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Entrances for the Homebush.


TRIAI. STARRS, 8st. 71ht».

Mr T. Roberts* eli .!» Priam, by li th or out of

Crucifix, S yrs- .

Mr C. Hobans' br Ii Kaveri go, by Ether out of

Giglor, 2 yrs

Mr ll. ll. Beresford's bay c Promise, by Camel

ont of Pussy, 2 yrs,

Mr A. r. Holroyd'* bay o Maglolnn, by Or Jonner

ont of Antilln.


.Mr T Roberts' bay b Vanguard, by Etbor out of

Giglor, 3 yrs. 8st 71b , .

Mr James Roberts' bay li Nimrod, by Sir

Charlo* out of Miss Hurley,Sst 71b

Mr John Taits' bro Surplice, by. Sir llórenles,

dum Unknown. 8at 71b

Captain Flit Roy's b f Calliope, by Ether, out-of

Cassandra, Sst 41b


Mr T. Roberts'bay h Vanguard, by Ether out ' " of .ttigler, fl yrs, Ost ';.

Mr C. Roberts' br lt Revenge, by Ether out of

" ? Giglor, 2 yr», 7st

Mr John' Tait's br h Surplice, by Slr Iiorcules,

dam Unknown, 3 yrs, Ost

Captain Fits Roy's b f Calliopo, by Etbor out.,

of Cassandra, 8 yrs, Sst M lb

I.ortnronn RACKS.-Theso rncos onmo off .on

tho 14th and loth January. . Tho ,St Legor'. Stakes of £20 onoh, with £i0 added, waa vron' by Mr Ftold.'a Julla-ouin-snooeer, beating Speed and Vision. Tho AU-ngod Stnkos of ¿8 oneil, with ilfl added, was won by Mr Lyall'* Patient, beating Middleton and Uloomsbliry.. Tho Maid.

en Pinto of £2Í)WM» won by Mr.Gee's Princess, beating Primroses and oihorsVr-For' tho Two jenr-old .Sinke« .of £25 each, with £25 added, ..Mr-'EfoM'a Heiress cantered over. Tho Long-' 'ford* Plata of X45 >-waa won in two hon ti'bj* Mr Hose's Bay Middleton, beating ftuiz; Fair Rosa- mond, and »aria'rd. Tho Consolation Stake« of ..£10 was won by Mr Geo'» Q'lit, beating Fair Rosamond mid others. - Abridged from the

L.tuncaton Kxamincr.

CHALLENGE. - Harry Hilliard and James Ma- ther are open to play Richard Murray and Henry Murray, at Cricket for £5 a-side. If the chal- lenge is accepted, the money will be stumped up at a moment's notice, by applying at the Spread Eagle, corner of Park and Elizabeth-streets.

Tho followinj are tho particulnrs nf the match between two crack horses, namely. Teddington, tho winner of tho last Derby, and Mr Oakildes ton's Mountain Deer, which carno oft at New- market, on tho I (Uh October : -

MATCH 1000 lift; 8at "lb each ; A.F. Dislnnce

-lin, 2f, 21yds.

Sie J. Hawley's Teddington, by Orlando,

I J. Mnrsiui) .. 1 Mr Osbnldc»toi>'s Tho Mountain Deer.. ( Ro-

binson}.. li Hotting-5 to 2 on Teddington, Inver*. Ted dingto'i took tlie lead nt starting, and, with tito Mountain Deer nt bis quarters, on tho whip hand, made good steady running. Nothing occurring in tho race to show which lind tito best of it until they bedail to drop tho hushes hi l ; it then becntno evident that Marsnu felt nnytliin-r but comfortable on his horse, who. in fact, appeared to have the worst of it. lu the bm tom tho Mountain Heer, who- bad hung a little going down tho hill, drew towards the favorite, got to his shoulder- about forty yards from ihomo. and looked ns if He was going to win. So doubtful was it. that Marson was

obliged to uso both whip and i«piir, and his horso I answering gallantly, won. with great difficulty, j by a »hort half length. Tho raco was run in i

min. 17 sec.

A Wnor.RSALR CiMur.vos.-Mr Editor-Sir- i

[ If Paddock is not satisfied with tlio Into fight,

j I cati accommodate bim again, upon thc same I

terms as before, or froln ¿IOU to £300 ; or I

will fight G. Beaumont (aliat Sorgeant. of Hud- ' dersfiuld;) or Nobby Clarke, of Wolverhampton ; j or norton, of Leicester; or tho winner of the

fight between tbo Tipton Slasher and Uroomo. 1

for £50, £100. or £300 n-side. Either of tbeso matches can bo rando nt the Dog und Near, Bridlesmith-gnto, Nottingham, where my money is always ready. If not accepted, I nm open to ficht ¡my man tn tho world (ourt-inp- my friend liendiyo), for from ;£.r>0 to £300 a-side-first come, first served. Yours truly, H. POOLSOK.'' [Sinco tho receipt of tho ubovo wo have seen

j Harry Broome, mid upon mentioning tho cir

! cii'iistancc. bo said he would accept the j lengc. mid enter into articles to fight Poulson,

for £300 or £500 n-side.]- London Bra.