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S.A, LACROSSE ASSOCIATION. NO PREMIERSHIP MATCHES. 'The South Australian Lacrosse Association held its annual meeting at the- Exchange Hotel- on Thursday evening, Mr. G. M. Evan (President) occupied the cb.aiv, and there was a large atten dance'. ?''' ' ??? Mr. C. A. M. 'West, (the Secretary) presented the annual, report of the committee, which has been published. It recommended that matches should be abandoned during the continuance of the war. Reference was made to. the large number of members who had enlisted. The Chairman, in moving the adoption of the report,, said 'Sturt might well be proud of their perfor mance in winning last season's premiership for the fifth year in succession. It waa glorious for amateur sport when they looked at the- enlist ment of members. Out. .of 350 members nole&s than -200 had offered their services for King, and Empire. '(Cheers.) There would, be no pennant

caps next season, but he would ask to be allowed to pay the -cost' -!6f- providing a roll of honour, so that the names of 'ttieir soldier members might be honoured 60 long as: the- game was played' in South Australia. (Cheers.) He was glad that the committee had recommended that no pennant matches should be played during the , cpminR winter. However, he saw no harm in the young C grade players going into the field/ 'The primes would do them good. Mr. H. W. Hodgetts secon ded the motion, which was carried. The bal ance sheet, which showed a- credit of £14, was presented by the Treasurer (Mr. W. G..F. Batche lor). The following officers were elected:— Patron, His Excellency the Governor' (Sir Henry Galway); President, Mr. 6. M. 'Evan; Chairman 'of Com mittee, Mr. H. W. Hodgetts; Auditors, Messrs. H? R. Adamson and L. Shuttleworth; Treasurer, Mr. W. G. F. Batcnelor:. Secretary, Mr.. C. A. M. West; Assistant Secretary, Mr. V. Roach; Mem bers of committee, Messrs. W, C. Noblett, A. S. Mann, E. IK Nicholas,- and G. C. Campbell; Selection Committee, Messrs. H. W. Hodgetts, G. O. Campbell, and H. A. Wicks. It was unanimously decided, on the motion of Mr. O, R. Abbott, .that, rules 25 and 32, relat ing to premiership matches and the registration of players, should be suspended during the en suing year or during the' continuance of the war. The Secretary of the Start Club was banded the pennant flag presented' by Dr. E. J. Counter, and woa by the twoblues.