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Thia meeting, almost the omega of the racing season, realised the most confident anticipations, and may be'tiharacterisod, from first to last, as brilliant, although, to some, the results wore far from satisfactory; especially in ft few of the

pots" for the Cesarewitch, which not only dis- appointed the hopes, but materially damnified the exchequers of those who had booked them as profitable investments. We have not space foe an account nf the whole of the sport, and must therefore limit ourselves to the-detail of tho operations for the Cesarewitch stakes. " '

.The morning (Tuesday, the I2ih of October) opened with all the cheerfulness of tho month of June,-»-'brilliant 'sun and genial atmosphere. The strings of'horses out were as numerous as_ ever.tand the scenes on the heath .-it-each end of the town highly animated. Soon after breakfast the settlement on the'races of the previous day was effected, arid betting recommenced with some spirit."'Geraldine;-War Eagle, and Reminiscence were all in force, and at one time nearly equal favourites. War Eagle, however, gradually ad- vanced in the good opinion of his friends, and, in fact; at last had a decided call.- Rob Roy;was also in great demand Ht 8 to 1. and Ulysses at il and 12 to 1. The arrival of the metropolitans soon after twelve (per special trains) increased the bustle; but did not add much to the amount of business. Thc suspicion with regard to Load- stone was confirmed at a quarter past ten o'clock, when -'notice was posted in' the room that he would not start-to the deep mortification _ of those who had backed him, but to the secret joy of those who foresaw " how the cat would jump," and operated-accordingly. There was a good deal of grumbling on this head, as roany were of opinion that Loadstone could not have lost. Asimilar declaration was mado with regard lo Architect at a quarter before twelve, and in an- other five minutes Reflection disappeared, thus leaving only Blaze and Glendower to compete for the stakes, for although the Empress remained in; it will bc seen she did not start. The races were fixed to commence at half-past one, pre- vious to which the assemblage on the heath was immense, to which the delightful state of the weather greatly contributed. Thore were six races ".on the card, of which five were run, Red Hart'walking over for the Royal Stakes. Tho first event decided was the. Handicap Stakes of 15 sovs. each, D.I., the betting on which did not. commence till the horses were running. Shera- ton was backed ;at evens,'but the Marquis of Conyngham won cleverly. Á general movement then took place 'to Ihe betting ring, the all-im- portant race of the day, that for the " Cesare- witch Stakes^'-coming next in succession. The interior of the ring was crowded almost to suf- focation, while the troop of horsemen without

formed a dense- mass- around the whole. : There was the usual clamour lin offering and taking bets.i War Eagle continued to have .thc call,

and more than nine to two could not at last bc attained ; Geraldine was at five to on?, and Reminiscence at six to one; Rob Roy was-re- peatedly backed in ponies at eight to one ; and some' small . investments were made on several oilier horses at the odds quoted hereafter. While the speculators were thus active-in their voca- tions; the jocks proceeded :to weigh. At half past two thc horses were drawn up in order -for starting, when Geraldine,who. was rather .-frac- tious, reared up'and came down on her haunches, Prince, her jockey, slipping ofE Fortunately her trainer had still-hold of her head, and the lad was again quickly mounted ; but this contre- temps had ,the effect of. agitating the nerves of some of the oilier young onee, who displayed a little restiveness, and delayed the ceremony-of forming a-fresh'line for some minutes. This end was'at length accomplished, and Mr. Hib burd,' havingmarched the ' body in excellent order up" to the post, dropped his Hag, and away they went as if shot from a catapulta. They soon settled down' Vto their work, and pursued their onward career"to-the Gap, on turning which they came, in view of the multitude on the heath, who watched their approach with breathless anx- iety. Those al tho ditch had already seen that Cawroush "was in advance with a good position, and even thus »arly his success was confidently proclaimed. Giselle was second, and ris they swept un" the plain, tba. favourable position of Cawroitsh was; distinctly visible to all. At the Bushes'h¿ still maintained the lead, Giselle wait- ing on him. But the die was cast: Cawloush did "justice'- to Ireland" and' his patrons, and was landed, first past the judge's chair. Giselle close up,and Geraldinelhird. Abdale as he passed gavo - a triumphant flourish of his .whip, amid the.uproarious shouts- of-the Emerald lads, and those who had " followed suit," despite thc dis- favour in which their representative was regarded Up to the latest moment of speculations Cossack was fourth, thus , proving his superiority over War Eagle; and sustaining tho laurels won' on the field of Epsom. It was believed that had he persevered he might have been third, and'the fresh taste thus given of-his'qualities more than

ever induced his admirers to believe that had'he

been ridden differently for .tba St.: Leger, and not .« pumped out" to play thc Foreclosure game, the result of that struggle would have been dif- ferent from what it was. For the' position of the other competitors we must refer ta ou^official description of the race.- Rob Roy wa's.-as" had been.confidently foretold hy many good judges,

