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BILL SPARKS, tho Australian,


DICK GREEN.the Vandemonian.

FOR £100 TO £70.

THIS circumstances under which Sparks and   Green were tn tidied origin-lily fur Ono Hundred Pounds; the magisteriil interference which pteventid it coming oil; nnd the forfeiture of twenty pounds to Green's backers, are too fresh  

in i lie recollection nf our readers to require re ell il . Suffice it to say, that out of it arose the

present match, the issue of which is in some de- - gree equally unsatisfactory,, although, it was ' supposed, the backers of each man hid stich mutual confidence, and had taken such precau- tions, that nothing short of a (' earth- quake, or a complete upsetting of I', ll. allans could nt nil tiffi ct lt. " The public," the y said, "ought to be satisfied as to thc 'trlalive capa- bilities of the two men , and this timt^'iey shall bo-arid no mistake." How this plolge was performed, the following narrative of events

will show.

Neither of the men discontinued their trnin

.ing, ând, with the exception of one or two occa- sions, illtl nit leave tliïir exercise spots, till Monday, when they came into Sydney to ba weighed, ha th hiing confined to list. 4lbs. They were lound to bc under weight, and within a trille of each other, about lUl.'ilbs. Sj far all was right. By mutual agreement, the ring was to be pitchi tl out of the Sydney district, in deference to the prejudices of thc metropolitan police law-wielders, and the oflico to the whereabouts was whispered only into the ears of those whoweie supposed to ho trustworthy, and not likoly toalhrust their uu ploasant-commuiiicalions under the very noses of the anthon.¡es, many of whom arr, wc have no hesitation in saying, really friendly to this manly science, although they are ctmipelled to lisien to the loud waitings of certain Mawworms who hiHiLnothing to be good beytnd their own contracted sphere of hypocrisy.

The sporting kens were besieged all night by anxious inquirers, many of whom jireferrrd a shake-down, in the shape of a tap-room table or a bar floor on the starting spot, to a real bit of thc downy ni their own more distant domiciles. Others, bettor constitutioncd, or less thoughtful, kept thc grog llowing, and the Havannah illu- minated, till tho early cock and the streaky dawn , gave notice that it was high time to bc moving.

A good sluice, a jack towel anti a finger comb, sel their top-knots, dial-pUtes and corporations to rights; and, after shaking themselves well in their feathers, all sorts turned out ns fresh ns four-year-olds, or thought so, which is "para mount to the same thing," as - our Cherry Gar- den friend says. The Peeler's whistle played a treble to the bass rumble of cab and drag, bus, and humbler vehicle with seven insides, var ranted not to spill easy, as they kept upa regular tune through by-strrct and "main street, from four o'clock till six, A M., until they turned on lo thc Newtown road, and

"Like tho baseless fabric of a vision, Left nat « wreck behind -"

barring n stray splinter bar, or a broken trace which were not sudieicntly strong to stand the tug' of war. . On went tho motley lot, dragsmeu, pradsmcn, toddleis, swells, tradesmen, counter jumpers,'cultivators; Ali-Babas, wheiry-sculiers,

. mud laikors, copers,' brickmakers, pitchers, und |

knucklers, uffordiug a sort of human kaleides- cope and specimen of almost every class of Sydney society, while one or 'two lluc-fakcrs, (Charles Lamb's innocent blacknesses.) in pro- fessional garb, looked like bits of Indian ink in the many coloured picture. , Ve, who ure of sober and staid disposition, and not so well inclined to take a rasper, or go thc -pace, ns of yore, kept direfully out of thc ruck, and followed Itt thc wake of the miscellaneous .'ot which pulled up al the Old Sportsman's, of Click's Uiver fume, preparatory to daring the perils of the road to

