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From our London namesake, of tho lGth Sept., wo tnko tho following report of tho principal

Doncaster o rc nt*.

Tuns OAT, SEM. 11th.

Tho CIIAMPAOXE STAKES of 50 sovs each h ft, for two yenr olds; colts 8st 71b, fillies 8st Sib; tho second to savo his stake, and the winner to givo six dozen of champagne to tho Doncaster Racing Fund; Red House in; 33 subs.

Admiral Harcourt's br c Ellington by Tho

Flying Dutchman.(Aldcroft) 1 Mr W. Cookson's br c Bird in Hand, Sst 71b 2 Mr H. R. Clark's br c Vnndermculin, 8st "lb 3 Mr Howard's ch f Overreach, Sst 51b. 4

Mr Morris's b c Artillery, Sst 71b. 5 Mr 3. M. Stanley's br f Mary Copp. 8st 51b 6 Mr John Fawcett's b c Danube. Sst 7lb . 7

Boltings 5 to 4 agst Mary Copp, 7 to 4 agst Artillery, 7 to I each agst Danube aud Bird in Hand, and 10 to 1 agst Ellington. After the first hundred yards Mary Copp, next tho rail, took a slight lead of Artillery, Vandcrraeulin, and Ellington, who laid nearly abreast at her side, Bird in Hand and Overreach following nt their heels, and Dnnubo bringing up the rear. They ran thus ut a strong paco to tho bend, after rounding which Mary Copp fell back, and left Artillery with tho load, bnt being in trouble im- mediately afterwards, ho was deprived of it by Vandormcnlin, who, with Ellington at his girths, and Bird in Haud at tho latter's quarters on tho outside, carried it on until half way in tho dis- tance where Ellington carno out, and won very clcvorly by thrco-quarters of a length, Bird in Hand beating Vanderiuoulin-who crossed bis legs and stumbled just below tho Stand-for second money by half a length. Overreach, who flnishod a length from tho third, was two lengths in advanco of Artillory, Mary Copp being twice as far from Mr Morris's horse, and

Danube beaton off. Run in 1 min 16 sec.

Tho G it EAT TomcsuiKB HAHDIOAP of 25 sovs

each, 15 ft, and 5 only if declared, with 100 added; tho second to receive 50 sovs out of tho stakes, and thc winner to pay 50 sovs towards expenses; tho winnerof tho Leaming- ton Stakes or tho Great Ebor Handicap l)lb, or of any hadicap amounting to 200 sovs valuo with the winner's stako, from tho timo of de- claring the woights to tho time of starting, both inclusive, Sib extra; no horso moro than Dib extra; St Leger Course; 03 subs, Cl of whom pay 5 sovs each.

Mr J. Merry's Wild Huntsman, by Hark-

away, 4 yrs, 7st .(Batos) 1 Mr Thcllttsson's Rataplan, 5 yrs, 9st 21b. 2 Mr Howard's Littlo Harry, C yrs, 8st 4lb .. 3 Mr Morris's Gamekeeper, 4 yrs, Cst 51b. 4 Ms W. Smith's Little David, 5 yrs, 7st 71b 0 Mr Morris's Indian Warrior, 6 yrs, 7st 7lb 0 Mr Mansfield's Maid of Team Valley, aged,

Cst 121b . 0

Mr J. Dawson's Jnck Leeming, ngetl, Gst 81b O

Mr Grovillo's Kaffir, 4 yrs, Gst 5lb . 0 Mr S. Hawko's Midsummer, 4 yrs, Gst Sib .. 0 Mr J. M. Stanley's Veteran, 5 yrs, 5st 13lb 0 Mr Mather's St Clair, 4 yrs, 5st 131b . 0 Mr R. Walker's Radcliffe Hero, 5 yrs, 5st7lb

(carried 5st 101b) . 0 Mr II. Elwes's Tho Croppor, 3 yrs, Sst J3lb Sir C. Monck's Vandal, 3 yrs, 5st 101b

