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GREAT TROTTING MATCH IN AMERICA.-The second meeting for a trial of speed between the celebrated horses Hector and Black Maria, took place on the 11th of May, for a purse of 200   dollars, two mile heats, under the saddle, and terminated with the same result as the previous one-Black Maria not proving a match for Hector. It was supposed by the friends of the mare that her defeat in the 1000 dollars match on the 1st of May, was caused by her being over- trained, which had produced weakness; and they   calculated that she would be able to beat him at a future time, when in better condition. This opi- nion, however, proved a fallacy. The friends of Hector were so well satisfied with his appearance and acknowledged fine condition, that any amount of money was offered on him at 100 to 40, which high odds damped the hopes of the friends of the mare, and few wagers were made. The attend- ance at the track was not large, owing to the cloudy and lowering state of the atmosphere during the afternoon. This trot was very similar to the former one, Ute horso beating the mare quite easily. In fact, during the whole race, she never came near enough to force him ; and it is presumed that this second trial mil convince her owner that she is no match for Hector, although a fine, rapid trotter, and a very beau- tiful and valuable creature. The following is tho result of tho trot :-Time-1st heat, first mile, 2m. 41 sec.: second mile, 2 m. 33sec. ¡.total, 5 m. 10 sec. : 6econd heat, 1st mile, 2 m. 41 sec.; second mile, 2 m. 39£ sec. ; total, 5 m. 21 sec. Sunday Times.

A LONO RIDE.-A black mare, of the hackney breed, belonging to Mr. Baxter, of Dalston, ven- tured, on Friday night last, to try her speed against a railway engine on the Maryport and Carlisle Railway, selecting for that purpose tilt 'iSir Wilfrid, which was laden with a rather heavy legal train. Having scaled the fence which sepa î>rStes the paddock in which she had been grazing from thc railway, as soon as the engine came in view she started, and dashed forward in the true Yankee " go-a-hcad" .style, occasionally exhi- biting a little playfulness, as if in contempt of her rival's power of locomotion. She made no attempt to leave the line at the Curthwaitc or the Wigton station, or even at Aspatria, where the Sir Wilfrid required tho refreshment of a little water, and where slie had a good opportunity of leaving the line by Arning into the station-yard; but os if determined to prove to' tho most incre- dulous the superiority of a Dalston mars to a locomotive of tho Maryport and Carlisle Com- pany, she started again in gallant stylo, nnd arrived at Maryport very little the worse for her exertions, and beating tho Sir Wilfrid by .. many


-Carlisle Patriot.