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Know Your Sportsmen

Gerald Mitchell - -East Fremantle speed- ster, would rate among thc fastest men in League football.

On the wing, he has used his pace to beat most op- ponents stacked against him, earn himself a regu I-r place in the Old East 18 which will contest this year s Grand Final.

He first played football at Guildford Grammar School where Ive also star- red as a multiple winner in Interschool Athletics, did well with the first Xl.

Relatively inexperienced in League ranks, he joined East this year, played with East Fremantle- Ex-Schol- ars after he left Guildford.

Single ("too right") he is 19, 5ft. 8in., ll st., and employed by his father in

a milk business.

He rates sleeping as his favorite pastime "because I can dream what a mess Old East will make of any team unlucky enough to run into it in a Grand Final."

* * *

Stan McAskill -

-has been one of WA's top riflemen for manyi


ms sveaay nana ana

keen eye enabled hie to take off the 1953 Queen's Prize. With this year's Queen's coming on soon he looks like scoring well again.

.Stan's interest in shoot- ing dates back 20 odd years when, as a youth, he join- ed South Perth Rifle Club. He is now South Perth cantain.

Prior to the war he rep- resented WA in Adelaide and Melbourne, not to mention shooting against Míe Englishmen when they rjassed through Fremantle

WA team was the only one j fo down the visitors dur- ing their Australian tour

Though Stan was select-j

ed to go East last year, he turned down the trip be- cause of the time he would lose from work. I

Nor can he see his way clear to ívuike future trip? if selected.

He Ls a blacksmith with the PMG.

Aced 38. Stan is married with 2 children.

Brian Falconer - -talented West Perth wing man, joined the Cardinals in 1952, formerly played with Modern School and the North Perth Mets.

Past and elusive, he has turned in many good games and seems set for great things in future sea-


Only 21, he ls solidly built at 12st 41bs and 5ft. 8ins., has »the endurance and stamina to improve even further in League


Rating Simpson Medal winner Keith Harper as foe best he has ever play- ed against, he nevertheless Days real tribute to the East Fremantle men he played against yesterday

"In the Finals, they ali seem to be good," he sum- marises. "You're always battling."

A clerk with the Depart- ment of Supply, he is

inerte, plays cricket (."onlv when they're short") with North Perth A Grade in


* * *

Don Greive -

-with 6 vears of competi- tive baseball behind him. is expected to do well with the West Perth Indians in the night baseball compe-


A Keen sportsman with experience in most sports.1 hç says that he prefers baseball to any other-"be- cause it's clean, exciting and decided in one after- noon."

He played football with East Perth in a junior, competition, matting eric-! ket with East Perth in the Railways competition.

A fireman at Central Fire Station, he is 24, 5ft. lOin. and 121st.

Married, father of 2 chil- dren, a boy and a girl, ne says that night baseball will spark a "sporting re- volution" in this State

"Tlie game's got every- thing the public want," he says. "It will be the big- gest sport in a matter of months."

! London, Sat: Skyways, a [British air charter com- pany, will carry an air hos- tess on all air-liners air- freighting racehorses in future. i