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(From the Weekty Dispatch, May 27.)

TIIEKB can bo no doubt Hint tho war mid tts

depressing influences bave had their eflcet upon tho Epsom meeting, and that tho spirit which, under mero propitious circumstances, animated tho multitudes who covered tho Downs, had lost much of its jollity.

Throughout tho morning, and until after tho great raco, the sky was cloudy, and the air cold; but ns tho nftornoon wore on, tho sun broko forth, and a lovely evening crowned'tho closo of tho day's amusement.

Taken in a sporting point of view, this has been a most interesting Derby, owing to tho un- certainty that .prevailed in tho best informed quarters, respecting tho result, or rather from tho confidence with which different parties main- tained tho superiority of their respective horns. Aftor various ups anil downs in thc scale of pub- lic estimation, thu competition on tho morning of tho race, lay almost entirely between Wild Dnyrcll and Lord of tho Isles-the former hav- ing tho advantogo iu tho hotting.

Tho first rece on tho card for tho Carew Stakes-did not creels «ny interest; only two started. Wild Dayrell, who is a largo and powerful horse, had abundance of admirers, and his backers felt nerfccily satisfied with his appearance and style of going. Kingstown appeared to bo in mo tull bloom of condition} and both Flatterer and Lord of tho Isles roso în

favor with the best judges, as they cantered post tho Grand Stand. Soon after 3 o'clock thc starter's flag was dropped, and thc dozen for the Derby went away: at the "first ollen." with an

excellent start. .,»... . »

Ike Derby Stakes of 60 50«^ jh, h fe, for

three-year olds;' colts. Sst 71bs? lillies, fist 2lhs. The owner of thc second horse to re-

ceive 100 govs out.tjf the stakes. Now comsc. Ono milo and a I alf. 191 suhs.

Mr F. L. Hepburn's Wild Dayrell, Sst Vlbs.

(U. Sherwood)... I II. Hill's Kingston-i), Sst Tibs. 2 Merry's Lord of tho Isles, Sst Tibs ... 3

J. Adkins* Flatterer, 8st 7)bs. 4 Tho f> llowiug also ran :

Mr J. J. Henderson's liylestono, 8st 7lbs. 0

Norton's Courtenay, 8st 7lbs. 0 Lord Anglesey's Stroud, 8st "lbs. 0 Mr Garrett's Little Brownie, Sst 71bs . 0

W. Smith's '1 he Cave Adullam, 8st 4lbs. 0 Lord Kglinton's Dirk JInttora ck, 8st 7Ibs... 0

Fglinton's Corotbus, 8st 7lbs. 0 Mr J. Osborne's Lord Alfred, 8st 7lbs. 0

De Claro was struck ont May 22, at 9.30a.m., and Paros, May 23, at 12.30 p.m.

Betting nt Starting.-fl to 4 ngst Wild Dayrell, 7 to 4 agst Lord of the hies, 12 to 1 ngst Dirk Hattcraick, 12 to 1 ngst Kingstown, 2U to 1 ngst Flatterer, 30 to 1 agst Kylstouo, 50 to 1 ngst Tho Cave Adullam, 1000 to 15 ogst Lord Alfred, and 1000 to 10 each agst Strood and Little Brownie.

Hie Hace.-After taking their preparatory canter along the straight, they returned to the paddock, and were in due timo called to the post by Mr Ilibhurd, the starter. The din of tongues in the betting inclosurc was gradually hushed, and. a feverish anxiety everywhere pre- vailed.. At the very first attempt the start was admirably effected, and the sudden burst of com- mingling" shouts, "They're offl" wus felt like an electric thrill by thousands of palpitating hearts.

Flutterer jumped ol? with tho lead, but had scarcely proceeded a hundred yards, when Lord of the Isles went to thc front, with Lord Alfred, Strood, Glatterer, Wild Dayl ell. Kingstown, Cave Adullam.and Little Brownie, clustering up; Dirk Iltittcraick, Kylst ne, ànd Courtenay lying off. i At tho mile Post, Kingstown obtained the lead Wild Dayrell going on second, Lord of the Isles th'rd, Lord Alfred fourth, and Flatterer next. These positions were held to tho distance, where Lord Alfred dropped back to the beaten horses, and in thc next moment Wild Dayrell deprived Kingstown of tho load, and gall aped homo an easy winner by a length ; thu second bentingthe third by a head ; bad fourth. Corcs'ms anti Courtenay were thc next two. Tho others quite beaten off. Nett amount of the .--takes, 4 S>-3 sovs.

.T. CitAitr.TON.-This fortunate jockey, who rodo in the trial of Wild Dayrell with Jack Sheppard, was so confident of success, we under- stand, that he took thc odds about him to GOO/., and wins -1,000/. by tho issue.

TnE DKMIV WINN mis.-Among tho chief winners upon this race aro, wo learn, L"rd Cravon, who wins 8,000/.; Lord Drumlanrig,6,000'.; Mr. W. Honeywood, 7,000'. ; Baron Rothschild, Mr. Btwall, Captain Biabaron, and nil thu per- sonal friends of Mr. Popham havo also thrown in hands-omely.

The Great Exhibition Plate of 100 sovs was

won by Tori Burke, beating Eulogist, Master Slender and Spider. Tho Epsom Cup of 100 sovs was won by Rataplan, beating thrco others. The Epsom Town Plato of 50 sovs was won by Orinoco; aud thc Durdan Stakes by the Nonce.

FRIDAY, Tiru OAKS.-There was a good attendance of fashionables on the course to-day; and the fineness of the weather attracted a large number of visitors, who travelled by the rail.

Tho Oaks Stakes was won by Mr. Rudstons Read's Marchioness, beating Bloom- ing Heather and Capucine; ll ran-Nettle

fell. - The Members' Plate was won

by Radalphus, beating Chisel.-Rosalind won tlie Railway Plate, beating Radulphus and Engle mere-The Fool States was secured by Escape; and the Foreign Visitors' Plate by Professor Airey-Tho Derby and Oaks Stakes was carried away by Novice, beating Usurer and Gossip.

CIIAIU.ES MARLOW, who rode Nettle, and sus- tained a fracturo of tho left leg was progressing favorably. A subscription had been opened for him by the Messrs. Tattersall, which already

amounted to £459.


-Tho following decision having reference to the Derby and Oaks only, we believe, has boon given by the committee of Tattersalls:-"Tho opinion of tho committee of Tnttcrsnl's Rooms being asked the question whether n bet between horses in their places is to be considered 'play or pay,' they arc of opinion that such bets are p. p., aud won in the event of cither horse obtaining a place by tho decision of tho judgo.

ExsiouTn, II. Rous,



Tattersall^, May 28, 1855.

MANCHESTER HACES, May 30.-Tho UNION Cui' was won by Mr. Copperthwaito's Early Bird, beating Orinoco, Hercules, Pumicestone, Tom Whitclock, and Berezina.

Tho TRADESMAN'S Cur was won by Mr. T. Parr's Saucebox, beating St. Andrew, Aribbas, Ncoptolcmus, Shoreham, and Little Davie.



5 to 1 against Vandal (taken)

5 to 1 i. Mortimer (taken arid off J

8 to 1 " Hospodar (10 to 1 also laid) 10 to 1 ,, Hungerford (taken) 12 to 1 " Mishap (taken)

ASCOT COP. 5 to 2 4 to 1 4 to I

Rataplan (taken) Fandango (taken) TumMat (taken)