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Sir.-The enclosed extract from Mr. Marcus Clarke's History of Australia

Tn.c°."ïe «'.Publication by my firm, contains, x ."_, _" ifnonn information about the early survey of Port Phillip -

"Now, in the month of November, 1802, Governor King had sent down Charles Grimes, the surveyor-geueral of the colony, in a small vessel named the Cumberland (the same in which llindetB was made prisoner in the Isle of France), with orders to ' walk rouna' Port Phillip. Grimes was accompanied by Lieutenant Charles Robbins, of H. M. S. Buffalo, Mr. James Meehan, and Mr. Jamos Heming, who aided him in tbo survey. At bea Elephant Bay (King Island) on the old of December, Gnmea fell in wita the Trench expedition under Baudin (JO), to whom he earned a despatch from the Governor, warn, mg the lrench commander off the coaat ' I sball not even attempt to dissemblo,' wrote King, 'for Buch ia tbe nature of my instructions that I must oppose by all tbo meauBin mypowertheoxocution of the project you are suspected of being about, viz, to form a Trench settlement on the south coast of Australia or in Tasmania.' Grimes and Robbins having executed their oiders, and Been the Frenchmen depart, pasted through the Heads into the bay, and anchored at the Bpot whero tue settlement was afterwards formed by Collina. From this point Grimes explored tho whole of the eli ores of Port Phillip, Geelong and Corio Bays, and, in bia whaleboat, pulled up the Saltwater and the Yarra rivers as far as what is known as tbo hulls, near Studley park. This interesting exploration discovered Eeveral 'runs' of fresh water around the bays, and determined the various physical features of the countiy. The report ho made on Ins return to Sydney has not yet been found in the colonial records , but, so late as January, 1877, his onginal map was dis- interred fiom an obscurity of 73 years in the Survey oflico at Sydney, and, without doubt, givcB the credit of the diacov cry of the river falling into tbe bead of Port Phillip Bay, and of the exploration of its shores, to Grimes Ile endites disputes of Batman and Fawkner cn this point are, therefore, at once disposed of, and putting aside the doubtful stones of the discovery of the Yarra by prisoners who escaped from CollinB's settlement, Mr Gnmea ia certainly entitled to the credit of having been the fiiBt to view the ' over flowing'


"The unfavourable report of the country meale by him added influente to tho requeat of Collins Orders were given for the re mcval of the settlement

"At bis death, the friends of Mr, Fawkner ii judiciously put forth his claim to be 'the founder of Victona' The matter may bo shortly Btated thus-Grimes care fully surveyed the shores of Port Phillip, Geelong, and Corio Bays in 1802 (20), and laid down the V^ ernbee Plaina and two nvors (the Yarra and Saltwater) on the plan he made for Governor King. Tuckey, the Du,i lieutenant of the Calcutta (2'l) mentions t tie Burv ey in bis account of Colhus's attempt Fundéis embodied the survey of Grimes in the chart he compiled of the hay, copies of which be left with the Governor when be Bailed for home (25) In 1811 the journal of bis voyage, and this chart, was pub liEbed by the Admiralty, and thus became nell known in the colonies. Indeed, both Batman and Fawkner Bailed by tbo oburt of 1 lindéis. Hume and Hovoll bad it with them in 1824 (7r>) Humo was out again with Sturt in 1828 (88) ; and Sturt, in his book, published in London in 1813, insortod Hume and Iloveli's track, Bhowing the 'extensive »nil beautiful downs on the N.W. shores of PortPhillipBoy, colled Iramoo by the natives,' and tie junction of the Saltwater and Yarra rivers. Batman found the rivers as Bet down m this chart ot Flinders, Showing all thCBO features, and Wedge, his aseociate, made a ekotch map of Batmans journeyings all ronnd by Toorak and Hawthorn, to the neighbourhood of the Mern Creek, which conepponds exactly with the survey of Gnnioe. This sketch map Batman and Wedge Bent to Governor Arthur, Juno 25, 18.Í5, four months before Fawkner landed On tbe copy of it which is to be found punted in a HouBe of Commona report, in 1830, th-a pieeent Bite of Melbourno, Emerald hill, and Sandridge, ia marked by Batman, 'Reserved for a common, a township, and other public purposes.' The partisans of Fawkner must tbeitfote be content with saying that he turned the fuBt Bod, built the first house, opened the first church, and started tho first newspaper in the settlement."

It will be seen that there ia no doubt what ever as to the priority of discovery by Mr.



Publisher in ordinary to the Victorian Go

Sept, 14. vernment

It ia Baid that the King of Burmah regularly leceiveB Renter's telegrams from his coubuI at Calcutta. His Mojeaty takea gieot interest in the war, in which all his (.yrnpothifB lie with tbo Russians, and with Hie expected rupture between the British Government and the Ameer of Cabul, who nil), he expects, be supported by Russia.

At a meeting of the Natimuk Selectors Protection Afeociation, held at Horaham on the IGth inet., it waa resolved that o monetär petition against Mr. Longmoro'o regulations i c mortgaging looses should be forwarded for siguotwo tbroughont tbe country. The mover of the resolution affirming the desira- bility of Ibis action, remarked that it would give selectora throughout the oulony an op portumty of expressing tbeir dissent at Mr. Longmore'B nclioriB and lsal-ttdmlniatration

of tbe Land Act.