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Intelligence was received in town yesterday that this   scoundrel, who has so long defied the efforts of the police to recapture him, and who was supposed to be some- where in the neighbourhood of Binda, made his appear- ance at Tarcutta on Wednesday evening last. It seems that the attention of Corporal Carrol was attracted to a man riding a very well-bred horse, and leading another bearing a pack. The constable was struck with tho like- ness of the man to the description given in the Police Gazette of Peisley, and at once called him to stop, and riding up to him presented a pistol at his head; desiring him to take his hat off that he might ascertain whether he was bald. Corporal Carrol then said, " I believe you are Peisley the bushranger." Peisley made no reply, but started off at full galop, pursued by Carrol, who dis- charged his only pistol at him without effect. In the meantime Peisley had disengaged a revolver from his valise, and levelled it at his pursuer, threatening to shoot him if he advanced. Carrol then returned to his quarters for a revolver, and accompanied by another trooper, started off in the direction of Wagga Wagga, having first succeeded in capturing the pack-horse and swag of the bushranger. There is every reason to believe that Peisley is making for Victoria. The police are still in active pursuit, but have as yet obtained no tidings of their man. A somewhat ludicrous occurrence took place in connection with the affair. The constables on Wed-

nesday night or Thursday morning, came upon a man, camped near Berambula, whose horse they imagined; resembled that ridden by Peisley. They determined to   watch him till dawn, when the supposed bushranger was   horrified to find himself covered by a brace of pistols  

and, to judge by his outcry, must have given himself up for lost.    


Since the above was in type, a private communication has been received by the Police Magistrate announcing   the capture of Peisley, near Bootes' s hotel, Mundarlo, on Wednesday evening. After escaping from Corporal Carrol he was seen to pass the Lower Tarcutta Inn, and must have turned back through the ranges coming out on the Southern Bead near Mundarlo. It seems thoefellow   had been previously remarked when leading the pack horse by some of Bootes's people, and the rumour having reached them of the loss of the pack horse by the bush- ranger in his encounter with Carrol, suspicion was ex- cited, and Mr Beveridge of Wantabadgerie, who was at the place at the time, succeeded in securing him, and we leam that he was at once forwarded to Gundagai, which place he reached last evening. In the prisoner's swag were found two revolvers, some pick-locks, &c., and although he has not been yet positively identified, his description tallies so exactly with that in the Police Gazelle that there can hardly be a doubt as to the man. Tho horse Peisley was riding is

described as being a remarkably fine and fast animal,   and the pack horse which was taken by Corporal Carrol is also a good style of beast. The latter is branded I r near shoulder, and a little behind the haunches is a very singular wen or tumor.Too   much credit cannot be awarded to Mr Beveridge for se-

curing the man, and although we have not heard the. particulars of the capture, we doubt not he has well earned the rewards, amounting in all to £175, offered by the Government and others for his apprehension.

Peisley has now been at large nearly eighteen months since his escape from Cookatoo. The principal charges against him are, the murder of Benyon, the attempted murder of Middleton and Hogie, and horse-stealing. This is the second instance in which bushrangers who have defied the efforts of the police to arrest them for a long period, have been captured in this neighbourhood by private individuals, Molloy having been similarly   apprehended. -Wagga Wagga Express, Jan. 31.