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'This meeting', commenced: on Tuesday. . lt May. and was brilliantly .attended throughout Th« following: are the particulars of the Cracl jue which «a» run on Wednesday j

The T«AOB»MRM'S FLATS of 200 SOTS, in specie

added toa Handicap Sweepstakes of 25 sovs tub, IS ft. and 5 only if declared, Sec. ; -th) second to receive 50 sovs., the third to savi Ju'» stake, and the winner to pay 25 sovs. to. «.ards expenses ; the winner of either the New. market Handicap, the Somersetshire Stakes the Great Northamptonshire Stakes, or tin Metropolitan Stakes at Epsom In 1849, 101b. <jrof any other handicap race of the valueof 20C 'TOTS., including the winner's own stake, 51b. extra; Cup Course, about two miles and i quarter ; 201 subs. 94 of whom declared.

Ur, H. Stebbins'* b. e. Malton, by Sheet An-

chor, 4 yrs. 6st. lOib.-(Fenn)... 1 Mr. Fedlcy'a ch. Ii. Cossack, 5 yrs. 9st. llb.

-(F.Butler). S Vr. Gregory's br. c. Loup-garou, 3 yrs.

tit. 101b.-(Haiti)....... 3 Ur. Merry's gr. h. Chanticleer, 6 yrs. 9st.

91b.-(Marlow). .0 Ur. Meilklam's br. m. Inheritress, aged,8st.

(¡lb.-(Templeman). 0 Lord Chesterfield's ch. m. Lady Wildair,

»ged. 8st.-(Flatman). 0 Mr. S. I*. Fox's br. h. Executor, 5 yrs. 7st. -

121b.-(Marson). 0 Ur. Drinsahl'!ch. g.Dulcet, aged. 7st. 101b.

. -(Ford). 0 Duke of Richmond's b. It. Halo, 5 yrs. 7st.

101b-(S. Mann)... 0 Sir J. Hawley's b. c. Sponge, 4 yrs. 7st. 51b.

-(Tasker). 0 Mr. Murland's cb. g. Fireaway, aged, 7st.

41b.-(Kitchener).. 0 Col. Peel's ch. f. Dacia, 4 yrs. 7st. 21b

í (Pettit)...... 0 Col. Anson'» b. h. Bingham, 5 yrs. 7st.

(Charlton)...;".;.;..... . 0 Sir J. Hawley's br. c. Fernhill, 4 yrs. 71b.

101b. (including 101b. ex.)-(E.D. Flatman) 0 Mr. E. R. Clarke's ch. m. Giselle, 6 yrs. Sst.

121b.-(Crouch),. 0 Lord Eglinton's b.'g Eagle's Plume, 4 yrs.

Gat. 121b. (carried 7st.)-(Prince). 0 Mr. J. E. Madock's ch. g. Gaffer Green, aged,

6st. Ulb.-(Ryder) ............ 0 Mr. F. Clarke's b. h. Joe o' Sot, 5 yrs. Gst.

111b_(Donaldson). 0 Lord Clifden*! b. b. Rathmines, 5 yrs. 6st.

101b.-(Pearl). 0 Sir J. B. Mill's b. e. Deerstalker, 4 yrs; Cst.

101b.-(Maton). 0 Ur. Sbarrail's br. f. Egret, 4 yrs. Cst. 10lb.

-(G. Oates). 0 Ur. Archer na. b. m. Teresa, aged, Cst. Gib.

-(G.Sharp). 0 Ur. Binnie's b, f. Whizgig, 4 yrs. GaU 41b.

-(Skeene). 0 Mr. Copeland's b. g. Cheapside, 5 yrs. Cst.

21b.-(C. Sharp). 0 Mr. Hargreaves's b. g. Primrose, 4 yrs. 5sU

. 101b.-(Franks). 0 Mr. Campbell ns. br. c. Cast-off, 4 yrs, 5st.

I" Bib.-( W. Sharp). 0 Ur. Hall's b. f. Ada Mary, 3 yrs. 5jt. Gib.

! (Osborne). 0

Sir W. R. Bulkeley's b. f. Melody, 3 yrs. 5st.

21b.-(Treen). 0 Blucher was scratched at a quarter before deten in the morning. Swallow was weighed for, but was found to be lame, and was sent back. All Mr. Green's were scratched at half

put two.

Betting; 5 to I" ngst. Lady Wildair ; ll to 2 agit Halo ; 7 to 1 agst. Loup-garou (tb.) ; 9 to 1 agst. Cossack ; 9 to 1 agst. Fernhill ; ll to 1 igst.Joe o'Sot; 12 to 1 agst. Malton; 12 to 1 agst. Inheritress ; 15 to 1 agst. Dacia i 100 to 6 tgst. Chanticleer : 20 to 1 agst. Dulcet ; 40 to 1 agst. Cast-off ; 50 to 1 agst. Melody, and 1,000

to 15 agst. Ada Marv.

