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When did you get out Benney? I gave you up   my lad, I made sure it was a go with you.  

That ere Bloke was nigh Bellussing us. Ven I vos in that ere Kex cadame, as the black and vile uns kalls it, I singed—never no more. But I thinks the Beek didn't no me, so Jack gets ser- ved, and I napped Thrums in Slangs.

Then yon mean to cut the cross, and work the square a Benney.

Me? me a square un, vy I'd be topped first. You nose better nor that ere ; it's no go that ere vay vile I've a morley ; I'm britched and togged ready to vork. Vy I meets a bloke arter dingin the slangs, he commed agin me cos he ogled tother vay—I buzzes, cuts, and not no down.  

Did you make a lob, Benney P

A funt, that erc's all, and so I gets cnmmescr, cos of them ore crums you no's, and these ere crabs, watch, and togs, so I'm a Svell un vith a easer in this ere cly.

Well, Benney, you're a nummcr-you're al- ways in luck. It was a q il ear dodge that of Sal's ; who'd have thought the traps had a down she was a bolter? She'll nammu-s, I suppose, and you'll stick to her P

In coorse, vy shouldn't I ? Didn't Sal stick to me ? and cos sile's in quod I'm her flash un vot vodent nife her for that ere.

Suppose before she can work it the traps should grab you, and you get lagged, what then is Sal

to do P

Vy, your gab's cross. The traps liassent not no down, cos I nose there's no nose in the case. I ogled um vorkin ven tho Ka-ke Pannum cut

out a svell.

We're all right yet Benney-t'vo got a slash- ing barrow and trays, and I stand by the Kelpers.

? Vel, that ere's rite, cos you vorks on the square, and grabs chances.

Why you know it don't do to give a chance always, and without a good stall the cross is no go now, so I rigs my barrow, and tips half Bull to the Bloke on Saturday. It's a new Bloke at the Market now, so you must tip up. I've tog- ged Jinney. Benney, you'd hardly know Jinney, she's such a svell-Jack says she's all the go. Well, I sings out sis a penny mellow pears, and when a Gorger comes up, Jinney comes up too ; Jinney and me gammons to be picking the good ones, the Gorger's picking too-not half a down --I serves him, while Jenny frisks.

Vy then yer out at them ero at six a win, cos

I nose it vont run it.

What of that? The time's not now as it was when no one worked but Jack, me, and you. Its quite different now : most of um works. But with a good look-out Jinney and mc can make

finnuf funt some weeks.

Vel that ul do ; now its queer you nose, so my drags ali rite. I vants Jack for a Pal. Ha's all there ven he's vonted, and if ve dussent do summut agin Sal Bolts agin, vy ve must ramp


That wont do, Bonney. Jack holed Tom in the soft, and he'll hole you.

Vy I dussent no : Mick sed as how Jack holed Tom, but that ere Mick nosed on the ramp you nose, so lie's a nose and vonts laggin.

? Well, Benney, you knows best, and you know me, and lets work together ; I think-the Toggers or lower down at the Lush kens will do.

Vel I nose Jack's all rite if that ero ul do. I say, that ere trap's a ogling. No not that ere vay ; totlier vay, at that ere crab ken. -Let's get

a vet. - ?