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CYCLING AND MOTORING NOTES. -4~-- Last week's sad fatality that hap pened to Mr Robert Rymill, a prominent South Australian grazier and motorist, has thrown quite a gloom over motoring circles. The deceased gentleman was driving his own car and was a thoroughly experi enced driver, but the formation of the deadly break-neck corner, two miles from Hamilton-dangerous at any time, but almost a deathtrap in the dark under wet conditions-brought an almost inevitable sideslip. The car travelling at about 12 miles an hour, skidded sideways off the crown of the narrow road at the turn and crashed into a fence, overturning the car and pinning the deceased between the bucket seat of the car and the ground. The sad part of the affair is that Mr Rymill was not internally injured, but before assistance could be procured, the deceased gentleman was suffocated by the weight of the car on his chest. Cool to the last, the decea sed gave instructions to his youthful mechanic, who was thrown clear of the car, to "turn off the lights and jack up the car," and then relapsed into unconsciousness. After vainly endeavourning to raise the 23 cwt. car, the mechanic ran for assistance, but when it arrived, it was unfortuna tely too late.