -

13. DeMcstre's ch c Potentate, 3 yrs. ? 7st. 121b. (J. Ileaiu'H rn o Wonder, 3 yrs. 7»t. 121b.

A. Chceltc'sb R TedillnglOM,:ayrs. Ost. . r

Tait's u h Stork, 3 yrs. 7«t. 1211).

Betting : 0 to 5 on tho field. Ada und Captain Girant, both cavried ovor weight. Fotontato wns loft a longway bohinil at tho sturt, but tho disadvantage mada very tittles difference so far ns tho result wus concerned. Thc lot mada a prot ty uloso raco of it fill rcaoliing tho thrn at tho Derby Boat, wheu ' Ada »nd Toll singled out from tho Hold and mado a most exciting race homo-thu game little maro being beaton by a bare half length on tho post, Eucalyptus six."lengths behind Ada. Time' 3uiin. 26

socs. '

As is usually the case on a second day, the .attendance was rather - thin- yesterday; It must not be supposed, however) that in using the word thinly, we mean to imply tliat the course, wore anything like a deserted appearance... On the contrary, it was what might be called a good muster for an off "day; and with one exception, the racing was'of "the most interesting character the Ledger and the City Plate both bringing ex- cellent contests., . The different events- were al) started with commendable . punctuality, and no accident or hitch of any kind transpired td interfere with the day's proceedings. We" append the result :-, ? ' '


First Haeo.-To start nt 1.15 p.m.-Tliird Tear of the

2ND,¡ for'lyi'olda;3 miles | entries olosod/ Mr Julin Tali'* ti e Allïoil, -tym, IM.Ashworth I

¿olin Tait'» li f nullius, 4yr», »st 1 Uli. 2 Tho scratching of William Toll for thia race almost at Um last moment, led to n deal of qnlot grumbling, and

reduced tho ovont to ft moro.j walk over.- for, Mr, Tait's nug«, that gentlemandeclaring to win with Alfred. ". Tho cauter round took . piuca accordingly, ami Atfretl,"vylui ran. in n couple of lenytlis ulioad, was declared thu winner. ' > '{ * ?. äecoud Race-To start .nt 2 p.m.-Tho Sr IJÎOKII

STAKES of lt» sovs.euoh, with IOUMOVS udded ; for tl yr. olds; li milo; colts, 8.*tl01b; lillies, 8sl71bj second horse to receive ¡IO sovs from the stakes ; entrance, ii.

G. K. Waldron's Ii m Miss Tempest

G. Hnll'n br c Alderman

? A. Bowriian'ö eli c Spartan .. Mylae'* ch e Lunatic

? Betting-liven on Exeter, Scamp took tho lend, fol- lowed by Volunteer und Miss Tempest, tho others about three lengths behind. At tho turn near the rocks tho j field cloM'd up, and some good racing commenced ;

Volunteer, who nm splendidly, eventually securing the [ lead, whilo Scamp fell olf into second place. Nearing the

Derby corner, Kider put on rt cunt, rushed forward, chal- lenged Volunteer, and ti lino straggle to tho post ended in tho chesnut winning by n length, Scamp a good third. Time, 3 min. 27 sccs.

Third Boco.-To start nt 8.15.-CITY PÍATE of 75 BOVS,

with a swoon of 6 sovs euell ; for all horses to be handicapped ; oneu round and a distance; entrance, £3 15s; second liorso to receive 15 sovs from tho stokes ; non accept ora to forfeit half entrance.

Air. J. Tait's eli g Talleyrand, â yrs, Sst iib .i.Ashworth 1

G. A. Single's ch K l'en Holt. ni;eu. U&t 71b. Itoso 'J

A. l.odcr's ch B Tamworth, a yrs, Hst 21b. S W. Eaton's ch in liuaeiile, 5 yrs, Sst alli

J. Eaton's gr p Grasshopper, ascii, ~»t llb W. Towns'ch li T'rntislf, 4 yr», tal Sib

HeMestre's br ni Mos» Hose, S yrs. Est 1Mb A. Checke'!, li i; Tcdillnglun, 5 yr», 7a\ Dili

T. I vorj's ch li Peter l'ossum, a ,rs, Sst dib Tv Ivory's eli m Plying Doe, fl yrs, «st

M fine ns b f Mignloiicite, 3 yrs, flit Sib

Betting-4 to lson thc Hold v. Talleyrand. This was n remarkably Uno nico. , Grasshopper led tho way nt a splitting paco, and on getting to tho back showed thrco clear lengths abend pf everything. At this point, how the others drew forward, and on rounding into tho rails, thu lot seemed nil ol'a heap ; thc oldgrcy «till holding first placo with Bon Bolt, Talleyrand and Turnworth in close attendance. At Ibo distii'neo Talleyrand challenged, and u magnificent ruco to thc pout ensued, Ashworth winning in tho last dozen strides by a neck. Timo, 2

min. 40 socs.

Fourth Buco.-To start at 4 p.m.-JNKKKEI'EU'S Br/asi:

of 50 sovs, with u sweep of 3 sovs ouch added ; for all horses that huvo ncvor won a prizo exceeding 50 sovs at tho time of entrance ; weight for ago; twice round «nd a distance; maidens ut starting allowed 51bs ; second liorso to receive 10 sovs from tho prize ; entrance, £2 10s.

Mr G. Malthcws'«ch p; Erin go Ilrngh, S yrs, Oat 21b...Thnmson 1

. H. Morliticcr's luiralypt'us, 4 yrs. Hst 121b...."..Driscoll .2

B. Ilicimnts's b f Ulrilsn-lng, S yrs, «st 71b C. Beale's rn c Wonder, 3 yis, 7st lill) J. Tail's b li Stork, 3 yrs, 7st Ulb

ICrhi-go-Bragli was a general favourite for this race, and ho fully justified tho opinion fói'inod of him by win- ning cleverly by nearly two lengths. Eucalyptus, who ran second, was'tho (inly other liorso that was nblo to

make a shew with him for foot. Time 6min. 2Gsecs,

Fifth Kuco.-To sturt nt 4--15 p.m.-HLHIHY Scrany

STAKES of 2 sevs each, with ,20 sovs nddod^ for all horses ; weight for ugo ; onco'round ; tho winner to bo sold by auction immcdiutoly after thu race fori'25 ; any surplus over that amount lo go to the race fund; en-

trance one sov.

Mr Keighrans Mk p; Bomerang, aged. Sit,.Thomson. 1

J. Tait's ell g Old Ben, 5 yrs,. Pst 1211. 2 C. Nichol»' br lu Fanny Pern O yr«, 8st llb

Boomerang and Old Boil both started nuder protests. Funny Fern took tho lead, and held it for a short time, when sho was passed by the ...oflier t wo, between whom thc ruco hiy. to the finish, Boomerang running in ii length mid a half in advuiieo. Tho timo was not tnïon. Boom- erang sold for L.37. '

Mr. T. Jlobcrls'i, eli o Rxcter.

J. Cobcroft's brc Volunteer Gregory's eh c Scamp .

.McCabe I .UrUtnll 2

. a