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JEDDA will get

new title for -




jr .0 ND ON,

I * Sat: Austra

lian film dir- ector Charles Chauvel has lost a wordy battle with the British film distributors of his aborigine film Jedda.

They insisted that the name be changed for British consumption.

Chauvel who believes one word titles carry more weight with film audiences, tried hard to convlce them Jedda was the best title.

Finally he compromised on their last suggestion, Jedda the Uncivilised.

It now seems film dis- tributors have some highly colorful pu^lciity material planned to emphasise the word Uncivilised.

But it should not detract from the success of the film,

Chauvel hopes to 'Stay over in London if a prem- iere can be arranged rea- sonably quickly, otherwise he and his wife Elsa will return to Australia in the first week of March.

Chauvel has successfully sold Jedda for wide distri- bution on thc Continent.

* * *

T'KS rather highbrow

young executives at Ealing Studios are faintly ashamed that they have actually produced a really "popular'ยป aim called Out of the Clouds."

It's a first-rate if slightly

sentimental story based on .the sort of thing that actually can happen at London Airport.

Not only does lt give an exciting insight on the yray Britain's No. 1 air terminus works, it combines it with a group of first-class human interest stories.

Generally Ealing prefers I to concentrate on problem! pictures or comedies with; a flavor of social signifl

canee, but evidently the salty experiences of Eric "Bungay0 Williams in Aus-1 tralia unpressed him with the need for making a straifhtforward love story with a touch of aviation

: romance.

* * *

TXARRY Watt, long asso

elated with Ealings studios-particularly The 1 Overlanders and Eureka

Stockade-has finally bro- ken with Sir Michael Bal- con and gone into commer- cial television.

He has joined Sydney Bernstein's Granada Group and will take over all the outdoor and documentary television finning.

Watt dropped a plan to make a film of Heinrich Harrer's experiences in Tibeti The difficulties were too great.

Tibetan authorities re

fused to cooperate and no suitable locations could be found.

?fc *

"DETER Pinch will have ?*- to make do with Vir- ginia Mackenna instead of Olivia deHaviland for A Town Called Alice.

Although the Rank or- ganisation bargained hard for Olivia's, services they would not' pay her her price.

Instead, she agreed to make a film called Leila with French star Gerard Philipe.

It's about the life of musical genius Frederic Chopin.

Olivia plays author Georges Sand.

?lr -fc 4c

rjDTA Lollobrigida prob

ably won't come to Australia after all.

Negotiations are being made for her to play in j?

version of War and Peace; being planned for produc- tion in Yugoslavia.

Gina, who says the worst experience of her life was the time she spent in Hollywood, is a shy, nerv- ous girl when it comes to meeting new faces.

That's why Humphrey Bogart nicknamed her Lollofrigidaire.