Rocky Point, ami tlie river afterwards, to the selected convincing ground *

Sparks was domicileil liere, and rendered it for a time the focus of attraction-Green, it was nscciMined, was further on, in fact, in the vicini y of the ring, attended hy his friends, se- conds, and hackers. IJill was overhauled hy the knowing ones, who declared that he looked (as he said he was) in good fettle ; he complained a little!; of his right thumb, but expressed great confidence as to the event. After partaking of a slight breakfast, he set off for the ting, whielt was pitched on tho other side of Cook's Uiver, neady opposite the Point. Previous to this, however, several ominous looking Blues mude their appearance, who addtd a little gloom to the prospect, which looked dull enough before under the influence of a leaden sky, a heavy shower, ar.d the barometer puinting lo continuous rain. Our dreary road to the watei's edge, lay through ruts nearly axle deep, and over stumps propor tionably high, surrounded on nil sides by tall gum anil stringy bark trees, tortured into cvtry variety ut shape, and looking like vast sylvan skeletons or gigantic spectres of a primtcvai world prepared io bar the passage of all intruders upon their solitary realms. Tli'ir trunks »ero girt by thick underwood, which bore the yellow tinge of autumn, only relieved from absolute monotony, by occasional patches of emerald hued grass, which here and lhere sprang out of un earthy bed, charred and discoloured hy the periodical burning off. The tininess of our journey through this uninteresting scenery, was relieved by the bush stories of a well known und respected Aus- tralian turfttp, the largest and best breeder of horses in this coluny, who described thc beauties of hush bru most eloquently, and gave us some

of tho most remarkable incidents which had oc-

curred to him in connection with it in carly life. "There's a boomer of a gum tree," said he, pointing to an enormous trunk, bare as a rock, and tall as a pyramid, "but that's nothing to one there was formerly on this spot. It was set on fire by accident, and was burning continually fifteen years and a half before it was totally con- sumed. That was a whopper, wasn't it?" Of course, we assented to the question immediately.   "Yes," continued he, half musingly, half com- municatively, "things do run large in this country ; very large. Hollo ! there's a goanna ; that's a good sized one ; but nothing to the one that I tumbled over when I was coming from, the Big River. I spied him lying under a tree basking in the sun ; I jumped off my horse and managed to get hold of him by the tail. Up he jumps, Sir, and lugs me along two hundred yards at a rare bat ; till he brought me to a big black-butt, and ran me nine feet up the     trunk before I would let go. The very first branch he came to, he turned round and looked at me, as much as to say, " you're taken in this time, are you ?" And then he empties his craw of nineteen magpies and throws them down at me, one by one. By my say so, his body was as big round as a sheep, it measured nine feet long, and his tail sixteen ; that was something like" . A liig root like a serpent stretching over the ' road, here gave eur vehicle a jerk w hich made the

narrator shut up his tale and half compelled us to swallow it. Our trap tooler also wakened up tho offsider with a tickler, and the pratts darting into a gallop boult brought us to thc willer's ctlgc where thu broad Inn hour lay before us in thc grey light of morning, studded with boats of every description, which were deeply laden with living cargoes on their way to the scene of action This was picturesque in th« ixireme: to Ibe southward the clouds weie heavy and leaden, and they came steadily on, threatening to veil the broad stream of sunlight which was glistening upon the waters. The Heads wcro seen in the far distance through thc haze us if through a curtain of gauze, and funned a sober back ground which gave value to t J ic bits of colour in the animated fore ground, lt was such a scene as Turner in his earlier day, and Auld Jock Wilson has ever, loved to paint. We must not, however, give way to our enthusiasm for the beau ies of nature, to the tletrimont of thc " Art and Science of Pugilism," which has called this article into existence. Suffice it to say, that several hundred individuals got over in sufcty to the " Arena of the Diy" ami received a most unmerciful drenching from tho rain before the men were brought into tho Ring, which was pitched on n iiicj piece of turf close by the water side. Indeed, it was not till half-past nine that this was completed ; anti some dispute arose regarding it, as, when measured, it was found to bu two or threo feet larger than agreed upon by .ho articles, in order to .save time, both men w nived the difference, mid Green immediately afterwards chucked his tile into it, amidst louil cheers ; he wres attendee! hy <>'cargo Huff and Bungarrabbee Jack ¡ -the former of whom hy 'he way, never looked better. . Green uMnow ledged thc compliment paid him very gracefully nod walked about the ring till Spaik's shallow skimmed gracefully in, when he retired to his second's knee. The Australian's appearance was also tho signal for a warm welcume ; he was at- tended by Bungaree and Jack M'Ginnis. The clouds at this moment were dispelled, and the sun burst forth, ns if hy magic, to havo n peep at and gild this redoubted "passage of arms and lillie tournament-" Sparks sported for colours a blue and white check. Green, the old English "bird's-»ye blue." Betting was about 5 to <t upon thc Australian, which was taken pretty eagerly by thc friends of the Vundemonian, find in some instances they did business at love l money. All the preliminaries having been satisfactorily ar- ranged, at abrut ten minutes to ten o'clock, tho combatants began

