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Thc ST Leann STAKES of 25 sovs each for three : vcar olds ; colts Sst "lb, fillies 8st 21b ; thc .i winner to pay 100 sovs towards expenses, 25

to the judge, and 2/i to the stnrter, and the Bccond to receive 100 sovs out of tho stakes ., St Lefter course ; 02 subs.

\So. I. Mr Bowes' b c, West Australian, by

Melbourne, (F. Butler) . 1 12. Loni John Scott's b c, The Keiver, by

p\ ' Pantaloon. 2

15. Mr Thelluson's ch c, Rataplan, by'

. Tho Baron . 3

2. Mr K. Ti. Clark's b <:, Mr Sykes, (h b),

by Sir Tatton Svkcs . 0 5. Lord Exeter's ch c, Cobnut, by Nut

with . 0

6. Duke of Bedford's ch c, Sittingbournc

bv Chatham. 0 ' 7. Vmkc of Bedford's b c, Feversham, by

.Chatham. 0 "0. Mr W. I. Anson's b c, Balrownie, by

Annandale .. . 0

10. Mr Jaques' bk c, Catspaw, by Bird

catcher. 0 11. Mr Powuey's b c, Cineas, by Touch-

stone. 0 Bolting-6 to 4 agst West Australian (offered), Í; i t» 2 iigst Sittingbuurno (tk). 7 to I agst The

! Reiver, 7 to 1 agst Rataplan. 10 to 1 agst Chicas !(tk), 30 to 1 agst Cobnut (ottered), and 50 to i J »git Balrownie (tk). After tho usual pnrade in g front of the stand, they reached tho post nt 20 H tmmites^ past three, 'Mr Hibbuid having suc- ceeded in getting' them into a line, lowered his jjttag precisely at tho timo named, the lot getting

away in such compact order that it was impos- sible to say for the lirst half dozen strides which , was lending. Feversham, who vvas started to i cut out the work for, Sittingbournc, not being i nble'to do what was required of him, thc latter i ihowcd in advance, and with a lead of it couple. ; of lengths, made plav nt a good stead v pane, \ Feversham lying second, Tho Reiver tliird, ns ; Oirbchhid'hmi, and Cobnut and Catspaw next ¡

"for them carno Katupluu and West'Australian, il»! in thc rear of all, Cincos. .They ran in ijihao positiona to the toij-of thc hill, in descend j jog which, Feversham, being unable to maintain

position, bogan to fall back, being out of tho Web, and quite tailed off, at" tho mile post. His l^i^swn.'left Tho Keiver in attendance upon j Ji'h'ngbournc, Cobnut foll-.wing tho latter nnlil I ÎÏÎW between, thc mile post and the Ked ' {fouso, .when he was pasted by Rataplan and j "«Utattalian,'Cine«s, followed by Balrownie

'»!JtMr.8ykt8,,takioK his place uoxt tho latter

'^"ifW'iS tlie-liBml, lie wag deprived of it % [OíaReiver,; Rataplan,i" - '- - 3

. t

immediately .nfiorwardh'.

two. After getting round tlie bend, Rntapla cried " peccavi," and Butler taking advantage c thc opening eanscil thereby, brought up V\re¡ Australian, who joined The Keiver inside th distance, ran with him for nhonc fifty yardi quitted him without the slightest eftort, and wo in gallant style by three lengths, Rataplan bein: beaten four lengths from the Keiver. Balrowni finished two lengths behind the latter, having M Sykes at his girths on the left, and Cineas in th same position on his right ; at wide interval succeeded Sittingbourne, seventh, Cobnut eighth and Catspaw ninth ; Feversham, who pulled uj a long -way from home, walked in last. Run it 3 miu 20 sec. Net value of stnkes .£2,175.


"West Australian, bred in 1850, by Mr Bowes is by Melbourne out of .Mr Bowel's Mowcrim (sister to Cotherstone), by Touchstone onto Jimraa, by Whisker, her dam Gibsidc Fairy, bj Hermes. "Melbourne, bred in 183-t. is by Humph- rey Clinker, out of a Cervantes maro, her dam by Goliimpus, by Pcynator, out of sister tc Zodiac, by St George, ¿ut of Abigail, by Wood-



West Australian is a bay colt, standing 15 hands 3i inches high, lias a rather long, lean, but blood-like bend, good neck, (inc shoulders and depth çf girino-good, back and quarters, great length from hip toîround b»ne i very cleau hocks niul knees, plenty of. hone, and avery sound looking animal, with.nolumber about him, yct'Vcry powerful ; altogether, perhaps, as fine a specimen of-thc race horse os we have seen for years.' Ho is marked with white on the hind fet- lock joints, and coronet on near side, with a

white blaze also in the face.


In 1852, at Newmarket Houghton Meeting, carrying Sst 71b, was second for thc Criterion Stakes, 5fur 183yd«, won by Speed thc Plough, 8st 7lb, by half a length ; Filbert Sst 71b, was third, beaten half a length by West Australian, niid tlie following not placed :-North Pole, Sst 7lb, a go'd fourth ; Sittingbourne Sst l:llb (in- cluding 61bs extra), fifth, close up ; Amnion, Sst alb, and Ionic, Sst 7ll>, beaten off. At tho same meeting, currying Sst "lb, won the Glas- gow Stakes, last thrcii quarters of R.M., in a canter, by two lengths, beating Filbert, Sst 71b, Speed tho Plough, Sst "lb., mid eli e by Don

John out of Potentin, Sst 71b.

In IS53, won thc Two Thousand Guineas Stakes, lm 17yds, by half n length, beating Sit- tingbourne, Sst 7lb, second, Barbntus, Sst 71b, third, Orinoco, Sst 71b, fourth, and the following not placed :-Mr Sykes (b b), Sst. 7lb, Filbert, 8st 71b. and Lascelles, Sst 71!). At Epsom, car- rying Sst 7lb, won the Derby, one mile and a half, by a neck, beating Sittingbourne, Sst "lb, .second"; Cition.-, Sst 71b, third; Rataplan, Sst 7lb, fourth ; and twenty-four others. At Don- caster, carrying Sst 7lb, won the Great St Leger Stakes, one mile und three-quarters, by three lengths, beating Thc Reiver, Rataplan, Bal-

rownie," and six others.


In thc Grand Duke Michael and Triennial at