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AP racing seems noxr td have taken a tum in the right direction, a« far .as the ono tiling need« fal it concerned, we surely ought not to «How the glorious sport of Siceple-chasing to fall into . utter desuetude. A few years since, there were werai cross-conntry gall -pn in different dis- tricts: hui a sudden stop wns put to thom at tho outbreak of the gold mania-yet there surely can he no sufficient cause for th'is lapse, and it be- hove* our Turfites to give just on« moro shake

rouse themselves from their lethargy, and

place (iiis utrcc3»»ry item o!" the Caicti!!¿r on * j par with the present brilliant prospects of flat racing.'

Whenever we hive advocated the" rc-Stàrting

¡ of, as the Mounsecra term it-~a race with ! hindrances,'* wc have almo-t invariably been

! answered with the assertion that there are no

Horses now that will jump ! That this is j nu pim} to a false conclusion, eau be ea«ily proved hy the testimony cf any and every horse- man who has c\or hül his heart in the right place for cross-country w..rk-nineteen out of every twenty ordinarily shaped horses will jump,

ir rid.len properly-and it requires, no appear- ¡ ance of the ghost of our Ute modern Vimiod to j inculcate thc already acku wleJgcd fact of ¡ mistake* originating more often in the rf.Y»r ! than the ridden. There an; plsnty of animals, j in dailv use as hack«, that ha%-e all the nec-j^ssry j muscular development for cle&riitg any ordinary

fences-nor are they deficient tn fair hunting j speed-so that the only desideratum i« to give j them a field on which to test their po wei fi. The | necessity and benefit nf such a class of rare must j be obvious to all who study the real Interests j

of horse breeding; for, without au occasioual and liberal donation of premium for weight-cur- riers, we sholl continue breeding only such " weedy rats" as the average of our late lieger ] entries have exhibited.

"The sitter Colonies have plucked np courage, and annually run several Steeple-chases which would cut- no very bad parallel figure with the moat crack <.f England's similar try ns. Adelaide

has shown 17 Starters!-ami the 4 miles h*« been done In' about 12m -whilst Melbourne hm gone nearly steeple-chase mad. . Every few weeks races and matches are made for large [purses; ami they possess quadrupeds that can leap anything a trifle I WCT than the Duke of York's C luiun. In consequence, therefore, of the demand for this class of equines, many spirited stud-owners have given long figures for good upstanding nags, and the keen ri val rr

between them Tor the Olympian laurels of the field cann it bot end in beneficial results. We have been favored with the programme of n. Grand Steeple Chase, to come off at Campbell- town, V. Uicmen's Land, in October next, for which the first prize will be not less than £500 ; and Mr Valentine, the lion. Sec^ states his be- lief that this sam will bo "much increased " be- fore the day of -starting. The avowed ol>j?ct of this liberal subscription is the encouragement of" weight-carriers-and it is intended to be the nucleus of an annual meeting. Why then should Sydney bs behindhand in so laudable an il>j;tt? We have plenty of money- h rses m i/'i/n . (such as they are!) and never 'let it'bc said that we are deficient in~nien . f pluck to cram at fencing-work.

The sporting folk of Penrith are abont adver- tising a Purse of over £100 to be run for in their

district; nor must we sufTer ourselves to be beaten by them in exertion and liberality. And whilst on the subject, it were weil jp haïe a short co-fab. with the promoters of the Penrith Steeple Chave about the weights they should announce.- Wehavc heard that I2st, each has been proposed, and mus: utter our unqualified vtio against so grave an error. The only dunce ni scrnring a reasonable list of entries is to make it welter weight for-age, as otherwise all young horses are either totally shut out, or must "run at a-great disadvantage. The fairest weights for n four-mile burst over a country ure these-3 yrs. Sst; 4 y 13, lost 4lbs; 5 yrs, 11st "lbs; 6 years and aged, 12sr, and no allowances.

We arc in a position to say that a good share of support is promised for a Metropolitan event, and that thu time most likely for. its c .ming off .will be about October. A Ci-ursc bas been partly selected near to the City, and every j-irop will

be visible from start to finish.