'in tlie rank, and entitled himself to pretty mitch; the same credit as The Lamb, from1 the samo' stable,'Rt Chester, and yet'we know that his' owner,Mr;Green; and all his friends were hcavy losers. - The excitement after, the racej especially among the winners, was extraordinary, some ot'

them proclaiming their gains in terras anything hut agreeable tn V ears polite," white the scepti« eal. who hstl sported their " thirties to one," and sneered at the pretensions of " Ould Ireland," presented a succession of changes in the " hu- man face divine" anything but cheerful. Thin has the Irish division won this great handicap four times, with Cruiskeen, Faugh-a-ballagh, The ,Baron, and now with a Cawroush-a hint to which future handicappers will no doubt be par- ticularly attentive, and perhaps an Irish cham- pion will not get in on such easy terms. . It is roughly estimated that £30,000,some say £50 .OOO, has by this victory been realised by the Irish division, nf which Mr. Disney has the credit of having won £8,000. Lord Howth £1,000, Capt. Pigot £1,000, Ute Hon. Mr. Lawless a similar sum, eura mullís alite, who dropped into odd thousands and smaller sums. It was a heavy blow to " the Ring", as many of them, in respect of this horse, had overlaid their books. The excitement of the " great race" having subsided, and some of the losers having summoned philo- sophy to their aid-while others creptaway,borne down by' the serious consequences which had to follow-there was a move to the deserted ring, round which a diminished throng was again collected, and a little divertissement in the form of a match between Sotterly and Duplicity led to some limited speculations, in which Sotterly was the'winner.- Then carno the second important race of the day, that for, the Clear well Sukes, on which somoheavy investments had been made. It was reduced to a match between Blaze and Glendower, and such was tho light diffused by " Blaze" that Glendower, by certain parties, was, as was poetically remarked by some of tho tri- umphant' patlanders, sent to " Blazes" altoge- ther, and 3 to I was laid against him. 1 lt was not on the cards, however, for Hibernia to be twice successful on the same day. In short, after one of thc severest races .for pace, from end to end, on record, Glendower extinguished the Blaze, whose brilliancy was expected to light all Ireland, and won by half a length, to the up- roarious delight of those who repudiated the certainty of all "certainties.. The Scott party, in whose stable Blaze was, were greatly chagrined, and the result had the effect ot advancing Glen- dower to 13 to I for the Darby. Winchester won the five sovs. stakes in a canter, winding up the sports of tho day, as Red Hart received in the Royal", and two matches which were on paper

were not run.

We subjoin the order in which the Cesarewitch was run. for the sake of easy reference.,-'

The Cesarewitch Stakes, a free handicap pf 23 sovs. each, 15 ft., with 300 added by, his Imperial Highness .the Grand Duke Cesarewitch, for 3 yr-olds and upwards ; thc.winner of the Di>n caster St. Leger 121b., the second in the St. Leger, or the winner of the Doncaster cup, or the Great Yorkshire Handicap, (31b3. extra ; the extra weights not to be accumulative : Cesare-

witch course ; GS subs.

Mr. Disney's Cawroush, by (Trish) Bird

catcher, 4 yrs., 7st., G. Abd ile . 1 Mr. T. Parr's Giselle, 4 yrs., Cst. 121b, W.

Butler .. ...:.. 2 Mr. Grcville's Geraldine, 4yrs.,.5st. 121b.

(carried Cst.), J. Prince . 3 -The following also started, but were not placed : -Mr. G. II. Moore's Wolfdog, 5 yrs., Slit. 21b.; Mr. Mciklam's Inheritress, aged, Sst. 81b. ; Mr. Pcdley's Cossack, 3 yrs.. Sst. Gib. (including Gib. extra) ; Mr. Dñnkald's St Lawrence, aged, 8st. 21b. ; Colonel Bouvcrie's War Eagle, 3 yrs.. 8st. 1 lb. (including Gib. extra) ; Lord Chester- field's Lady Wildair, 5 yrs., Sst.; Mr. Craw furd's Humdrum, 3 yrs., 7st. 71b. ; Lord E. Russell's Reminiscence, 3 yrs., "st. ; Lord Exe-

ter's St. Demetri, 4 yrs.,7st. ; Mr. Mostyn's b.g. J Fisticuff, aged. Gat. 121b. ; Lord E. Russell's Fergus (late Nottingham), 3 yrs., Gst. Gib. ; Colonel Anson's Bingham, 3 yrs.,. Cst. 'llb.; Mr. Stephenson's Doctrine, 3 yrs., 6st. 31b.; I.ord Exeter's Cossachia, 3 yrs., Gst. 31b. ; Mr. She!ley's"Tarolla, 3 yrs., Cst. 3lb. ; Mr. Barne's Tufthunter, 3 yrs., Ust. 21b. ; Mr. Mostyn's b. f. Slander, 3 yrs., Gst. 21b. (carried Cst. 31b.) ; Sir C. R. Cockerells Congress, 3'yrs., Gst.; Mr. Douglas's Eveline, 4 yrs., Gst. ; Mr. St. Paul's Ulysses. 3 yrs., Gst. ; Sir. B. Green's Rob Roy, 3 yrs., Gst. ¡ Captain Delmu's Resolution,3 yrs., Gst. ; Mr. Wigram'*.Derindes, 3 yrs., 5st. 12lb.; Mr. Gralwicke's Flitch, 4 yrs.. Sst. 121b. ¡ Sir J. Hawley's Vanity, 3 yrs., Sst. 121b. ; Mr. Drinkald'u f. Pillage, 3 yrs., 5st. 51b. ; Lord Glasgow's b.f. by Tho Provost out of Miss Whip, 3 yrs., 4st. 121b.