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LateBt English Sporting: News



The (¡Qün*ooD Cur. vslur SOO sim,, lite lui III

»peciv, hy tuhieiiplibu ef SO »ut», ontli, »Uh 100 mbini ; lim ii'Cuixl lo r-criv«- lill) to**,, «nil tlir third SO ; (ha winner lu pay' IQ so»», to Iii« judge; two miles »nd a hull" ; 82

lut». ,

\Mr Morris's Kingston, by Venison, 3 yr». 7*t

-': 4lbs. (ear'rird 7»l 6lb«).. . .. Fik'tmaii 1 Ur Huwmd's Lilli« Hairy, 3 yr». 0»t 131b;. A.

Cowley',..3 .Mr tf, Stanley's Teddington. 4 ye». 9st3ib..F.

Buller ......*......;,."...... 8 Mr Merry's Hubbis Noble, 3 yr«. 7»t. .

41b '......Knott 4 Mr A. Nichol'* Newminster, 4 yra. 9*1 3lb ..A.

D»y.... 0 Mr Greville'* Frantic, 3 yrs. 7»t 41b..Ch«ile*

tori.. 0, "Mr Mrtklam's b. e, Slllion, 3 yr«. 7st 41b.. Lye 0 Lord FúlñiBiston's Buckthorn, 3 yr«. 7«t

4lli.....................Mston 0. M. Aumont'a Dei vine, i y is. Ort 1 llb A.Wrll» 0 Mr Osborne's Alhtfro, 3 yrs. dst 101b (carried

.. Oat 1211»).........Jv Osborne O', Lord Eufleld's Hernsudts, 4' yta. 8«t' j .',' 101b......... i..',,.............Tscopltmso 0,

Bettlug: 7 tu 4 against Stiltoa, 9 tri 1 agst Little Harry, 0 to I agit Kingston, 6 to I agst Hobble Noble, 10 to I nett Teddington; J3 to 1 ?git Newminster,and 20 to 1 agst Frantic, Al- legro, and. Ih?r»iop. Gelling oil* admirably nt the first signal Hobble Noble and Her WUP (the latter pulling tremendously) went on abreast for a few ttiidri. when the former toolillie lead at a mnrieratp pace, Hervlne laying second, Allrgso md Hrrnandrf next. Little H*rry «nd Slillon in tlie centre nnd Frantic last, but all in a clus- ter. B»fore malting the turn out of the courte Burkthorn took up the running-, and, tn going along the tide of the hill, put on the steam snd obtained a great lead, Hutibie Noble following him at least eight or ten lengths in advance of the main body, foremost amongst which laid Al- legro and Hervinp. to them sucreeding Stilton, Teddington and Kingston, with FtHntic and Heroandtz in the rear. Approaching the ex- treme turo, Little flurry tonk the ' third " place/, and dtrrctlv afterwards Allegro wa* passed by Ilervine, Newminster and Kingston, ; the others as before. On re-appearing, Burkthorn "was three or four lengths In front, and Hobble Noble al least three in advance uf Little Hnrry. the Ut- ter, however, now drswing rapidly upon him. At the head of the next division «ere Hervlne and Stilton, nearly abreast, « ¡th Kingston in a good place, followed, in Indian file, by Frantic, Teddington, Allegro, Newminster, and U»rnan iln, the latter beaten off. Before reaching the last turn. Buckthorn's lend was considerably re- duced, and al the limmen uf the hill he gove way, beaten. His retirement lett Hobbie Noble in possession of the lead. Little Hairy, Stiltou, and Hervirte, being bis immediate attendants ; Fran- tic, who had uraw n foi ward in descending the hill, was next in company with Kingston, Ted- dington waiting uputi the latter. They ran thus to the distance, where Hobble Noble and Stilton were beaten, and Heivine tiring a'ung the flit, all chance of the Cup going to France this year was put an end to.- 1 he places of these two were taken by Frantic and Teddington. Kings- ton folio« iug close al the heels of Mr (îreville's hurte, and on the latter's giving way shortly afterwards, betook Iiis pince at Little Harry's side, on his left, Teddington at the same time joining the Danebury nag on the whip hand. A fine race ensued between these three, Kingston, who waited to the last half dozen strnlet, win- ning by half a length, and Little-Harry beating Teddington by three parn of a length. Hobble Noble re-passsd Frantic between the stand and cliair.and finished a bad fourth. Frantic being fifth, Hervinc sixth, and Stilton seventh. New- minster, Allegro and Buckthorn were next, anil Hernandez absolutely last. Hun in exactly

3 ai in.