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—Theatre Royal.—

Tc-nJgit and throughout nest week, with a special holtduv matinee on Monday after noon, Mr. J. C. Williamson will present Miss Katherine Grey, supported by Mr. William Desmond and a fine casi;, in an elaborate revival of Charles Klein's power ful drama, 'The Third Decree.' This play

had its initial Ausxralian production in Adelaide a year ago, TOiien it created a sen sation, not only by the splendidly and vigo rously drawn characterizations and the no velty and intensity of its viol, but by 'the nvtistKNind clever nortrayals on the part of Miss Katherine Grey. It revealed her as one of the finest actresses Mr. Will:amson has brought- to 'this country. The theatre was then crowded, as it promises to he with this revival. A notable change in the cast is that the neve leadimr man. Mr. William Desmond, who did so admirably in 'Taid in Pull.' will play the Dart previous!}- taken by Mr. Julius Knipit. It is th.Vf of a constitutional lawver. who, out of sheer nity, combined with a stern sense of dufy, deserts his wealthy clients on the opposing side and frratuitously rives his services in a.'d cf a siifforiosr, hplpfes woman, oleading for the life of lier husband, iwho has con fessed under Ine influence of 'thp third de?ree' to a crime he did not commit. In Sddninn to all those who appeared in 'Paid in Full,' several other member? of Mr. Williamson'* company, including Miss Alma Vauphan and Me?srs. Leslie Victor, Thomas Lloyd, and Bord Irwiii. jriU he in the cast. Plans at Marsh»lls'until 1 p.m. to day, and thereafter at Duhst & Biven'i. --Tivoli Theatre

Mr. Rickards will introduce to-day at the matinee one of the greatest animal acts in the world. Reichen's performing doas, known the world over, come with a reputa tion of being inteffiRent and de'.-er canine performers. The act is widely different from anv similar act yet seen in Australia, inasmuch as in the main it consists of acro batio and balancing work, intrrspersed with the antics of the canine comedian. Mr. Alf Holt, the American mimic and entertainer, who on a previous visit met with a great measure of success, will re turn to-day for a farewell visit of two weeks. The splendid turn of the Two Zan frellas is still a powerful attraction, and Mr. Sam Elton, in his acrobatic and crockery destruction act. is also a popular item. The season of Miss Flora Cromer ChaHis will terminate on Wednesday, and this refined and clem artist returns to London by the steamer Ma bra on Thurs day. Her fine performance and elegant cos tumes will be (rreafly missed. ' A complete ehmce of programme 'will be made by all the company at the matinee to-day. For Monday a special hnUdav afternoon per formance is announced to begin at 2.30. -King's Theatre.- .? Mr. Edward Reeves, the cultured elocu tionist, in his second recital at the Kbit's Theatre to-night, will deliver 'The Cricket on the Hearth.' Mr, Beera httmade a,

specialty of Dickens's works, and excels in j his rendering of this deuebtful story, which always pleases. 'Miss Mary Roach and Mr. A. Williamson will assist. Seats may be reserved at Marshalls' until 1 p.m., and after that hour at Duhat & Biven s. — Vitoscope Pictures.— The Victoria Hall will be opened this afternon and evening by the Yitoscope Pic tures, Limited, when a fine programme will be presented. The management has spared neither pains nor expense to make the aa turtainment unique in the picture world. The j hull has been renovated, and every conve nience provided for the comfort and enjoy- : ment of patrons. Films hitherto not seen in Adelaide will be presented. Special at- ; tention has been paid to the musical section by the Vitoscope Orchestra, under the lea dership of Mr. P. E. Copp. Miss Jackson snd Mt. G. Gent will be the vocalists. The plan is at Cawthorne's Bundle street. There was a private view of the pictures on Fri day evenina, and those present were de lighted with them. The illustrations are remarkably clear and well chosen. The dramatic ones have the extra merit of be- i ine portrayed by capital actors and' actresses. 'The Reformed Criminal, with a representation of the third degree, is quite a character sketch. The scenic views of Lake Riva, monuments of ancient Egypt, are worth seeing, while tie humorous items stand on a distinctly high plane. The series ' is well worth seeine. A special programme has been prepared for this afternoon and evening. There will be a matinee and even ins s1iow on Monday, and niehtly there after, with Saturday and holiday matinees regularly. The pictures being shown to-day will be ehanircd on Monday. The Vitoscope Company undertake that the pictures to be presented will not hare been previously riiown in Australia, and that in every case a careful and judicious selection snail be made from the leading film-makers of the world. Arrangements have been completed to secure exdusiveness in this matter. The company behind the enterprise consists en tirely of Adelaide business men. —Empire Theatre.—