(including nib extra) . 0 Mr Saxon's Mary, 3 yrs, 4st 101b (carriod

4st 13lb . 0

Betting -4 to 1 each agst Midsummer, 5 to 1 agst Veteran, 7 to 1 agst Mary, 8 to 1 each agst Gamekeeper and Littlo Harry, IO to 1 agst Van- dal, 12 to 1 each agst Radcliffe Horo and Wild Huntsman. Aftor ono of tho most unsatisfactory Starts cvor soon, Indian Warrior went away with tho load, followed by Midsummer to tho first road aftor crossing which Radcliffe Horo rushed in front, but romainod there to thc hill only, tho Warrior thoro resuming tho lead, and Rndcliffo Hero dropping into tho fifth place. Tho Cropper going on second, Jack Leeming third, and Little David fourth; Gamekeeper. Midsummer, Vandal, aud Wild Huntsman lying next in a body ot tho head of tito ruck, about twenty yards in tho roar of which was Little Harry, mid a hundred yards behind him Veteran, who, when tho flag foll, was walking in a contrary direction; Mary was loft at tho post, and returned to tho inclosure. Tlioro was no change worthy of notico amongst tho foremost horses until approaching tho Rod House, whon Jack Leeming bogan to drop oft', and Littlo David and Tho Cropper joined tho Wnrrior, with whom they rail round thc tarn. Thc latter then fell hack and left Tho Cropper and Littlo David in front, but running wide they were caught and hended in n few strides by Gamekeeper, who got a good inside barth next tho ruils, Wild Huntsman and Rutnplnu (tho horse having been gradually creeping up) at this point " taking company'* with Gamekeeper. After crossing tho road "Little David and the Cropper were beaten, tho former having broken down.

and nt tho bond wero passed by tho Wild Hunts- man, Rnt&plaa, and Midsummer, tho lattor of whom, however, after "showing" for an instant, shut up, and refused to maka on effort after- wards. Little Flurry having got on better terms with his horses between tho Ked Iloufso and tho Tntack Farm, became fourth after rounding tho bend, and on tho retirement of Gamekeeper took third pince, next tho rails. Inside the distanco ho joined Rataplán and the Wild Huntsman, who wera running head and head, and half-way up got his neck in front, but, unablo to keep it there, dropped off nt tho Stahd. and left W ild Huntsman and Rataplan to fight it out, a splendid inca borne resulting in thc defeat of the heavy weight by a neck, Littlo Harry finishing three lengths off, with an ndvantago of half a length over Gamekeeper, Jack Leeming finished a had fifth. St Clair sixth, Radcliffe Hero seventh, and Midsummer next; tho last lot wero Maid of Team Valloy, Vaudal, Littlo David, and Veteran, tho latter being out of tho raco

from start to finish. Run in 3 min in 24 sec.


TUE ST LEOER STAKES of 25 sovs each, f»r

three year olds; colts Sst 7lb, fillies Sst 2lb; tho second to receive 100 sovs out of tho stakes, and tho winner to pay 100 sova towards expenses, 25 sovs for tho judge, and 25 for the starter; St Leger course; 117 subs.

Mr T. Parr's b c Saucebox, by St Law-

rence, 8st 711.(Wells) I Mr Osbnldcaiou's b c Rifleman, 8st 71b_ 2

Mr J. (tetanic's b f Lady Tatton, 8st 21h.. 3 j

Mr A. Johnstonc's br c Rotherham, 8st 71b. 4 :

Mr W. Baxter's br f Alice, 8st 21b. 0 ; Mr Bowel's b c Graiculus Esuricns, Est 71b... O j

Mr Bradshaw's ch e Herald, Sst 71b. O I Mr S. Hawko's b f Marchioness, 8st 21b_ O

Baron Rothschild's b f Blooming Heather

8st 2lb. 0

Mr Elwcs's b c Oulston. 8st 7lb.'.. O Mr T. V. Turner's b f Capucine, 8st 21b. 0 Lord Clifden's b c by Surplice out of Clem-

