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e«^-r-r- . -- ? - .


The Doncaster meeting commenced on the 16th of September. Tho following waa the re aultof tho three days'sports: -



STARKS of 5 sovs each, with 50 added; one

milo; 20 sabs.

Mr Ridley's Preston, 3 yw, 6st 121bs (Bates) 1

Gill's Bourgeois, 0 yrs, 8st. 2 lord Zetland's Skirmisher, 2 yrs. 6st......... 3

The following nlso ran:-Mr Saxons Mary, Mr Knowles' The Rajah, Mr B. I'Ansons Beremni, Mr U Cass's Corin, Mr Merri 's Uzello, Kr Capel'a Duet, Mr Brown's Cole Brack Rose, Mr Howard's Martinet, Sir R. W. Bulkeloy's Gortschakoff. and Mr W. Robinson's Lady fcatculm. Won by a length.

Second Race-The GLASGOW STAKES of 30

sors each, 20 ft, for 2-yr-oId colts; 8st 7lbs each. Red house in. 8 subs. .. ... .... lord Milton's Ignoramus, 8st 7ÍI>, (J.

Marston). . 1 Glasgow's colt Physalis, 8st "lb. 2

Capt Christie's Amati, 8st 71b. 3

Six and 7 to l on Ignoramus, who led from start to finish, and won by 10 lengths.

Third Race-Tho CHAMPAGNE STAKES of 50

sóvscach, h ft, for 2-yr-olds; colts, Sst 71b; fillies, Ssl Sib. Red house in. 29 subs.

Slr R. W. Bulleley's Tasmania, 8st 51b,

( Holmes) . 1

Mr É. Parr's Lambourn, 8st 7 lb.. 3

Sir C. Monck's Vanity, Sst 51b. 3 Mr Newland's Imperieuse. 8st 51b. 4

Howard's Goldfinch, 8st 71b. 5 R. 13. Cooper's King of tho Forest,

8st 71b.

E. R. Clarke's .South-Western, 8st 71b ' 7

F. Robinson's Anton, 8st 71b. '8 Six to 5 on Goldfinch, 9 to 2 agst Lambourn, 3 to 1 agst Imperieuse, 8 to 1 agst King of the


? Goldfinch led to tho half-distance, where Tasmania, who bad been lying fonrth and fifth,

carno out, and at last won by a neck. A head i between the second and third. A neck between ,

the third and fourth.


CAP of 25 sovs eaoh, with 100 added. St .

Leger Course. 82 subs., 56 of whom pay 5 j sovs each. j [ord Chesterfield's Typee, fl yrs, 5st I2lb, |

(Flatman)... . 1 Hr Lewis' Pantomime, 6 yrs. 8st 61b. 2 ,

J. Osborne's yorkshire «rey, 4 yrs, |

7st 31b....i. 3 Jackson's Lady Tatton. 4 yrs (ino 9lb

extra), 8st 4lb. 4 Barber's'Prince of Orange, 3 yrs, 6st 2lb 5

Tlié following also ran:-Mr E. R. Clarke's _ Mr Sykes. Baron Rothschild's Hungerford, Mr i Howard's Saraband,' Lord Clifderi's Alembic, 1 Mr E. Parr's átork, Mr C. Monck's Vandal, Mr J. G. Henderson's B dton, Mr S. Hawke's Matchioness, Mr( Ridley's Preston. Mr Jnckson's Gandy, and Lord Glasgow's colt by Orlando.

Four to I each agst Prince" of Orange and Pantomime, '2 jtb I each agst Lady Tatton, Typce, and Vandal.

Pantomime led tb about the distance, whore bo Vas joined by Lady Tatton. Half- way up Typee came out, and won easily by. a neck. A head between the second and third, Half a length between the third and fourth. And a head bet'wceh'th'o fourth and fifth.

Four other races were run on Tuesday, but they pb&èssed not the slightest'sporting interest.


First Race-Tho MUNICIPAL STAKES of 200

'BOTS each, h fe for 2 yrs. Red house ia. 4,subs.

Lord Glasgow's colt by Surplice, out of .