The Fight.

ROUND 1.-On stripping, both men showed tho clarks of careful training ; but Sparks' frame did not manifest such gootl muscular dovelope mont as timi of his antagonist, nor did it seem so likely to stand the wear and tear of a long fight. Both their mugs hiid an itnxious.expre!, siuii about them, typical of a" knowledge that they had their work cut out before them. On toeing thc scratch, Sparks kept his hands well up, while tho Vundemonian held his in a lower Pallion, bul slill rcaely for mischief.. After a ? lillie sparring nntl a few feints on tho. part of

Spat ks, ho let louse with his right, which fell 1 short. He thon slung lu his left, which popped

tho Vandemoulan on the smeller. BU) put in I two more feelers on the neck, «lien Clreen-coiiii . lercd with thu left slightly on the victualling of-

fice j they rmhiil to a rally, In which norning . ellectlvv was done, and in tho struggle both went . down, Sp irits uniter.

2.-Dick's muir showed marks of maxley ri3¡. tntlon. anti a small effusion of crloisim Huh] tl,(j. stantiiilcd a claim lo "first blood." No time wM lost In spun lng, Green topped in lila left |0i

but williout'doing any mischief; (Sparks pointed tô his belt, but no notice was taken of his «pp al ) Sparks popped his right into Dick's mu,i,,r(.'(

when the Utter I u lled into a cloie, and tío..' I Sparks heavily on his head, and falling on lum.

I 3.-On coming up. Sparks showed the mat),-,

of thc burster which he had received, an.l ¡,. »ai nrt altogether so lively as at tbs cc.-.'.' menccmont ; lie, however, made play first, .ri I planted slightly on the neck; Gu-cii sluiwij,' I right round, but all out of dislaiicc, and his »j. ' ample was followed by Bill ; bu*, he was n,t,_ ¡ lucky in his nutt attempt, as ha gave Hie \\n'.

tlcrnoiiiau two facen, and received avh-iu,]!. I livery on the neck in return. The old hu^iai j match then commenced, and both went, d0»n ' Bill under as usual.-(Cheers from the IUun'.

I heads-Brave-o, Tommy-your man is sufe .¡

. win.)

4. -Sparts hit short with his dexter maa;fv . the Vandemoaian threw sway two slin^, rs ;if;,r thc same fashion ; Spai ks then Iel loose huriu),

j mnwlcy, which nappe-el on the oidt ot \!.

nob; a close, both down.

5. - Dick's mug evinced artificial hindu-o^ and t!ie right side of Bill's neck Ind tvidem/' got into a srnipe, while his ri«lil hand sia-rue'l g'ine. He let loose with Ilia left-no elhct-t5J slipped down un his knees.

G, 7.-Not worthy to Lo called roundi, u f,i inrliective attempts, Sparks down.

8. - On toeing the scratch, it was quite evidtn: that thc right hand of Sparks was cntbely g"nt. the arm hung loosely by his side, and thc figi,. was all Green's own, barring an accident; tm to one were oX'red.on him. The VanderaonU^ was shy in taking advantage of his good foi. tune, thinking il was " all gammon," andrupptt! a left-handed job. .(Go in -ga in-was tb cry -but he tcraiched his nut, and oflVml &r alTecling appeal lo the people, instead of polish ing his man oil.) Sparks popped in hie M again, to which Dick slung in a harmless tight

hander, when Spaiks fell.

