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ESPLANADE on Friday nights is a real

gathering place for the "cafe society" types. Came upon Lini and Dean Meldrum, Alison Fox, Tommy, Tomlinson, Margaret Levy, Pat Larkin, Joan Bovell, Bob Con- nor, the Howard Smiths, Jimmy Condon, Alan Pead and the M. E. Perrys.


burn , and Mary Bick- ford rushing their coffee and liqueurs at Adelphi on Wednesday before going on to the Shell


AMONG the country

guests at the Savoy during the week were: Mr. Paul Ross, Merredin; Mr. and Mrs. J. Ward, Namban.

* * *

MOTED a happy four-1

some at the Esplanade

prior to the Folies and|

Latin Quarter-Piccadil- ly's Col and Lola Spivey, Liberty's Agnes and Bill Sharp. Lola looked very smart in grey, and Agnes! natty in black velvet.

.* * *

Must have been very

dry in Leonora lately,   because two local people came all the way to Perth to celebrate the "first rains in two years"

at least this was the excuse they gave for a merry Shaftesbury dinner party this week. Couple are Mr. and Mrs. J. War-

ren of Banjawarn Station, and helping them toast the downpour were Mr. and Mrs. G. Law and Mr. and Mrs. E. Dowling.

+ * *

Betty O'Brien of  

Claremont was at the

head of the table at the Shaftesbury during ."the1 Iwèek, the occasion being her birthday. It was a nice looking party of. girls comprising Betty's pals , Sonia SmiUie, Anne Brown, Fay Wella. Mar- lgaret Herbert & Dorothy


WHEN Perth University hockey team

leaves for Hobart shortly, the event will look more like a fashion parade than* the departure of an athletic team, judging by the preparations some of the girls are making. Heard a whisper that Wendy Stuart has made herself a sunset pink

outfit comvlete with accessories.

?¥? * *

WINING and dining at

the Savoy noticed Evelyn Chester, Ida Gandy and Margaret Alexander.

* * * .


Friday on Duntroon for a business-pleasure trip East. He will be away

about 5 weeks.

+ * *

HARRY Hansen

Knarhoi return- ed last night from Adelaide where he is a medical student. With Mr. Sep. Bar rett-Lennard he will spend the vacation at their farm at Marchagee.


CAN Association 1B always responsible for some of our brighter do's. This week it was a cheer- ful little get-together after the annual meeting, with Sueenie Perry present,

ong with Dolores O'Hara, Jean Lang, Leila Smith, Joy Norton, Jean- nie Conlan and Leslie Oliver. I

* * * j T ATIN Quarter brighten- ! -L/ ed considerably the j other night with the ad-j verit of Margaret Hiing, worth, spending her first I holiday home from her] air hostess job in Mel- bourne. She will be here about three weeks. When we spotted her she was smart in a well-cut grey coat with black acces- sories.


0 last night celebrated)

the silver wedding anni- versary of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Lang of Floreat Park. Guests were their daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pearson, son Barry Lang, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Owen of Peppermint Grove, Mr. [and Mrs. Robert Campbell of Scarborough, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Jose and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Doig of Floreat Park, and Mr. and

(Mrs. Fred Weick of Mad-

dington. I

QUIET wedding

took place at St.

Martin's in the Fields South Perth, this week when Roberta (Bobby) Duff, daugh- ter of Mrs. James Weston of West Perth, married Nigel Fleay. Bobby wore a street-length frock of rose pink velvet. Couple are touring the State for their honeymoon and will live on Nigeal's farm

tTANDSOME six-footer

*"1 Col Barnes arrives back today by train: after five weeks or sol buying in E.S. Col had a very agreeable travelling companion-his mother. Mrs. W. E. Barnes of Nedlands.

* * *


. Gloria Long's lovely tomato and gold stole.

. Norma Rosenwax's smart donkey brown suit.

. Wilma Cralghead's smart raincoat in two I tones of red.

I Preview we had of

j Claire Port's sunsuit jswimsuit for summer.

SAW Mrs. J. Ste*

Kojonup, in tow She looked decidedl tailored suit, grey

red sweater.

* * *

DR. Vince Cooper and

his attractive wife Dorothy were obviously enjoying themselves when we spotted them dining at the Adelphi during the week and the party they were with seemed to be enjoying Vince's humor. Dorothy looked fetching lin a black and white

check wool frock.

* * *

HOW young Janet Cos-

ter of Cannington has grown up latelyl Two or three months ago when we saw her she was pret- ty, but still a schoolgirl. Now she has her hair pil- ed up, and looks like a film star. * i

* * *


birthday was ffte adequate reason for a dinner party qt the King\ Edward given by Mr. and Mrs. J. Clayton of Kulin. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. R. Pedles, Ann Cole, man and Nancy Lehoar.

* * *


J-/ orial Hall was crowd-; ed to capacity a few even-1 ings ago when over 160 guests got together to congratulate local lass, I Maxine Driver on her!

twenty . first birthday.; I Guest of honor was real-1

ly stunning in a silver era-, Ibroldered stiffened tulle) ballerina gown. - Mrs. Frank Driver received guests in a mauve frock of moss crepe with bead encrusted bodice. High- light of the evening was the magnificent tier cake i made by Maxine's mother.;

* * * i WHEN the Old Nor *' Westers' Association dined at the. Shaftesbury this week, they made a special request that the gorgeous flowers be re- moved from the table, as they conjured up too may nostalgic memories of the Murchison In wildflower time. Diners were Mr. and Mrs, Edgar Hant, Mr. and Mrsi E. R. Denny, Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Fortune, Mrs. Rene Temple, Miss Evie Fortune »nd Mr. J. dt Castilla.