The programme this week at the Empire Theatre is up to the usual standard of ex cellence, and has drawn crowded houses. There will be a matinee to-day, and to night will be the last chance of seeing the present splendid Heries. On Monday the programme will be changed. One of the star features will be a cinematograph ver sion of 'Captain Starlight, a Gentleman of the Road/' the latest of the bushranger series of movinu pictures. The Australian drama, as acted by Miss Lily Dampier, Mr. Alfred Rolfe, and other well-known artists, has been successfully reproduced. It is a thrilliuR, and absorbingly interesting story of Australian bush life, and several dar tnjr feats of horsemanship are displayed. There will be a full complement of scenic, dramatic and humorous studies, all of which will be screened at the holiday ma tinee on Monday.

—West's Pictures.— The usual matinee will be held at West's Pictures thi3 afternoon, when a programme will be presented exactly as at niaJit. With the exception of the ?'Henry VIII. film, to-night's performance will represent the last display of th'e present series. The management have decided to keep 'Henry VII.' on the programme for another week, but otherwise a complete change will be screened on Monday. The time for re ceiving essays on tbig film, for which a prize of £5'o/ is offered by the firm, will expire on Saturday. June- 10. The Vice President of the University Shakspeare So ciety (Mr. Lock) . will judge the essays and' award the prize. A special holiday matinee will be held on Monday. —West's Pictures at Unley.— Starting from to-night West's Pictures will be screened each Saturday evening at the Unley City Hall. The principal film to be displayed to-night is a reproduction oi 'Camille,' acted bv leading Italian artistes. Other films to be shown- include 'The Price of Victor)-,' 'The Heart of a Savage,' 'Coward or Hero,' and 'Dr. Cupid.' A compact orchestra of profes sional musicians has been engaged. It is intended to visit Norwood once a week, startin' from Wednesday, June 14. —Unley City Hall.— On Tuesday evening, June 6, at the Un ley City Hall, 'The Players.' by special arrangement with Mr. Frank Thornton, will revive 'Charley's Aunt, ' which was pre sented by them at Christmas at the Theatre Royal. Boxpbns are now open at Mar shall', Rundle street, and at S. Doolette'fi, Unley road. —Polite Vaudeville.— Mr. Vincent M. Beebe's company of vau deville and minstrel stars will commence a sesun of seven 1 nights at the King's Theatre on Saturday. June 10. The first part will consist of modern minstrelsy, which win be costumed aod staged oa an

elaborate scale. A' complete company of lady and gentlemen performers will occupy the stage, and clean and refined entertainment is promised. The se cond half will be devoted to star specialty acts. No vaudeville com pany would be complete without a sensa tional act, and Raymond, described as the world's greatest gaol-breaker and manacle manipulator, will supply this. Included among the specialty performers are the Musical Blanchards, the Rollicking Rock kys.the Waldons, comedy acrobats; and Keilderson, the impersonator and mimic. Other artists are Mr. Percy Foster, Miss Winnie riond. Mr. Georee Walton, Mr. Wai Rockley, Miss Ruby Rubira, Mr. Gus Deno, -Viiiss Ettie Rosedale, Mr. Arthur Broughton, Miss lily Rocldey, Mr. Bill Fairbanks, and Mis3 Mabel Letten. — Exhibition Building.— The illustrated song concert and moving pictures to be held in the Exhibition Buil ding this and Monday evening3 promise to b-' a success. A goldmounted whip will be presented to the winning jockey in the birthday Cup durins the interval to-night. Miss Katie Checkett, Mr. A. E. Hawkes, and Mr. Len Rekoob have been engaged for the illustrated songs, and, will be assis ted by Hyde Park Lyric Orchestra of 20 performers. A fine collection of the latest moving pictures will be shown! Plan at Marshalls'. Popular prices are being charged, with an extra fee for booking. —Operatic and Ballad Concert.— All classes of music lovers are amply pro vided for in the programme to be pre sented at the operatic and ballad concert in the Kind's Theatre on Mondiy evening. The concert will open with Mendelssohn's trio for pianoforte and strings, and. the vocal excerpts wDl include the famous 'Jewel song,' from 'Faust;' 'The haban era,' from 'Carmen;' the 'Prologue,' from 'Pagliacci;' and the great quartet, 'Un di a ben,' from Rigoletto.' ilisa Muriel Cheek will sing some delightful old English songs, and other favourite items will be popular songs, solos, and quartets by Bishop. Snllivan, Bevau, and Sarasate. lioxplan at Marshalls'. —Ozone Pictures. — In the Port Adelaide Town Hall last night the Ozone Pictures 6howed to a fair house. An entirely new programme was presented, and 'will be repeated to-night.