9. - Sparks tried his left three times, wliic were well stopped by his opponent. Dick nappf olio or two on the mouse-trap, anti in rttur boretl Bill into a corner, and sent him to gru

with a bjily hit.

10. -Nothing done, Sparks diwu.

11. -Both men hit short, Green «topped tr or three of Sparks' li-fl-haiidcrs, but iii I t, counter work. A bit of a rally tuuk place, «Iii; entleel in both going down, Sparks under.

12. 13.-Off arid over like a llish of liglitnia through a gooseberry bu*h. Bill down. ("Til him away," sang out the Roundheads-"he's cripple now." "1* he," replied little Solly,! the vay from do Lane," "'he'll vin it vidant band al all, and no mUhtakc") u.

IK-Bill popped in one upon the ohljspot, I

napped a counter hit in return e/hilie nee which grassed him.

15, 1G, 17, 18, ia. -In these round» Gr« followed up his man well, and delivered a f hits, but neit of a telling description, whileü Australian's blows were equally inellective, v he was elown al the wind-up of a very ruunil.

20-21-Sparks h t loase his left mawley toth theso rounds-no go-and slipptid elown,

22- The Vandemonian napped Bill's left

the body, but rushed him"into a rally, ami bot him elown. . '. >

23- Sparks tried his left'three? times, wk Green stoppt il and bustled his-opponent over ropes, he there caught holli oî- him by tho l!ii with th« apparent intention ?of throwing birru of the ring. (Loud cries. oT Foul, Fútil.) (Jr let go his holtl anti Sparks recover.-il Itiuis jumped up, and a slurt struggle took ph during winch thc umpires appealed to th; mU whose decision we could not catch, us the r. was imnietliaiely broken in ; slickä, whips, ? fists Were ut work, nud the whole b.canie am of confusion ariel disoreler of the most diim table nature, nor did it subside until almost the parties interested had quilted the ground.


Our remarks upon tho fighting capabilities;K the IIIBII mny be sn ni mid up very brit-lly, Tl.. Australian is undoubtedly not tho man heirn liv hail almost all the hitting tu himself in ti» first few rounds nt the fight, but he did rm little execution, and arter lie lost the me cf La right hand it was quite clear that he Ind neré been in the habit of relying much on lits left, ai, although lie frequently jubbed his antagocis: few traces of its visitations remaintil. Hf shewed a want of judgment in struggling uti his opponent for the throw ; clinging to him tad libbing him would have been a much sit; course. Of his game, thus much may be siü, that with one hand only he was always to fight, although he was down without [uniii meut more frequently than accords willi tr ideas of n fair stand-up fight. As regiri1 Green, if weare to form an opinion of li ii pugi- listic qualities by this contest, wo can sty lut little in favor of them-he is a good nrritltr* stops well, anti hus strong enduring qualities, but he lias no idea of hitting, ' countering, cr measuring his distance, and the event luiprorei that whatever amount of punishment lie maj 1, able to receive without flinching he is unable> administer much. It has been said, that gtte rous forbearance towards his adversary pre- vented llie exhibition of those tiger-liko qualité which report has attached to his name, if so.

is more creditable to his humanity, than ssh; f* his backorh' money-but we are sceptical enuj» to disbelieve the assertion; wo should millerin cline to think that he made up lils mind for» lengthy struggle and kept out of harm's ir«)'u much ns possible to Insure victory.

Of the Battle . .

Vc cnn only r'mai k that it'was thc moil ca interesting one for a stake that we ercr latta were called upon (o chronicle in t!ii;,a»to country or In this. Viten it is remembered lld 2î rounds «ere fought In 27 minutes, sM leaves little more than half, a minute fer en" round ; that nine.tenths of the blows struck«)

thrown away or comparatively harmlos, ^ that the men after the contest walked about iii nuthing had happened '. (barring thc lund * Spat ks,) beyond pitching into a rump-steak

think the public will fully coincide with t< opinion, and regret with us, that where: ioa& was cxprcted, so little was perlormetl.

