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CONVENING PEOPLE/ ..,-'-.. \ 1 \. ,: ' The Governor-General (Lord Denman) has leased a residence at Sorrento, Vic toria. He took part in a polo match at Kooyong on Thursday. His! Excellency played for Melbourne against Caramut, and showed himself an expert at the game. He tit three goals. Caramut won by 10 goau to 9. . ?; ;?? The Premier (Hon. J. Verran) was at Petersburg on Thursday, end addressed a meeting in the evening. To-day be will gotoThis home in Mooirta, and remain there until Monday. Tbe Minister for Defence (Sr. Pearce) vifdied the Camp of Instruction at Kensing ton Gardens on. Wjednesday in company with the Commandant (Col. LnMessurier) and the Chief Staff Officer (Lieut.-Crf. Lus combe). They were met on arrival by the General Staff Officer of the Slate (Capt. Brand) and the Chief Instructor of ; the Camp (Capt. Raper). The Minister, alter having made an inspection of the camp outfit and watched those attending the school at their drill, addressed Jhc officers class and the non-comrdksioned ? officers of the instructional staff. The Treasurer (Hod. C. Vapghan) will proceed to the soutu-eajrt thw morning, and address meetings at Mount Gambier and Millicent. He will return on Monday. The following passengers will embark on the R-M.S. Orama to-day:- For New lork —Mr. Watts. For London-Mrs. Vanasch, Mr. O'Connor, Miss Bryson, Dr. Kleeman, Mr. Lord, Miss Baker. Mrs. Searles. and Mr. F. Haggard. For Toulon-Mr. Wopd wead,Mr. and Mrs. Tovey, Mr. C. Ver minck, and Mr. G. Verminck. Amonff the passengers by £he . express from Melbourne on Thursday morning were Mr. R. Crockett (one of the umpires for the third test match) and Mr. V. S. Rans ford (a member of the Australian Eleven). The Executive Council on Thursday ap proved of the appointment by the trustees of the Savings Bank, of Messrs. J. F. Key and K. W. Neill, as auditors of the bank. Mr. A. Whitford has been granted an honorary commission to enquire into the provisions and working of tbe vinous Ads and regulations relating to theatres and places of public entertainment in. Europe and America. ? ? ' , ' Mr. W* Ham, head teacher of the Wood vifie School, has been' appointed an assis tant inspector of schools. He waa born in 1S65, and joined the department as a pupil teacher at Wallaroo Mines, in 1881. He spent the year 1885 at the Training Col lege. After having been areistant at Sturt Street, Kapimda, and Kadina, he was appointed in 1892 head master of the school ai Rhynie. From 1895 to 1899 he was in charee of the 'Meadows School, and after wards went to Mount Pleasant, where he

remained until the end of 1908, when he was appointed acting assistant inspector of schools. -Mr. Ham performed duties on the west coast for two years, when he was given the head mastership of the Kapunda School, and in April, 1910. he was transfer red to Woodville. Mr. Ham, for the first six. months in his new_ office, will be en gaged in corinectaon with the training of provisional teachers at' the Observation School, and afterwards will Wee up the work of inspector.- He has^inade pro gress1 towards securing his B.A. degree. Dr. J. A. G. Hamilton, of Adelaide, was a passenger by the steamer Kyarra, which arrived at Port Adelaide from Western Australia, on Thursday morning. Count De Fleurieu travelled by the same vessel. Mr. E. Bechervaise, Australian agent of the Hull and Barnsley Railway Company, arrived by,the Melbourne expre.-B on Thurs day for the purpose of consulting with Mr. Austin Wilson, the Trades Commissioner for the. Port of Hull, who is iiow in Ade laide. Both Messrs. Bechervai9c and Wil son are staying at the Commercial Tra vellers' Club'. Mr. Bechervaise will leave ogain for Melbourne on Saturday. The Executive Council, on Thursday morning, reappointcd the following official visitors to the Parkside Lunatic Asylum:— Mns. Theresa Newland, Messrs. Green and McDonald. M.P.'s, H. J. Holilen, and G. Proiit and' Dr. Rogers. On Thursday the Executive Council ap pointed Messrs. W. A. Ferguson, A; C. Hirsch, E. B. Jones, and F. A. Tennant to be'the Modlooloo Vermin Fenoed District Board, and Messrs. F. A. Smith and T. S. Young to be the auditors. Sr. Pearce (Minister for Defence) and Mr. Josiah Thomas (Minister for External Affairs) arrived at, Broken Hill on Thurs day. They were Diet by the Mayor (Aid. Marks) and several 'leading unionists', and after a formal reception ' and interview* frere taken to,' breakfast. Later both Ministers had conferences at the town hall with regard to 'public matters, and visited the hospital. The afternoon was occupied with deputations. .?. ? ' Mr. J. B. Wright, of Glasgow,. Principal of the Moses Buchanan Emigration Bureau, which is one of the oldest busraesaes of its kind in the United Kingdom, passed through Adelaide this week en route to Western 'Australia, and will join the Orama next - week for England. He has visited the eastern' States, and has been cour

