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THESS two grand annual events, of the present year, .carrie off with the customary amount of excitement and eclat, on "Wed- nesday and Friday, the ,19th and 21st May. The following account of the run-1 ning will he found worthy of perusal; and we regret1 that, from an unusual pres- sure'of interesting matter^ we must con- fine ourselves s ANS. remark to .'the result

as given by our London cotemporary

'. I THE DERBY .STAKES. . . .-'.'<

.Of ßO sovs. each, h.- ft., for threo year oldsT; colts - 8st. 71b;,.fUlies 8st. 2lb. ¡ the second to receive''

100 sovs., and the winner to pay ,100 sovs. towards expences ; the last mile and a half ; ' 188 subs. ( Mr. Pedlay's ch. c. Cossack, by Hetmán

" PlatoíF(Tempíeman).-..;..'..1

.-Bouverie'sbr. c. War Eagle, by Laner- ;

cost (W. Boyce). 2 Lord Eglinton's br. c. Van Tromp, by La- '

nercost (J.'Marson)..'1............ .'.V. ' 3 .

The following horses started, but were not placed -Conyngham, Bed Hart, Limestone Mr. Martin,' Halo, Nottingham, Wanota, Oxonian, Planet, Gabbler, Crozier, Signet, Resolution, Deloraine, Montpcnsic'r, Aliwal, The Liberator, Cbainbearcr, Questionable, Bingham, Epirotc, Bcllerophon, Good Coin, The Admiral, Mirmillo, Pantomime, Christopher,, Old Port, Clarendon.

The start took place at a.quarter-past three, and although tho field was tho largest ever brought to the post, it was accomplished without the;slightest difficulty... Gabbler jumped oif with the' lead,-followed- by .Cossack, in waiting on whom were Conyngham and War Eagle, next

them Epirote, Mirraillo, and Wanota, to whom succeeded Nottingham, Van Tromp, Limestone, Halo, Oxonian, The Questionable, and Mr. Mar- tin, in a cluster, but nearly in the order named ; the ruck of horses followed, in the rear of all being Old Port and The Liberator. This order lasted for a few strides only, as Cossack imme- diately went alongside Gabbler, laid with him to the top of the hill, and then took up the running, the pace, which had been good from the first, now becoming severe. At this point of the raes Oxonian hung to the right, and went almost into tho furzes,-and in so doing struck into Tan

Tromp's heels, causing'him fora moment to lose his. place. Oxonian was seen no more in tho race ; Wanota had also had quantum suff; Mir millo found the pace too fast and fell backhand,

carly os it waa, "Deloraine, Old Port, Red Hart, ; and Montpcnsicr, were already beaten off. . Cos ! sack came round the turn with a strong lead, I War" Eagle and Conyngham lying second and

third* Epirote fourth, and, Gabbler having- re- tired, Halo fifth. Conyngham, we believe, headed War Eagle just before they got into the straight running, but immediately gave way, and at tito road was beaten. . Van Tromp, Limestone, and Mr. Martin, then showed in front, and. the former, after crossing the road, was third, about, two lengths in the rear of War Eagle, who was nearly as far behind Cossack. Tho race conti- nued thus to the half distance, where War Eagle made his effort, and got to Cossack's quarters,' but was shaken off at the stand, and defeated cleverly at last, by a length. Van Tromp was beaten four or five lengths from the winner, and was about a length before a ruck of three horses, all ridden in " yellow," and as this circumstance has given rise to a diversity , of opinion .'as, to., which was first past thc chair, we have to state

most distinctly that Mr. Martin was fourth, Halo fifth, Limestone sixth, Conyngham seventh, Mir ?tillo, who might have been nearer had his rider persevered, eighth, and Bingham ninth. Tho tail was composed of tho horses mentioned as having been defeated in the carly part of tho race, Oxonian, we believe, being absolutely, last.


Of.SO so vs. each, h. ft., for three-year-old fillies,

8st. 71b. each ; the second to receivo 100 sovs. and the winner to pay 100 sovs: towards ex penccs ; last mile and a half ; 152 subs.

Sir J. Hawley's Miami, by. Venison (Tem-

pleman). 1 Mr. Payne's Clementina, by Venison (Nat) 2 Captain Harcourt's b. Ellerdale, by Lancr-"

: cost (Marson) ..i.....'3 . Lord Exeter's b. Cosachia, by Hetmán .

Platoff(W. Abdale)... . 4

The following horses started, but were not placed ;-Touchstone, So-nice, Kite, Lady Lurc well, Hornsea, Sultana,1 Slander, Marie Louise, Exhortation, Vanity,-Luminous, Joyful, Noise- less, Maniac, Brown. Bess, Lady. Lift, Alsatia,

Maid of Motherwell.

Tho Farmer's Daughter was In the card and

numbered 2.

Sir G. Hawley declared to win with Miami.

With a punctuality that deserves the highest commendation, the horses wera walked up ta tho post precisely at tho time fixed for starting, and started in admirable style at the, first signal. Miami went off with the lead, followed , by Cosa- chia, Luminous! and Ellerdale, with Clementina, Slander, Lady Lift, and two or three others laid up. They ran in this way to tho top of the hill, where Cosachia and Ellerdale passed Miami, and thc former went on with thc running at a capital Í>acc. Luminous was beaten at the turn, but tho cading division continued as at first, quito round tlic turn ; Miami then regained the lead, Cosa- chia dropping into tho second place, Ellerdale still third, with Slander, Sultana, and the Cast steel filly, who was in tho' rear in the carly part of thc race, all lying forward. Cosachia main- tained her position in waiting on-Miami, abouts

hundred yards beyond tho road, arid was^ then, . passed by Ellerdale and Clementina ; the only '

change.from this-point consisted-in Clementina* passing Ellerdale half-way up the distance, Miami retaining her lead to the end, and winning very cleverly by a length ; the same between second and third, and" between third and fourth. The Caststeel filly was fifth, Slander sixth, Qamelass filly seventh, and Sultana eighth, .tho two last running. home : almost abreast. The pace was fast all thc way, and made a great tail before tho leading'horses were round'the turn ;. the last five were Maniac, Expectation, Luminous, Nannette filly, and Vanity, the last;of all; Maniac.