As soon as order wa« somewhat restored, B>J ofTc'red to ficht,Jush Harvey, there and Uno,"I Kifty Pountís aside, but this tempting.offfr s» ' declined by Josh, who is too rasy a no\n$& tonier, and ti o fond uf the malty, tu.[ike a:^ hustling. When this was found to be "no«'' a purse was collected,-which was cen'eral"' " by Ilekl. Aby Davis's Jew Boy, and <-'a11¡ llivir Paddy, a wiry lurcher looking yuU'iK'*' wbo, though not ii professliinal scrupj ct, » shown well in occasional tutns-ii|>. 'I'la' j1 Hoy is a sturdy stump of a chap, like lim '* lug of a- crtlar Uro, veneered with tnahna»'.'' timi liol quite ns hand Jonie «s a peacock."-Hi

picked up liy old Aby and S. Hy 'K-nlient, *" Uniiaitrrrthbee Jack and. Uill Ha 1 did lin *""" live fur l'aüdy, < . 1.-The boys l"*t no time in going- tn work, "Lt opened the ball nt one» : hit for (,it tr»» the order of tint day, stopping out of nil question, som« tidy exchanges tonk place, »Inch terminated hy ibo Jew ducking his 'n0Ut at the same time catching Iiis opponent in the victualling office with his right, und going


2. -The same style of fighting-mutual ex- changes in favour of the .Sheeny, who nobbed l,ii opponent in good_ style: a bustling rally titea ensued, which/ was elided by Heki being grassed.

3. - Paildy hit short, and received n visitation on Iiis knowledge box from th? Sheeny's right ; he then nipped a facer which tapped the Unid ; Paddy, game as a pebble, was not to be denied ¡ he bored in tq a rally, when both got upon the rope», anil after some fibbing, went down.

4, _Paildy'3 mug »'Ss ornamented with divers little crimson streams, and Heki's mahogany countenance was several shades deeper-tie Cook'« Hi'" hoy let loose his left, fron which the Jew gol away, and indulged in some elegant panlamimic contortions, accompanied with a trombone accompaniment very similar to crepita- tion. After this amusing exhibition, he caught pa,]Jy smack on the listener, ami grinned like a monkey pouching filberts. Paddy shonk his eobr3 and bored in again. Mutual exchanges bjthilown, Paddy under.

5, (5. 7, 3.-All the same stylo of fighting, and evidently in favour of the Jew, who was the strong»r of the two. (Halve the minify WHS the cry-'-QuÜc different," shouted Heki, " 1 cops ali or none.")

9. -Paddy was all abroad, and napp, d pepper, 'right anil left, nil over him ; he wal ultimately grassed by a right-handed stinger.

10. -Tho Sheeny mado pl jy in a moment; th« Cook's Uiver boy on the retreat, followed by his antagonist, who kept his mawleys briskly at woik willi good effect, till he grassed his oppo- nent by a right-hander on the kidneys. ("That sill do," cried the Cook's Uiver lads, "you've fought long enough." "Nol at nil." bellowed Heki, like n young bull, "dc day ¡sh Inng."

11. -Almost the same events ; 100 to 1 on the Sheeny.

12. -Paddy only came up to he taken away ; ashia seconds Iminedi nely threw up the sponge for him, and Heki was declared the winner of th* fijjlit, which Usted about 23 minutes'.


Paddy has not much pretension to pugilism he is, however, wiry and plucky. The She»ny also wants cultivation ; but he ii well bottomed, and strong ns a bullock. If Aby Davis takes linn in hand, we have no doubt but he will turn out a teaser to some of the scrapping coves. Ile is an even tempered chap, but we would recom- mend him not lo indulge in chaffing, grinning, and unseemly gesticulations, which are AS much sgniu.t the rules of fighting, as they are un- worthy thc character of a true pugilist.