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Voltigeur y. ,Tho Flying


B Y -ï H B I) K LT I J).

Tho Turf's Own Regulars nil »oom uncommon

' hhtlio anil gay ;

Tho Yorkshireman aro flocking hilo Doncniitor


On tho tongnos of all. from cnrdmcn to the ion

of royal <ïuclph f 1 ),

li hoard-" Who beats The Dutchman (2) must

be Beelzebub himself."

So thought thu hosts nt Ascot, ns past thc chair

ho flow, '

Somo ten lengths first, nnd well nigh burst tho

heart of Cnnezou j

Still Loni Zetland and Job Maison thus tho

maxim dared to doubt

" A colt nt Askc his powers can task, and send

lila prido to rout."

"Tío!" quoth tho Enrl of Eglinton; "yo

Richmond sceptics, know

Tho Flying Dutchman no'or shall striko tho tar-

tan to a foo !

For three race seasons not ono stood his"powcr

lins dared to stom,

And your Voltigeur ho'il vanquish o'er "New-

market's T.M.M."

Thon thus outspako Earl Zetland-" Old Timo

nnd Fato, I trow,

Aro weaving Loger garlands for my Derby win-

ner's brow.

That o'er, fling down, tho gauntlet, and I'll

boldly tako it up :

'Tis Old England against Scotland : tho pr'.zo

shall bo tho cup.*'

Three months have fled, and Russborough has

proved himself ho serf.

Tho "champions" twain aro saddling, in their

boxes at tho Turf. (3)

Tho slashing cripplo Surplice n parting blessing


Then anxious waits and ruminates on speed of

othor days.

Tho second boll- is ringing ; nigh tho rails tho

crowd aro crushing ;

Up Grand Stand stairs tho bulls and bears of . - Turf Exchango aro rushing.

" Fivo to ono upon Tho Dutchman !" is heard

amid tho bum

Of scores of voices that proclaim tho welcome

sound, " Thoy como I"

First, Fobcrt leads his favourite, whilo closo

Hpon his ronr

Stalks Lanky Jnck, whilo James tho Black acts

as n pioneer ;

Mid sir tho dusky digits of that sporting cxilo

float :

A cutaway enfolds his form, a tartan tio Iiis


*. Maka way, my friend ! Tho Dutchman ! tho

Dutchman, gentlemen !

Volti.'s no uso ¡ ho'll cook his gooso, 'tis a hun

. dred to a bon.

He'll get licked, Jemmy !" " You bo banged I

ho'll just win in a trot ;

For tho Derby nil tho winter on him I put my


On Bobby Hill and Voltigeur, as guard of hon-

our, waits

'Tho stalwart Richmond Vulcan, who fitted on

his platos.

'To tempt him, though tho Nobbier-Kings of

Europo should combine.

Ho wouldn't "quiok" Iiis favourite for a Cn'i

fornian minc.

Tint puts Kim in a cauter-why, o'en n child

could know him

For soo how workman-lfko ho tucks his hindor

. logs bolow him.

A cracker from tho distnnco Tho Flying Dutch-

man shoots, ,

And gives thc crowd a specimen of Ascot seven

lengno boots.

Still a trio 'mong tho gazers bis winning chanco

dorido : -

Says Hilly Oates-" T can't tell why, I don't

just Uko his striflo."

" This timo nf year, frosh young-'uns boro in

Cup-luck know no bounds,"

John Tiny doolaros ; wbilo Tophnm swears,

" Ho can't givo ninotcon pounds."

Now Mnrlow finds, to his dismay, his temper's

not too swoot

As if thoro coursed throughout his veins a pro

sclenro of defeat.

Liko Kirby's " Lazy Lanorcost," tho young

.nn coolly lags.

And nover caros to budgo an inch till " Down

go both tho flags."

"Hats off! hats off!" Tho Dutchman leads.

My conscience ! ho's just flying:

'Whilo Voltigeur pulls doublo, nnd romo six

longths off is lying.

Why, nil tho wny. from 'Mericay 'tis woll nigh

worth a trip,

Without a penny on tho raco-by Jovo 1 thcrd

goos Nat's whip | (1)

'Their primo "quiok movoment" o'er tho flat

doos many n keon oyo follow.

Tho crack loads «till, nnd skims thc bill ns

blithely as a swallow,

" Ton to ono upon Tho Dutchman !" Ho need

novor hopo to catch him , '

Ho'll distanco bim to certainty. What horso on

earth can match bim ! '.

Tiioy'ro whizzing o'or tho T.Y.C., nnd either , scorns to flinch : .

Tlicy'ro passod tho Starting' Post,

and neither gains nu inch.

" Tho Dutohmnn in a cauter ! Nat can't get

up. No-wait}

Ho's brinelng out tho yonng-'un." . Thoy'ro

past tho Intaok Gato!

" Ho's catching bim I-tho yonng-un wins I1'

now striko on Marlow's car ;

Tho Ulackloolt strido lio darod dorido is thunder-

ing in his rear- - *

Ho's at his girth-ho's roached his head-he

? wins ! Tho Dutchman's done !

Thoy'vo passed tho chair. For young Voltaire

up goes a wolcomo " I."

Tho Ring stands palo. Forth spcoda tho tale,

' willoh many a doubt inspires ;

From oast to , wost, from north to south, it

glances o'er tho wires :

From Richmond unto Middlohnm this mossago

quickly passed- ' . ? .

" Your conqueror of . conquerors has bowod lils

hoad at last."

Yo backers of young Voltlgour, boast.not too

. much lila strength. . \ -

Though Flying Dutchman " burst' himself,"

'twas.baroly half a length. .

Doubt ns yo will, his heart is still as gamo as

Spanish stool t

And o'or, Knavesmlro 'gainst Hint vordictha

. will ontor an appeal.

!1 ) Lord Adolphus Fittolnrcnoo.

3) Lord Goorgo llontlnok's oppression when ho flrat saw Tho Dutohmnn mn,

(3) Tho Turf Tnvorn, tho intended sorno of Surpllco's hnrom. Oddly enough, theso throo horses stood thcro on that day.

(i) I boliovo Nat lost his whip as ho'passed

tho Stand in tho first round.

The G rt nt f Expected J Season af ,1851. Every one ls expecting lo make n fortune |n the Great Exhibition Season of? 1851. Beds aré. by anticipation, going up in tim environs nf London, and a large broker, In Urokrr's-nlley, ls lolling an many bedsteads that he ls making a fortune nt full gallop with four-posters, Some body has oven nronoiedto make tho bed of the Serpentino available, and perhaps lt would not bo a bad Ide,» lo throw a Mackintosh cover across the whole, surface, and thus turn lt Into ono of tli'olo water b'ds which arc sometimes so strom)

outly recommended by "tho fnc|i1ly." Tho plan would have tho double effect of biding an oflenilve object and promoting th* convenience of tho public j Midla the Serpentine illrlf is well

adapted for ilia purpose of repoir; aa when any, thing li said about ejeaming the river tlie authorities seem determined, th go to slerp upon IL- Punch. r. ?