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FIGHT AT A FOOTBALL MATCH. A GENERAL MELEE. The'exedteraent engendered by the prs^ miership match of the Port Adelaide and Suburban Football Association betweeu the Ethelrton and Port Chtholic teams oa the Alberton Oval on Saturday rose to such a pitch that free fights occurred be tween the players and among the specta tors, Ethelton (minor premiers of the association) maintained the lead up to half time, hut shortly after ihe long adjourn me'nl Port Catholics turned the -tablcs'&nd secured a margin of 16 points in their own favour. -Near the cloae of the game Ethel ton put -on 2 goals and brought their deficit down, to .4 pojnts.. -Then, it is declared, « pUyer*'kicked' an: opponent .wfia -TFas on tw? ground;' ? HViwo-ibesin to fijjhVend' the ^fisticuffs 'became eo gene'raf'taat fhe umpire stopped the play. Port .CathoKc won .cby. 4 points: ? JVhen -the ?game' eluded theee players again came to blows, ?ind the specta'tora rushed the ground. A general melee ensued, which was stopped -by the police and the caretaker. Blood flowed freely. There was another fight in the pavilion enclosure. Tihe police again intervened, and the unediifying spec tacles came to an end. lit is 6aid wiait two players mentioned have been reported by the umpire.