STRANGE set-up al

the Repertory

Theatre one after

j noon this week wher

¡beáutiful and gla morous models par aded for 'an Uglj ¡Man competition! Event was run by th« Rep. Square Dance Club in aid of fundí for the new theatre

and attracted quite

a crowd.

* * +

r« AY party at the Kirn

Edward when diner, included Mr. and Mrs Norman Mercer, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Culley om Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bickei

? * * *

DAMELA Mitchell, i

I *. recent importatloi

i from Kalgoorlie lookei ' charmine t'other dav In i ! warm mustard swing coa I with red beret and um

i brella.

* * +

STAYING at the Hoya

Hotel this week wen Mrs. L. R. Lawton (Yeal erlng), Mrs. M. R. Dla mond (Maya), Mrs. D Hadlow (Dangin), Mr. RIK Mrs. P. Freebairn (Kulin) Mr. and Mrs. D. McRat (Quairading).

* * *

OUMPTUOUS 'do» th«

0 other night was tc

farewell popular Cottesloe golfing identities Billj and Jack Healy who an off to Sydney and Mel- bourne. Host and hostesi were the R. M. Neals, ano this was the first parts they have held in theil new Attadale home Among the .guests were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Duff Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith, Mr. and Mrs, Keith Daniels and Mr. Mrs. John Connell.

* + +

/art of Rocky Glen, n for some shopping, y snappy in a grey hat and geranium

* . *. *

SAVOY for dinner vms

the date for attrac- tive lasses Greta Thomp- son and Verna Lynch, celebrating a birthday be fore going to the theatre.

* * *

PRE-WEDDING- party x for Laurel Sanderson of Como and Alan Gibbs of Wanneroo was given by her bridesmaids-to-be, Val Cocker, Joan Wallis and Lyn Smith at the Como home of Laurel's brother and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sanderson last night. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Sanderson, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gibbs. Mr. L. Gibbs, Mrs. A. Wallis, Lorna Wallis, Mrs. T. Page, Mr. and Mrs. L, Seidel, Mr. and Mrs. T. Gordon and Mr. and Mrs. D. Ayres.

* * *

rPOUR of England and x the Continent for Mr. and Mrs. John Ste. wart of Nedlands who left in the Stratheden yester- day. Farewell party was given at the Adelphi dur- ing the week for Mrs. J. H. Stafford of Mt. Lawley. Mrs. Stewart wore a nifty flat-crowned hat with her smart grey suit, and Mrs. Stafford topped her ribbed beige suit with a mink stole. Guests at the luncheon were Mrs W. Godden of North Perth, Mrs. R. Townshend of Nedlands, and Mt. Lawley dwellers Mrs. F. Johnston, Mrs. L. Stone man and Mrs. M. Schön- nen.

YBT another changed hair-do around town is that ot" I

Bernice Landquist of West Perth, who has discarded I her mare's tail for a cute curly cut job. Bernice had wisely ? chosen a peacock blue wool frock when we met her this ? week, and the blue and blond color system was charming. ?

ANS of our better ^ dressers is Dixie Crriíííths ol Gottes-, loe. But shortly she'll be 'reducing herself

to the ranks' in an' army uniform when she goes Into CMP camp for r fortnight. Chatted with her

Oie other day and. couldn't help admir- ing her anthracite barrel suit and lovely little white felt hat.

TTXAR that Geraldton

toss Judy Crowthers is off to Melbourne oh one of the working holu days to popular with the female younger sets. Judy was a nurse, first at Princess Margaret, then for the last year at Ger- aldton. She'll be away for a year or" so working at Victorian hospitals.

DINING in town]

last week prior toi his departure for Sydney on a business trip was Mr. D. Don- ley of Perth. With him as guests were Miss S. Davies and Mr. and Mrs. H. Gregory.

* * *

ENJOYING a few days

at the Savoy from Geraldton . are Mr. and Mrs. £. W. Shepherd and Mr. and Mrs. G. Lemmon.

* * *


dining at the Adelphi this week were Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McPherson. Mrs. McPherson looked charming in autumn stripe draped faille even

ing gown._

I CLOW Learning Child w ren's Group will bene- fit when a spring millinery parade is held at the Savoy on Aug. 25. June Dally-Watkins will lead the Une of well chosen

mannequins. Hats will bs- , the lovely creations of Les Giralt. Both an afternoon and evening snow will be presented..

* * *

FROM far and wide

over the countryside

came guests to the King Edward this week. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Warburton were there from Kojonup, also Mr. and Mrs. R. H Carmichael from Den- mark, Rev. and Mrs R. Walker or Narrogin, Mrs. C. Grooman and daughter of Coorow, Mrs. Mavis Anderson of Koorda, Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Robin son of Burrekup and Mr. and Mrs. H. Rendel! of Bunbury.