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« Newmarket Pirst Spring-.

BB Althone^ a deficiency of sport was displnycd, WM ¡fi the FIRST Srmxo possessed powerful mid BB cpouiug attractions. To its principal events Ipi sia Two Thousand and Ono Thousand-mitch

Bl ceat and importance attached, «nd cxpecta- I «? ,F«*M excited respecting tho influence which

U fai dctertniuatiùn would exorcise over future ¡9 Ki Two THOUSAND GCISEAS STAKES', a Snb ¥M tíf.ion of loo sovs ench, li ft, for three yr g» c!4i ¡ colts, Sst 71b ; and fillies, 8st 4lb : the jM of the second lior¿e, to receive back his

H «M. K.M. no suhs.

¡9 kBowM's West Australian, by Mel

» .Nunc.F. lîu'ler 1

ËflJ jkie of Bedford's Sittingbourne,.Tettit 2 9 -jíiGlarpw's Dai bat us, .Flatman 3 |S J M Stanley's Orinoco,..T. Mavson 4 gS ~" Clark's Mr Svkcs.Bartholomew 0 Wm -pl Kxcicr's Filbert, .Marlow O OT «Howard1» lascelles. W. Day O §? BnnsG.-G to 4 on West Australian-" to 2 !? W Oriuoeo-7 to 1 ngst Barbatus-8 to I ogst v'm '"-f;n"""20 t0 1 ngst wry other.

started abreoM. ¡ Orinoco bold n sligbt

|9 «1 fer a!«jnt a quarter of a mile, Lascelles then |B r-'*>''I » little in advance, thc other* still lying ^'Juline : Lascelles dropped oft'nt thc Bushwf, ïM f'tM running wan carried on by Orinoco into «?^.V¡'n?dmi Mile Bottom, whero the, favourite w" ^"tingl-ournc singled themselves out, anil tm ^ tia: pn'mt the race was between them. Blt' EBb'-'i'jnic made n good ellbrt. and tho lieldw/ BBÍM) tln,u!u> '»»* ''o was finally defeated cnsHj |jB¿ . 'a length* Tlic second beating tho thin

leiiyih.., and two lengths sepurating tin

WM Ji and fourth.

EM «it race was mn in a heavy shower of mis jw t'«t of the Stahes £1,950,

[ The ONE THOUSAND GUINEAS, a Subscription of

I 100 s.ivs each, ii ft, for three yr obi fillies. Sst

71b i thc owner of tho second tilly to receive ¡ back his stake. D.D. 40 subs,

j Baron ?Rothschild's Mentmore Lass,

j by Melbourne.Charlton 1 ; Lord Zetland's Comfit, . Flatman 2 Mr Osbaldciton's Sylphiue, . Sly 3 General Alison's Mayfair,.F.Butler 4


¡ Lord Fglinton's Elspeth,.Marlow 0 j Lord Exeter's Noisette, . Norman 0 i Lord Exeter's Mrs. Nutting.J. Mann 0 i Mr Howard's Vaultress, . Templeman 0 ¡ Mr Merry's Valour, . E. Sharp 0

j Lord Oribrd's Illusion.Bartholomew 0 I Mr J M Stanley's Hybla,.J. Marson 0 i BETTIXG.-7 to 4 ngst Sylphiue-3 to 1 agst I Comfit-Ct to. I agst Hybla-8 to 1 each agst j Vaultress and Mayfair-10 to" 1 agst Mentmore

;,Lass-16 to 1 ngst Valour.

I Mrs. Nutting started with thc lead, all except

j Valour lying well together in ber wake. At thc i di]>, Mrs" Nutting dropped off, and Comfit, Syl i pbine, and Maj fair then tcok up their positions i in front, Mentmore Lass lying a little off. Scarcc I ly, however, had they entered thc cords, when I the race was evidently over. Mentmore Lass, ! who had gradually drawn forward, shot out with

a decided lead, which sho held to the end, win- ning easily bj- two longtbs ; the second beating tbe third by three-quarters of a length ; and thc third beating the fourth by a neck ; NoUette was fifth, and about four or five lengths behind tho fourth. Amount of thc stakes ¿"2,350.

The other races of this great national meeting - a meeting which may be called the lifting ot'

the ennuin for the dramatical season - are of no interest for our Colonial Turfites. But as wo have, even so manj- thousands of miles nway from thc theatre of events, some sporting men who lay on the Derby, Oaks, aud Leger, we give all inlbrnntion we can procure that can satisfy their curiositj- or guide their judgment.- Edt. B.U in Sydney.