" SPOSTSMAN ". AND " Otra NKLL." - The challenge of thc Braidwood mare which appeared in our last was taken up ou Tuesday by Mr. Tait, who named Sportsman to meet Our Kell on thc terms advertized, and dep sited £25 to make the match good, which sum was promptly covered by the gentleman empowered to actvn thc part of Mr. Badgery. Yesterday morning, however, thc subjoined letter reached ns, but as we have not »« yet received from Mr. Badgery any reply to our announcement of a match having been entered into, tho matter at present rests in



Bargo, Jnno'26th, 1854. To th* 'KiiUoti of Url ft I xfe ni A'vditrw.

Gentlemen-I wish you to withdraw my chal- lenge from your paper respecting *' Out Nell, * a I find the time for tho race, if any person should accept it, would full in tho middlc'of my shearing,

and 1 would not have time'tö attend to her.

If any. person should call, you can inform them ¡hut I do not wMi tu run her till some more convenient time. '

I am7 Gentlemen,

Your obedient Fervent,



ments between these horses havo been entered into as yet, on account of thc sudden and severe illness of Mr. Kales. Mr. Tait is perfectly pre- pared to complete thc. mat. h on thc original tcinu of £5,000 to £3,000 ; -and there is no doubt but that Mr. Kales is too thorough a sportsman to cry " oft" to his own terms.

JLITTI-B JOHN.-After a long and not inglori- ous career on the turf. Little John, once the con- quer r . f Jorrocks, has changed hands, having been sold hy Mr DeClouett, te hie present pro- prietor for £200. His futuro career, although perhaps less brilliant, we ninlcrstniid is likely to prove moro, teivieenble than his post one.

]i,.thur»t /'ive Frat.

IIlOítFLTER AND VotDNTRBR.-This match was run 1»« Thursday, as per agreement. Throughout thc whole arrangements there was some evident ' 6Crew loose,' mid the result wo» anything lint satisfactory to the sporting few who had gone all thc way to Homebush to witness it. The horses certainly ran, and she owners rod«; but it had more thc appearance of 'heir laking n canter than making a race. However, Highflyer came in first at his leisure, and Volunteer played second fl.Idle nt an eqnnlly snail's pace. Time 7m lOsec ! Tho 50 yard foot race was won by Mr. Hayes.

FARVSM. AXD GRANT.-This affair, as we last ? week predicted, - has ended in a buhblc, and it really serves the champion's party right. So crack a favorite -should- never be backed unless nil tho money be put down" Ot once, with a pro-

viso of half-forfeit in case of not coming to tho , scratch,- What is the use of a twenty pounds forfeit in A match of £120 to £100, when tho parties havc to train a month.

PF.nKSTniAKUK.-A one hundred yards spurt for.£50 rs to come oft*tm HydcPark on Monday, between Rutherford of Parramatta, and Walsh, un English pedestrian. To start between tho hours of 12 arid 2 p.m.


These two ri\ si pedestrians met on Saturday last to' decido their oft disputed difference of speed, nnd the result was highly satisfactory. The first start produced a dead heat ; but the second event wat gallantly won by Lindsay, though closely pushed. ' ,

COCKING.-Four match battles wcro fonght at Cook's River on Monday, between Sparkes and Barnett, three of which were won by tho former. S«ver«l other matches between choice birds are made to come wfJTat the same place on Monday

next. .

COCKING-CHALLENGE.-Any gentleman .de- sirous of fighting a main can be accommodated to any amount on application at this office.

Tire r.rvEnr-ooL GRAND NATION«. STKETLI: CBASR HANDICAP of SO sovs each, h ft/with 100 added the second to save his stake, and tho winner to pay 25 sors towards expcn«os of the coarse « »winners of any steeple chase from tho timo or declaring thc weights, once Gib*, twice or more lUtbs extra i abont four miles , G2 «nbs, 17 of whom declared, and pay 5 »ovs each. . Mr. Moseley's b g Bourton, by Drayton (h b),

aged. Hst 121b..(Tasker) 1 Mr Barber's ch g Spring. 6 yrs, 9st 101b. 2 Mr J Henderson's br g Crabbs, aged. 9st 21b S Mr Bignell'* b g Peter Simple, aged, 12n. 0 Mr T. Ma'on's br g Oscar, aged, list 12lb... 0 Mr Linnell's bk g-Peter, aged, lost 121b . 0 Mr nignoll's b g Half and\llalf, aged, lOst

81b.;. 0 Mr.Barling's h h Bedford, ngctl, (h h) 10.<t

.iib..*.. 0 Mr ,1. Williams'« b m La Gazza Ijidrn, aged,

lOst. O

Mr IXlamarre's b m Lad v Arthur, aged. 9JI cV;

101b ..............;......"'".-.........;.:. '0^ Mr Can wight's, ch.g, Man rice-Diler, ageJ,.