The «art, which took place two or three mi- nute! after four o'clock, wa« not ao good as we could have wished, Loup-garou and líalo having their heads towards the rails when the flag went down, and Dulcet being several yards behind the other horses, of course losing several lengths ; these mishaps would not have occurred, had the horses been taken some' distance below the post, ind walked up to it. Sponge took the lead at a »cry moderate pace (his best, notwithstanding), followed by Bingham, Lady Wildair third, the grey fourth, Malton, Dacia, Joe o' Sot, Melody, Rathmines, Egret, and a great body of horses «ell up: in tho rear carno Dulcet, Cheapside. Cut-off, and Fireaway. After passing the stand the first time, two or three changos took place in the front rank-Lady Wlldair, dropped behind Halton, and Halo became fifth. Sponge now took a lead of four or five lengths, which he maintained to the ship-yard turn in the second tound, by which time tbs pace, which had never Uta good, considerably slackened. Rathmines here ehowed right ht front, but died away in a fi* strides, and gave his enemies no further cause of anxiety. Malton took the second place in making this turn, and at the T.Y.GY post tent up to Sponge, with whom he ran about a hundred and fifty y ai da; Sponge then gave *iy, and Malton went on with a decided lead, fallowed by the grey, Loup-garou and Halo close up with him, a body of ten or 'a dozen taming next, in such close order, that we cannot ipecify their positions. At the Bridge turn se- veral horses in the ruck were beaten, and in the confusion which ensued, Joe o' Sot was foroed wt of his track and kicked, thereby losing a good deal of ground. Fernhill and Eagle's Flume were alto knocked about strangely, and tiie former, it is said, was diiven on the wrong sd« of the post. Cassack laid right behind this tock, which it was impossible to get through ; Uthe laat turn, therefore, he had to go round it,' I uti it waa not until lie was almost nt'the dis

(ince, that he got near the leading horses. We sboulil notice here, as a proof of tile badness of the pace, that up to the Bridge turn Malton, who "ss a length firat, tho grey Loup-garou, and ..'eral others, pulling as if they wero only com- mencing tim raco ! As wo have already stated, Cossick did not get to tho front until near the « few strides further the grey was «»leo, and ho was passed by Loup-garou and

««sack. At tho stand Cossack made his effort

*W defeated Loup-gnrnu, but failed to roach jWton, «)10 won rat|,t.r clevorly, wp thought, °r ulfa neck, Loup-garou being about haifa '"gin from CosaatV. Th» grey finlihtd a

length- from the three year old," and only just ' beat Joe o' Sot ; Melody wai a¡ bad sixth, Exe- cutor, Iriheriteress, and, Halo 'next.. ,Fireaway

wasv tailed off in the first half ' mile, and was

pulled up ; - Cheapside ' was beaten'at' least fifty yards before be made ono circuit of'the course, and Deerstalker, after running to the point from ?which .he started, stopped and-.began kicking. Rathmines, who pulled up lame, Dulcet and Cast-off were also beaten early.-.

The number of passengers brought into Ches- ter last week by the', railway waa 23,700-uf whom 13;700 came on the Cup day.

Ma."E. \V. TopiiAM.-At the meeting of. the Grand' Stand proprietors, held at the Exchange, on the 8th instant, Thomas Dixon, Esq., in the chair,, it -was unanimously, resolved that' '* The 'beati'ih'anks. of the proprietors be.g¡Ten to Mr. E. \V. Topham, clerk of thé coursé. Sec., for the very able and indefatigable manner in which he has .exerted himself to promote the success of the Chester Spring Meeting for several years past, and which was never more signally proved than during the last week." The proprietors of the Grand Stand were glad to learn that several noblemen and gentlemen connected with the turf not only expressed the high satisfaction and pleasure they had derived (particularly from the Trade Race Plate) at this annual meeting, but gave proof of the same by recording their names as subscribers for 1850. " That the snm of twenty guineas be given by the proprietors towards purchasing a token of respect to Mr. E. W. Topham, and that Mr. W. Mot ris. Mr. Griffiths, and Mr. Hill be appointed a committee to carry out the above object." This resolution will no doubt be imitated by the proprietors of the Dee Stands, and the racing committee. The meeting also expressed their sympathy with Mr. E. W. Topham, on the accident which happened . to his wife, who was, unfortunately, run over by

a gig driven furiously down Eastgate-street on the race day. We are triad to hear that Mrs. Topham is recovering; from the effects of this

serious accident.

At a meeting of the racing committee, held at the Exchange yesterday, present Messrs. Wm. Morris (in the chair). Wm. Boden, S. Peacock, H. Latham, and T. Griffiths, Mr. Hill reported that the Spring Meeting bad passed off very successfully. " That this meeting- fully concurs in the resolution passed by the Grand stand proprietors respecting the clerk of the course, Mr. E. W. Topham, and hereby vote the sum of twenty guineas towards the proposed testimonial, as a mark of their esteem of that gentleman.

Chester Chronicle.