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Ilu o not lier portion of our columns will bo

found tlie running o( Tho Oaks mid tho re.Hilt , oi tho Derby. Wo have since received tho foj

j lowing particulars of tho hitler great turf


Tm: DiiniiY ST.« Kr il of 50 JOT* each, h ft, for ; three-year olds : col's, 3-t Tib* ; fillies. Sst j 2lhs : tho second to receive 100 sovs. and tho

winner to pay 10.i BOVS towards tho p dice re I gulntions of the course, and 50 sovn to the I judge. One milo and a. half on tho now

course. 192 subs.

5irJ Hawley's Ted.lit,gion ... (.T.Marso") 1 Mr C. Clark's Mnrlboruugn Unck _(G.

i M'h rehouse) . . 2 . Vr Wilkinson's Xcasbam .(J. Holmes) 3

Lord Enfield's Hernandez.fS. Mann) 4

Twenty-nine others started, but were not placed.

Tlettiiig-3 to 1 ngainst Teddington. 7 to 2 against Marlborough Buck, 7 to 1 against Hernandez. 7 to 1 a/ainsj Pi imo Minister, li to 1 against Constellation, 15 to 1 njtainst Theseus. 15 to I against Nonsham, 22 t" I against Black Doctor. 30 to 1 am inst Lamar- tine, 30 to 1 against Hyppolytus, 40 io I against Bonnie llundee, 59 to I against Ariosto, and 1,0 Kl to 15 acaiust any other.

Huckhouiid took "the lead from the post, and with the Enterprise colt in his wake, the latter waited on by Teddington, Constellation, Nens bnm. alni Ariosto, led the way nearly to the top of tho hill, thu running bring thou taken from him by the Enterprise colt. Teddington follow- ing Iiiickhouiid, in company with Nonsham and Ariosto, next to tho latter lying Constellation, Heartbreaker, tho Marlborough Huck, and Lord Küliuton'g two This orderhisted only to tho mile po.-t. Teddington then quitting his and go ng on with a decided Ie >p, tho Enter- prise colt nnd Buckbonnd giving way lo Her- nandez tho Marlborough Buck. Ncasham, nnd ? Ariosto, to which lot the race, after m iking tho

turn, was confined. Marlborough Buck took ' the second place at the road, and held it to tho I distance, where Ncashnm went up, nnd by snf i fcrance, gut within a neck and «liquider of tho i favourite, by whom, hone cr, hu was very j disposed of. Tho Marlborough Burk jami Hernandez wero thu« hfc »¡illili haifa 1 length of tho favourite, who having had the raco I in hand from tho time ho took up thc running, j left iItem without nn effort, and won in n canter i by two lengths, tho Marlborough Buck beat i ne I Nonsham by a length, Hernandez, who would j have been third but for a ilisnppoirrmont o;po ; site thu stand, finishinif n neck from the latter, I Primo Minister was fifth, and Theseus, Ariosto j and Lamartine well np.

Run in 2 min and 51 sec.