»st ioih...^..-i*î.*.OT Mr Henderson's ch ra Maley, »ged, 9-t lOlb ;0 , Mn Blood's b m "Star of iinglaûd, aged, 9s: ")

101b ..."...î.........&...À. 01

Mr Barry's gr h Goriridus, «ged.-Ost Sib. 0 "! Mr Oliver's ch ni Pride of the North, aged, !

9-t 8tb ..w.. 0 < Lord Waterford^ ch h Cockcrow, 6 years,

Ost 81b ......T..... 0 ;

Mr.'A. Sail's b h I"ïraothy, agtal," 9-t ell».-. 0 ¡ Capt Rhys's b g Royalty ,*5 ycars.'Ost 41b. 0 j Lord Sefton's l,k g .Sliillibecr, bv Fauch a - .

Balln^h (h b) 6 y:s, Ost (carried 9=t -tili)... 0 ; Mr. Slater's ch m Burnt Siciin», aged, 8 t 121b 0 !

Betting : 4 to I agst Bmrtnn, 5 to 1 agst i Matrice Daley, S to t agst Half and Half,'lo wi I agst Crabbs! 12 to 1 agst Peter Simple, 15 to l l agst Oscar. 20 t'» I each agst Spring and lVteç, | 25 to 1 each ag-t Cockcrow ami Burnt Sienna, i and 40 to I a-jfit Timothy. On the signal being ! given the lot weii^, away in a line, and charged J

the first fence in a budy. Crabbs, Maley, and

Burnt Sienna showing the way over it. Crabbs j

then tc«>k up the running, followed hy Burnt I Siennn. Cockcrow, Bourton, Lady Arthur, and ! Maley, in the order named ; La Gazza Ladra, j .-pring, Geraldus. and Timothy, as near as we ¡ conld make out. heading the ruck, in thc middle ! of which , lay Peter, Osiuir, Peter Simple, and ! Half and Half ¡ Maurice Dalcv, Royalty, Pride ; of the North, and Sbillibeer, bringing up the rear. 1 With the exception of burnt Sienna and Crabbs ¡ ' chancing places injhc large field before Beecher's I 'Bro k, there was no change of moment until

arrivine at the bank beyond it, which was refused 1 by La QAXXSL Ladra, who caused Gerald us. Pride of the North, Timothy, an4 one or two that were ; clean behind her to do the same. After rounding ¡ the extreme flag. Burnt Sienna put on the steam,

and led over Valentine's Brook half a dozen lengths in advance of Crabbs, a similar interval separating the latter from Lady Arthnr, who had taken thc third place just previously. Bourton still hing fourth, witA Spring, Maley, Cockcrow; and Oscar in pretty close'attendance; the others thus early, as they streamed across the ploughed land, at the canal side, presenting a tremendous tail, and testifying to thc excellence of the pace. The only alteration -in the position of thc first lot before entering the course, was the retirement of Crabbs from among thc leading horses, Wynne contenting himself with a good berth amongst the second division. At this point several of the rear division began to make np their leeway.and across the inner circle the field presented a much more compact body than it had previously done. Geraldus and Spring obtaining mare forward positions before reaching the flight of hurdles in the straining ground, near the distance p st. Burnt Sienna uns leading a couple of lengths over the hurdles, followed by Bourton and Lady Arthur, but immediately afterwards the latter rushed paît the favorite, and caught Burnt Sienna a stride or two from the artificial water jump, in front of the stand, b:>th being in the air «nd binding at the same instant, the only differ- ence being that thc French mare jumped a little the furthest. They were followed, a couple of lengths off, by Spring, close to whom was Bourton, (pulling double) ; next to the latter. Maley, with Crabbs on her left, and Cockcrow on the right, went over abreast ; Geraldus. Peter Simple, O scar. Peter, and Half and Half suc- ceeding them in the order named. At a wider interval came Maurice Daley (evidently in .diffi- culties). La Gazza Ladra, Star of' Kngland, Pride of the North, and Sbillibeer, the latter being a long way behind.. After getting round the stable turn Crabbs went np and raced with Burnt Sienna and Lady Arthur, over the lane, across the starting field, to the fence oat of it, when Wynne took a pull nt his horse, and Burnt Sienna took the lead. Crabbs going on sec .nd, and Bourton third; Lady Arilin" dropping buck alongside of Maley, Cockcrow, Spring, Peter Simple, Oscar, and "Peter, the only horses ¡eft with a chance ; Half and Half, though «ill lying in a pretty good place, having broken down a short time previously. At thc post and rails on this side of Beecher's Brook the chapter of accidents was increased by the upset of Oscar, who, in making for a gap caused by some of the rails having been carried away, was run against by Peter, knocked out of his stride, and over the rail«, the horse, unable to recover himself, striking one of tho uprights, which inflicted a s-light wound just below thc knee. Darling was thrown heavily, mid was severely cut about the face, whilst lying on the ground, by the horse's piares, one of which-likewise deeply grazed his chin and throat, but beyond the nsony caused thereby, we aro rejoiced to .-tate he wasiiot seriously injured. In the meantime, the leading horses* had re