Clarissa, 8st 71b, (Alderoft). 1

Mr Bowes's Bel Oiseau, 8st 71b. 2 ' Eleven to 10 on Bel Oiseau. Won by a


Second Race-The COJIPORATJON PLAT/B of . lOO sovp, , I Vías won by Sir R. W. Bullioley's Bel Esperanza, 1 2 yr«, beating Plausible, Panmure. Jack Shep-1 pira, Hospitality, and Alfred. Won by half a

length. 1 Third Race-The ST LEGER STAKES of 25 SOTS

fach, for 3-yr-olds; colts, Sst 71b; fillies, Sit 2lb. St Leger Course. 183 sobs.

Mr Nichol's Warlock, (Flatman).'............ 1

1'Ansoh's Bonnie Scotland. t Morris's Artillery. .... f

H. Hill's Rogefthorpo. 4 . The foltowing-.also ran:-Mr.OKnowIe's Mer- lin, 8st 7lb; Mr ,Bowes's Victoria, 8st 21b; Lord Glasgow's colt by Orlando out of Clarissa; Admiral Harcourt's Ellington; Mr Dunn's

Squire Watt. -. !

Betting: 7 to ion Ellington,- 10 to 1 agst Bonnie Scotland, 10 to 1 agst Artillery, 100 to 8 agst Warlock, 100 to 8 agst Rogerthorpe, lOo

to 6 agst Victoria, 40 to 1 agst Merlin, loo' to ?' 1 «gat Squire Watt (offered), and 100 to 1 agst1 Clarissa colt (ottered). I

Tho start was admirably effeated, the, horses ' getting away at the first attempt.- Ellington

was'first off, but'was immediately pulled back, ; and Merlin took up tba running. On reaching

the top of the hill Rogerthorpe was in possession '? of a clear lead, Squire Watt going on second, : Merlin third, Warlock fourth, Bonnie Scotland

dfth, Victoria sixth,..lillington seventh, Clarissa ? colt eighth, and Artillery last, a'wido interval j wparating ench. In this order, '* Indian filö", j they rsn to the Red house, where Squire Watt j wis beuten, and ho and the Clarissacolt dropped I into the rear.' Artillery, now began to-draw forward, Rógerthorpe- maintaining tho lead with

Merlin, Warlock, and Bonnie .Scotland next in : purioit; At the bend, Rogerthorpe gávé"way,'| >sd'Merlin resumed the leii'd, which he held to I nearly the 'half-distance;-when 'be dropped back,' I

and Warlock came-out. with Bonnie Scotland and Artillery second and third, In- close purtüfit. Warlock however went on and at last won by two lengths; Artillery caught Bonnie' Scotland jul on tho post,- and made 'a dead boat'with'hira' for fecund pince. At about three lengths behind them wns Rogerthorpe; fourth; Merlin and Vic taia were fifi h and sixth, close up'with Rogéis thorpo; Ellington, Clarissa- co!t; and" Squire Watt were pulled up, andi passed the post 'to-

gether: in tho order- named.

Fourth Race-A ..SWKBFST'AKES ,'of IO 'sovs each

ft. with 50 added.

Won by Lord Milton's' Ignoramus, > boating Theodora, Comraoqer,arid Gitana. 7, to t on Ipioramus; won by three quarters' bf a length, the favorite came down on his knees twice soon

«ter starting. '

Fifth Raco-The PORTLAND-PLATE of 2Q0 SOYS; m specie, added to a handicap sweepstakes of «.suvscach. Red house in. 100 subs.

Hr Hind's Lance, 3 yrs.'Tat 1 llb, C Wilber-

force) . . v

Jackson's Lord Alfred, * yrs! Cst 61b. . a J. Osborne's Sauntorer,'2 yrs; ;6st I2lb" 3 T others started. Won by' a head, threo ^nartors of a length botween tho- 'second and

Sixth Race-The STASD PUTS-.Kestrel, 1;

«ter Flat, 2. Six ran.

Seventh Race-Hca MAJESTÉS JPtATB-Fisher n?an t l ; Zeta +2; a * deadi heat. ; ; Deciding heat t «on by three-quarters of n length. Zeta brokti


Fisherman walked for the Scarborough Stakos; Strawberry won tho Handicap Sweep- stakes of 10 soys each, for 2-yr olds, beating Janot, Tricolor, Fanfaronado and 12 others. The Eglinton Stakes were won by Tournament against eight competitors; Beatrice won a '¿-yr old Sweepstakes; Blink Bonny a Sweepstakes of 20 sövs each; and Gnoculus Esmions thc Cleveland Handicap. Amodg the betting men Blink Bonny became first favorite for tho Derby. The Duke of Beaufort has been one of the stewards ot the meeting.