entina, 8it 71b. 0 Betting: Even ngft Rifleman, 4 to 1 agst Oulston, 7 to I ng.<t tho Clementina colt, 8 to I agst Rotheram, 14 to 1 agst Capucine, 100 to G agst Marchioness, 20 to 1 agst Grreculus Ksuriens, 40 to 1 each agst Saucebox, Blooming Heather, and Alice (off), and 1000 to 10 agst Herald (off). After tho usual parado, they reached tho starting post at twonty-fivo minute's past three, and at thu first attempt got away in pretty good order, Blooming Heather and the Clementina colt being last from tho post. Sancc box jumped off in advance, but before reaching tho road was pulled back, when Lady Tatton went to tho front, and cut out tho work at us good a pace as sbo could make, Rifleman going on second, Saacebox third, Capucine fourth, and Oulston fifth, their followers over tho hill being Rotherham, Alice, and Marchioness; Graxnlns, Blooming Heather, and tho Clementina colt forming the last lot. At tho mile post Alice, dropped into tho rear with Blooming Heather, and tho Clementina colt nt the same timo took his place in about tho middlo of tho ruck close to Oulston, Gracious, and Marchioness, who were now running together. At the wood side, Oulston parted company with his companions, and ran into tho third place, but before reaching tho road beyond the Red Ho usu dropped back beaten into tho ruck, Capucino at the same time giving up the ghost. The vacancies caused by their retirement were filled by Saucebox and Rotherham; Marchioness and Grasculus following them until near the bend, whore tho two latter being in troublo, were passed by Alico and the Clementina colt, both of whom hore showed mo- mentarily mid then disappeared, leaving tho race to tho four placed. Lady Tatton, on thc inside next tho rails, maintained her lead to tho dis- tanco, where she was headed by Rifleman, Saucebox following right in tho track of thc favorite and tho maro until about half-way up, when Wells, who had been waiting for them to " split," took advantage of tho oponing by rush- ing through it, and at onco obtained thc lead, to deprive bim of which nil Flatman's efforts wero unavailing-tho fiat, after an exciting race, being in favor of Saucebox by threo quarters of a length, Rifleman beating Lady Tatton by half a length for second money. Rotherham was beaten two lengths from tho third, and nt a wide inter- val from him were Marchioness, with tho Ciernan - tina colt and Blooming Heather on cither side, Marchioness being just far enough in ndvnnce to ' claim fifth place. Capuciuc and Oulston fol-

lowed them a long way off, and tho others were tailed off somo distance, Grreculus. who fell lamo in his hocks, being the absolute last. Run in

3min 22 sec.

Hie POUTLAKD FLATO of 200 sova inspecte,

added to a Handicap of 5 sovs each, for all ages; tho winner of any raco value 500 sovs after the weights appear 71b extra; the second to receive 25 sovs out of tho stakes, and the winner to pay 25 sovs to the fund j Red House in; 81 subs.

Mr W. H Brook's Manganese, 2 yrs, 5st 101b,

(Challoner). 1 Mr F Swindell's Falcon, 4 yrs, Sst 12lb. 2 Mr C. Fonning's Flyaway, 2 yrs, Sst Sib. 3 Mr S. Cnss's La Victimo, 2 yrs. Sst 5lb. 0 Lord Derby's Boiardo, 4 yrs, Sst Sib. 0 Lord Zotland's Hospodar, 4 yrs, 7st 12lb... 0 Lord Wilton's Pumicestone, 4 yrs, 7st 101b.. 0 Lord John Scott's Clotilde, 3 yrs, 7st Gib ... 0 Mr W. Palmer's The Chicken, 3 yrs, 7st 4lb. 0 Mr J. Morry's Wild Huntsman, 4*yrs, 7st 01b

(in 71b ex). 0 Mr Capri's Wclham, 4 yrs, 7st 1 llb. O

Lord Clifden's Chalice, 3 yrs, 7st. 0 Mr W. Smith's Old Noll, 4 yrs, Gst 121bs

(car 7st). 0 Mr Gill's Bourgeois, 5 yrs, Cst 121b. O Mr E. I'Anson's Tho Assayer, 4 yrs Gst 121b t>

Mr Jones's Adolaido, 4 yrs, Gst 71b. 0 ! Mr John Osborne's Cherry Brandy, 3 yrs, |