oro-scd Beecher's B:ook, the second time. Burnt Sienna leading several lengths at a capital pace. At thc Bank beyond. Cockcrow met with a dis- appointment, mid took no further part in the race, which progressed with ,ut any material change amongst the leading horses Y./und the turning flag, over Valentine's Brook, and until half way across the large piece of .plough by the canal side, when Burnt Sienna's lead began rapidly to diminish. Crabbs jumped into the race course, close to her heels, and in immediate attendance up n the Liverpool horse, followed Bourton; .Spring. Maley, PeterSimplo, and Lady Arthur, being u few lengths behind thc favorite, anil Peter, separating this lot from tho next division, at the bead of which straggled Half and Half, Geraldus, and Maurice Daley. Little now remains to be told. Burnt Sienna died away before reaching the tum, round which Crabbs mid B airton raced head and head ; when fairly in thc strait running, however, Bourton shook otT Crabbs, who followed the favorite until within

j half a dozen strides of thc last hurdle, when I Spring took second pince, and made an effort to : overhaul Bourton, but failed ; the latter striding ; away from him without an effort," and winning, . hard held, in the commonest of canters, by fifteen l lengths. Spring obtaining the second money by ? an advantage of ten lengths over Crabbs. Midcy

finished fourth. Lady Arthur fifth. Half and Ifaif ; sixth. .Burnt Sienna seventh, Geraldus eighth, j and Peter Simple (who broke down badly on thc

off fore-leg, a quarter of a mile from home) ! ninth; the next three were Peter, Star of Eng-

land, and La Gazza Ijidrn, who walked into the inclosiirc, without passing the post. Most of thc j others putted up at the ^bottom of the course, i Pride of thc Nortli broke down during the mee,

and Bedford met with an accident, near Valen- tine's Brook, the second time round, whereby his leg was broken at the pastern joint ; he was afterwards destroyed. Run in 9 min 59 sec Nett value of the stakes, Í695.-Ur it's Life in Lon-


THE'EMTEnon's VASE Ar ASCOT.-Our cor- respondant "Pegasus" significantly inquired some months since through the . medium of our c hunns whether the race at Ascot, last sea wa,, when Teddington triumphed over Stockwell for the hmperor's Vase, would bo thc-last for that nnnnal prize, which the "Emperor of nil thc Russias" bas for the last nine years presented to the British Public. The existing state of affairs wonld easily solvo thc question ; nevertheless, we understand that though this country is now at "daggers drawn' with the Russian Emperor, the piece of plata was actually ordered for this year's prize, and might-had the stewards felt

so inclined-have been contended for as hereto- fore. We leam,-however, that the Stewards of the Jockey Club, in conjunction with the noble Master of the Buckhonnds, have, on considera- tion, determined to decline the proffered gift; and thc race will this year reassume tire shape of the old Ascot Cup, being for a Picco of Plate of 300 sovs vainc, made np by SOO.sovs from the race fund, added to a Sweepstakes of 20 sovs each, with the " lCmpcror's Plate " conditions.