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;Moro from California.

.Through -thc courtesy of ono of the'few favo- rites of fortunetvhb li.ivo recently returned from ti visit to this El Dorado, wo havo boen favored with tho, porushl.i of,.an ¡ illustrated, ncwspapor published in San Francisco, eutitled *,:.7'/ic if

liittratYd Cattfo^ from; ita .'^extracts,' from! o.thçr^jonrnala, of. tlio.jNoVv\ Stato,;.wo\exiract a few of. the most intcrostirig, items'. ' Tho illustration's 'àra'^é^^tàgiy.^m^.

phic, and afford accurate re'presontatlbns of the most central » parts > of- tho city, and tho htountaln

.scenery 'of'tho4*-raines;"amongst. 'w^íibV'áH the followïhgî-''ThVCi^

of the -West Sido pf- Portsmouth-square, View of tho,East Sido of PorUmonth^squarc,' View of ; Dead Man's Bar/on? thoItâfth^Fo'rk 'fifitlio;

;AmerlcanVRivcf, and View, of; Vallejo j tho pro-* poscä : permanent'seat of - Government for'the - State of-California.'. '-.,.v'.*ft'!.-.' '.V*,"";'..;? VJ"

G(jii> HUNTISO bx THE PtAti.-S6mö fifty, or,

moro persons have boon .industriously ongagod . in gathering feold. ns-they supposed, ïrora tliè; earth ou tho Plaza. Ono mau, in a vory short time, picked np several ounoos, which ho readily sold at sixteen dois, an ounco to " a donlor In

precious metals" and othor valuables ; but to his astonishment nnd rage, he soon discovered that What ho had bought for gold , proved to bo nothing moro nor loss than spoltor, fiômo rory " handsome specimens'' of which tvo have now betöre us. . The trick was- woll played.-JV


CAMFORÍUA Ootav-Tho averago fineness of nearly all tho California gold brought to tho. United Slates Mint at Philadelphia is 885 thousandths. Tho alloy of California gold, or- dinarily, is wholly silver, with a little iron. Tho Iron and dirt, or sand, aro removed by molting, occasioning an averago lusa in woight of 3J per cent. If tho grains have been cleansed by the magnet, tho loss ia reduced to about 2j per cont.! but if tho grains nro dampened or wot, tho lops may riso to 1 per cent., or even highrr. California g>dd is regarded ns consisting of 095 parts of gold and silver in ovcry 1000 parts,

Placer Times.

UmoK Cirr.-r-This i« tho land of cities. Ano- ther, styled Union City, bas sprung up a milo and a half boto«- Colonin, along tho South Fork of tho American Uiver, and is growing lapidly, as it is located in the vicinity nf what aro now esteemed good dry diggings. Quito a number of houses havo ticen erected within a month, and twelve or fourteen families havo selected it

ns a pUeo of residence.- Träntet ¡pt.

Situations in this city of all linds nro ex trOmoly scarce. Although an extensivo market for labour, tho supply, nevertheless, is so great that no room is left for ndditional arrivals. Hundreds of young men, with tho host of rc ooinmondations in hand, aro constantly on tho look ont for openings, nnd when ono happens to occur, tho applicants for tho vacancy nrc num- berless. Thero I* no business or occupation that is exempt from tilt« flood of labour, and every fresh arrival from tho States adds to tho quantity.-Illustrated Wen.'».

A RADICAL COMPLAINT.-It was cur- rently rumoured in the city last evening that Mr.   Henry Parkes had got the measles. On en- quiry, we ascertained that it was only the mul- ligrubs, and that he was not the only man in the Empire suffering from acute indisposition.