teously treated by the several Governments, who, by means of railway passes and spe cial trains, enabled him to get a splendid working knowledge of Australia's vast ter ritory- His sole object was to be able to place the claims of the Commonwealth as & field for the emigrant before enquirers, and he feels that the trip has been entirely justified. The 'surprise ? packet' was found in Adelaide and its surroundings. After a run around the1 city and suburbs in a car provided by a public-spirited citi zen, and a trip through the hills and market gardens in a motor cur furnished by the Government, Mi/. Wright, strengthened by general enquiries, became enthusiastic regarding the possibilities of South Australia for the thrifty and intelli gent. He will lose no opportunity to adver tise his impressions. Tbe Deputy Surveyor-General (Mr. T. D. Porter) has been granted 12 months' leave of absence. No arrnngttnentf have yet been made in reference to on acting de puty. ? ; The Minister of Education (Hon. F. W. Coneybeer) ? has made the following ii opoint- ments:— Head Teachers-S. Gent, Hamley Bridge; Ji Tamblyn, Mount Pleasant; D. D, Murphy, Magill (class 7 to class 6){ T. G. Roberts, Campbelltown (class 7 to class 6); G. D. Mra'rhead, Grange (class -7 to class 0); J. H. Snell, Woodville; H, Friedrichs, Oakbank;'W. T. Shapter, Williamstown; A. A. Stephens, Caltowie; W. Bennetts, Ardtonuh; W. A. Bentley, Banket Range; M. Rigby, Upper Sturt; H. F.Nadebaum, Belair; G. H. G. Boerke, Freeling (class S to class 7); O. A. ,Witt, Hahndorf (class 8 to class 7); W. H. Stock, Port Germein (class 8 to class 7); R. G. Alexander, Qowell; T; 6. Oborn, Noariunga (class 8 to class 7); R. McD. Whitinjjton, Brigh ton (class 7 to class 6); R. G. S. Payne, Wilmington: J. Jones, Plympton; R. T. Hitehcox, Willunga; A. Monk, Uraidla. The Rev. A. T. Brainsby announced on Wednesday evening at the North Adelaide Baptist . Church his acceptance oT the church's invitation to the definite pastorale. The members expressed by resolution their nleasure at Mr. Brainsby's decision. Mr. Joseph Black, of Messrs. J. Black and Co.. millers and grain merchants, Ham lev Bridge, died at Croydon on. January 9. The deceased was born in Lincolnshire in 1855, and educated at Salisbury, South Aus tralia, where he subsequently entered the milling industry, under Mr. W. Norman. After, five years -with that gentleman lie was engaged for terms in the Gewler, Stock well, and Riverton mills, and became ma nager of the lastmentioned when it passml into the hands of Mr. G. Gurner,' In 1878 deceased settled at Hamley Bridge as a wheatbuyer. and in 1881, in partnership with Mr. B. E. Deland, of Gawler, erected the Hamley Bridge flourmills, which under hi? direction developed from a small stone enterprise into roller mills on the latest principles. Mr. 'Black became the sole owner of the Hamley Bridge establishment on the death of Mr. Deland. He was for years President and Trustee of the local institute, of which he was a founder; and aided in the formation of the local Agri cultural Society, of which he long held the presidency. In 1875 he married Mary, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Richard Roberts, of Norwood, and he left two sons and four daughters. Mr. Rowland Clark, who for a number of years has been manager for Western Australia of the Queensland Insurance Company, Limited, has been, promoted to take charge of the South Australian branch. Mr. Clark left Fremantle with Mrs. Clark and family by the R.M.S. Omrah cm Tuesday. He is a son of Mr. M. Symonds Clark, of Adelaide, and was edu cated, at Prince Alfred College, and his first insurance experience wat gained in the Adelaide office of the Cornwall Five and Marine Insurance Company of Tas mania in 1894. This company was pur chased by the Commercial Union Assurance Company a few years later, and Mr. Clark then joined the staff of that company, but resigned later to take charge nf the insu rance department of Messrs. Crompton and Son, attorneys for the Bombay Fire and Marine Insurance Company. In 1903 Mr. Clark joined the Queensland Insurance Company Limited, as accountant in Ade laide, and shortly after was appointed to take over tlie management of the com- pany for Western Australia.

The Mayor o'fi Thebarton (Mr. A. A. Collins), at. a meeting of his. council on Thursday evening, referred with regret to the death of Mr. Thomas Hardy., Upon his suggestion the council adjourned for a few minutes as a mark of respect to the memory of a citizen who had always done his best for the good of the town. At a meeting of the committee of th- Adelaide Plumpton Coursing Club on Thurs day evening, appreciative references were made to the late Mr. W. Mackay, and, it* was decided to forward a letter of can-, dolence to his widow. . ; The announcement that Mr.« J. B. Tot hill, who has managed the Koonoivla pro- - perty, for some ? years, intends to ,re# finquish the position in order to reside iu India, has been received with regret, and by none more than the working men of the locality (writes an Auburn correspon dent). Old residents remember when, about 20 years ago, under Mr. Tothill'* management, the Koqnowla farm land was rapidly transformed into a hive of indiis- - try, over 30 men having been employed in laying the , foundations of one of the best properties devoted to the cultivation of vines and fruit trees in the district. This' was at a time when a revival of prosperity ? was sadly needed in, the vicinity, and before the advent of the manures which Bubhe nuently altered the whole condition of af fairs in the forming community. Th« future management of the estate, which i- owned by Mr. H. Dutton, of Anlaby, hai been a matter of speculation. It is now announced that Messrs. J. Robinson, E, O. Wishart, J. E. and W. Millard, who have been employed on the place during periods varying from 12 to 20 years, have decided to take over the property, and manage it on the share system. This is strong testimony to the confidence reposed in the men by the owner. They have tha iropd wishes of the residents in their enter, prise, who congratulate them on thtdiu pluck. i