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CRICKET. - A match will commence this morn- ing at the Cleveland Paddock, near Redfern, amongst the players of the Royal Victoria and Military Clubs. We learn that his Excellency     the Governor General will be present, and lunch with the Cricketers on the ground. We under- stand there are some good players amongst the

officers and men of the 40th regiment, recently   arrived, who will take part in this day's game.

I'niVAir: MATCH.-Tambaroora 'liaí hitely | been rjuit: alive with horse races and cricket I matchee. Tile List spirting event of any impor-

tance TO. an affair between Shamrock end

Mickey Fret--."ie fenner tbs prope.ty of Mr. Wallace of the Cold Digger's Arms and the latter bilonging to Mr. Wythesof the Golden Gully for X50 a-sidä, heat;, ihres"railîi, on M ndaylast. In the fi i; heat, Shamrock led off and kept ahead of his Opponent, hard LisiJ, nearly all the way round, coming ia a winner by about a. Isng.'h. Mickey Free dashed* a-head in the second heat sad kept his pt-sirioa until they reached F re man's comer, whan Shamrock gave bim the go bye, but followed very ck*a by his c m petit r. In tab manner they proceeded to the close of an excellent tax, Mickey cent, ¡ring to take hi: place os second best by s boat half a length. Shamrock was therefore declared th a winner. Another match for a like sum was made between

Cap'ain Broomneld's Marquis and Shamrock: on Wednesday. The prVe was taken by the for-

mer. "

Many of c* .ountry rubscribcrs having re- quested p* give them a full account of the particulr *" tba ' running. tee, f r the last " Doncastci cup," we now do ic for their satis- faction.

The Doncaster Cup, value-300 so vf., for three y rs.

olds, 7st t fou', Sst 5lbs ^five, Sst 12lbs ; six and aged, 9st 21b*.. Mares and geldings al- lowed albs, 'ilse winner in any year of the J>*rby. St. Leger, tho Emptor's Cap m Ascot, oe the Gtoiw cd Cap, to carry 7lbs, the se- cond for any of iho=e races, 3lbs extra ; maiden four years old not- carrying extra weight for running second allowed Jibs ¡ malden five years old aad upwards not caning extra weight for running second,- 7lbs- Any num- ber of horses, thc property of the same person, may start for thir race. Cup Course, about

two miles and a balfl

Mr J. M. Stanley's ch c, Teddington, by Or-

lando, 4 yrs fist latos-- (J. Marcon) ......... 1 Mr Morris's b- e, Kingston, 3" vrs, 7¡>t 7Ibs.

(Nat).;.:. 3 Mr Morris's ch c. Hungerford, 4 yrs, S.-t 51 br.

(Basham). 3 lord Glasgow's br c. Cara ca ra, 3 vrs, 7st.

(Charlton),.,.'.0 Mr Mosely's ch h, Alonso, 5 yrs, 8st 121b.

(Marlow) t..:.................."....;. 0 MrNich H's brr, Newminster, 4 yrs, 8st Í2lbs

(Templeman).0 Mr K. Phillipa's b f, Truth, 4 yrs, Sst 2lbs.

(TLye)...... 0 Mr Brown's b f, Nancy, 4 yrs, Bit 211«. (F,

" Marson)..........»<.. 0

a to 4 agst Kíngstones to 5 agst Teddington, 10 to 1 agst anything' else. Hungerford made:

the running at a strong parc, fallowed by Truth ' and Carneara, Kingston lying .fourth; .and Ted- dington fifth. They continued in this order until they came beyond tho Red House, where Carneara wai beat, and fell back into tho rear. Immedi- ately afterwards Troth gave way. Teddington at tho same, time coming up, to Kingston .and Hungerford, when tho former and Teddington singled themselves'ont half; way.. within :' the diitanco; a beautiful race ensued,.Teddington winning cloverly by a neck,. Hungerford an indifferent third. : Nancy was. beat all thc way,

and never showed in thz race." Run in 4 'mini "


MADNESS IM A HORSE.-A cart mare, supposed to have. been, bitten by a mad dog somo three weeks.prcvionMy, waa seen at cloven A."V. grazing quictlv,. but about one eho was observed to

run after and bite thc other horses in a most furious manner, and covered with pcrspirati n from excitement, tear thc hark from tho trees in thc field, and gnaw the roots above tba ground: she nearly? through the top rail of a gate,

and afterwards wit!» her (cc J» lifted it frr<nt ' its . hinges, and carried it into tho road r sha tore down f onie bars nuil got int i a wheat field, frequently attacked a pony which followed ber about, andK which is very singnlor although the latter was covered with blood and saliva from the

gums and mouth of the rabid mare, not tho*. slightest abrasion of tie skin could bc detected. ? At times tho. parortysra abated, and she bit some of thc wheat, ceri off and ate thom; but if any ono approariwl bc-, she ron ot thom furiously, endeavouring, to, bite; at times she wJzed her anni and lega, and lacerated them to a great uxtenti all her ine-h&ra VAJU at last broken hy the violence with which tko continued to seize the gate, bars, ¿kc Every effort to nccurc htr was unavailing, and shoe rttijiitsd ns thia state until sis JW., when eba fell cxh.viîtc«î, u¿d waa unable to risc When down, elia alt«cr-t*^> to bite the

ground, and appeared to bo cxtrotntîy Vicious; death put an end to ber BuQ'cringa iu abcaltwo

hourn lr cen. th: time aba ftii- 1* Ur .narj JU - |


I _.;-^fe¿ STSLUK-EH KKOT.^"-The?e taro j ¡ lisle jp*-« cats bave txlv-rrd-edr c > take a joint j j be-sctuai tba'.PÎTs-'s C -I^.BÍOWTJ . B»r Lars, : : I^rxec G e7T-^e- rret on MíKitíer "crt-nirg next, j ' TieJiiU ci Ctreibii have pot fielt ii of a^iaira- ' : bte qn-uit**; brr* eror, É" k-.-r-f-e .not so, what : ? jsKron -etd Tría! -TÍ her *-f the P.H.V.j-i!d decline I to-*=hr3- govi t'-aliaj- Kuvr.nnz: a id l-s-;rr "Wa

I trst _t-j_ see in a btuaper Co^rt, tbs ten-mi of