Gst 61b. 0 j Mr Davidson's Baroda, 3 yrs, Gst 2lb. 0

Mr R. Wilson's, The Heir of Linno, 2 yrs, I

Sst 101b. O' Mr William's Hospitality, 2 yrs, Sst 101b. 0

Mr J.M, Stanley's Oltcnitza, 2 yrs, 4st 101b.. 0 | Mr Dawson's ch c Gaudy, 2 yrs, 4st 8lb. Oj Mr Goodered's Diego, 2 yrs, 4st Sib (car |

4st lllb). Oj Betting: 4 to 1 against Bourgeois, 6 to 1 agst i Falcon, 10 to 1 agst Wild Huntsman, 12 to 1 agst Pumicestone, Clotilde, Tho Chicken, Chalice, The Heir of Linne, La Victimo, and Flyaway, 15 to I agst Boiardo, Old Noll, Manganeso, and Gandy, nnd 20 to 1 agst Orson. After a delay of nearly half an hour at tho post, Mr. Hibbard Bt last succeeded in starting them off in pretty good order. Falcon, quick on In's legs, soon obtained a clear lead, followed by Flyaway and Manganese; Oltenizn, Clotilde, La Victime, and Boiardo, os near as wo could distinguish, compo- sing the uoxt lot at tho head of tho ruck, which ran closely packed togothor at their heels. Tho race, however, was confined to tho three placed thronghont, Falcon holding the lead nntil half- way in the distance, when he was passed by Flyaway and Manganese, the latter winning by half a length ; Falcon, who came again at tho last, boating Flyaway by the samo for socond money. Oltcnitza was fourth, closo up with tho third, La Victimo fifth-two lengths from Mr Stanley's filly, Tho Assayer sixth, Wolham seventh, Tho Chicken eight, and Bourgeois ninth. Tho next lot were Pumicestone, Old Noll, Wild Huntsman, and Gaudy, tho others, whipped in by Cherry Brandy, being scattered all over tho course. Run in lmin I Osee.


TnB DONCASTER CUP, value 300 sovs, for

threo year olds and upwards; Cap Courso (about two miles and a half).

Mr Thellusson's Rataplan, by tho Baron, 5

yrs, Dst llb (including Sib extra)

(A. Cowloy). 1 Admiral Harcourt's KUcrmiro, 3 yrs. Cst 111b 2 Lord Derby's Acrobat, 4 yrs, 8st Sib . 3 Mr Howard's Littlo Hurry, 0 yrs, Sst 5ib (in-

cluding 3lb oxtrn) . ., 4 Mr P. L. I'opham's b c Wild Dayrell, 3 yrs,

7st Ylb (including 71b extra) . 0 Mr Morris's Indian Warrior, 6 yrs, Dst Sib,

(including 3lb extra).) . 0 Betting-0 to 4 ou Wild Dayrell. S to 2 agst Rataplan, 7 to 1 agst Ellcrmire, nnd 20 to 1

ngst Littlo Harry. Indian Warrior took a clear load immediately after starting, and cut out tba work nt o strong paco, followod past tho Stand by Hatnplan and Little Harry, Ellcrmiro lying fourth, iu company with the favorito (who pulled tremendously), and Acrobat last. With the exception of Ellcrmiro dropping into,the roar after rounding tho turn by tho St Leger starting post, thoro was no matorial alteration in thoso positiousuntil half-way botweou thoT.Y.C. post pud tho Bcd Houso, where tho Warrior's

lend begun to diminish and tho paco to slacken, but Little Harry going to tho front immediately, it soon became strong «gnin. The Warrior being disposed of nt tho turn, quiekly dropped into tho rear, 1'utnpiuii going on tecond, l.'lier miro third, Acrobat fourth, "and Wild Dayrell next from this point. Thc fato of thu " cruck," however, was alroudy scaled, the horse having broken down in tho off fore leg just before reaching tho turn. Little Harry remained in front to tho bend, where ho resigned tho lead to Rataplán, who galloped on with it, and won in galluut style by six lengths, Kllcrmiro finishing twice as ihr in ud vance of Acrobat and Little

Harry, who cantered in sido by side. Wild Dayrell stopped short a dozen strides from tho chair, mid dill not puss the post, tho "smash" being sobad that Wells immediately jumped off bis back. Indian Warrior walked iu a longway

belli nd. Run iii 4 min 50 secs.