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Clarke Says.

Pairings Please

Q.ENERALLY there has been Utile

criticism Crom tennis players in ; connection with the pairings for the vary of perth championships to be bela at Christmas by the Alexander Park Tennis Club.

ll» feet the committee arranging the pairings has been commended rat'ier than condemned for adopting .s Poid oolicy which is predominantly designed to serve the interests of the younger players.

Imagination hat* been particularly Used tn the coupling of A Davey with Max Newcombe. Sometimes a young player doesn't po so well with an oldei player, but seeing that Newcombe himself le only a young man and Dayjay has Jost graduated from the Junior ranks the combination will be a more or less weil balanced one from

the viewpoint of ages.

Davey, moreover, is a particularly strong doubles player and lt is pre- sumed that he la keeping in trim at Narrogin camp, although be ls not Included in the Narrogin team select- ed to play Jacoby, Ford and Taylor tor patriotic purposes on December IB Possibly, however, he win now be elven a game In view of bis selection a* Newcombe's partner.

Jacoby, who was originally men- tioned as a partner for Newcombe. ha« now linked up with Main for Christmas, while another veteran in Ron Ford has fallen in with the gen- eral idea by pairing with young Bill Bruce, who won the under -17 event at tb« recent Nedlands tournament.

' Miss Judy Fltzhardinge. the promis-

ing young Alexander Park junior, will

pair with Miss Joyce Woods. She bas a splendid forehand drive which will make her nsefnl to Miss Woods whose game ls so sound on all points

Tradition Maintained

TP ACH member of the Buttsworth

family seems to be endeavoring to outdo the other In sporting achievement. Fred Junior has already .tarted off the cricket season In sen- sational fashion.

A son of Fred Buttsworth, former Btate player and umpire, and brother of Wally, former West Perth and mf» Essendon footballer, young Fred has made, in successive innings in junior matches, 91. 106 13 n.o. <he. retired hurt with an eye Injury and then came back and batted on), 93 and 124--an average ot 106.76 for four completed innings.

Only 13 year« of age, Fred ls .

natural batsman, and in a few years should be one of the State's best players.

In football he also shows wonder fui promise. Those who have seen bim lo action describe bim as a second Hadyn Bunton-a tribute to bia polish.

Giant Cricketer


playing good cricket, both as a bowler and batsman ls a giant of a man. Since he went to Queensland nearly IS months ago, he has put on nearly two stone. He now weighs more than 19 Btone t>»t this huge weight ts Offset by his great height of 6 ft. «Jin.

Ossie Lovelock

TTB of Interest to local cricketers to

A learn that former W.A* State

captain Ossie Lovelock, has definitely decided to play cricket with Essen- don (Victoria) this summer.

Ossie ls well-known ln Victoria, as he has been a member of several touring parties to the Bast, and clubs over there are appreciative of his all- round qualities.

Aa a boy attending Perth Boys' School, Ossie made some fabulous scores off the bat. He later fulfilled this early promise and is reqarded as one of the best all-rounders the State has turned out.

In Melbourne In 1937. Ossie scored j

Qt n.o., five and 12 In Interstate games. Last year, against Victoria, in Perth his tallies were 71 not out, 51 and 16

not out.

THE ,ad with the wavy haîr '* J*cu

Walsh, who ls aenerally recognis ed as Australia's ontstandmg ama- teur cyclist. After holdinrj 30 amateur titles, including 17 Australian, N.S.W and New Zealand championships Jack, now located at Sydney, has turned pro- fessional. He is 19 years of age. 6ft tali and weighs 14 stone. He establish ed a phenomena' record in the last Australian amateur championships in Brisbane, when he scooped the pool with the exception of the 100 metres

time trial.

Keeping Pit

TRATEST recruit to the ranks of met-

ropolitan bowlers ls physical fitness organiser J»ck O'Donoghue

Jack is one of those cheerful souls who view all things from an optimistic viewpoint and He expects to be complete master of the game in about another 10 years.

At the moment, Jack says thal members of the Claremont Club ap precíate him best In his non-competí tíve momenta as once on the green his bowls show an embarrassing ten- dency to disturb the "heads" on other


Time To Wake Up

THE second and third grade team»

io the W A CA. competition have and old took about them these dava A< a time when youngsters should be given a chance, some of the clubs ap pear to be controlled too much by older men who retain a pince in the team by force of h shit, to the exclus- ion of the youneer blood.

AttP--*s should be marlo *n «tv» youno ol«vers « chance, even If H means some of *u* veterans miss'«' an ©eeassiena! match. They've had their dav. and they've oot **>e club to think about In future years.

And further, younerer eantntns would he welcomed to enpure «PW pisser* Betting every chance, rather than wattling the older men ^.Mng all the batting and all the bowling.

In FuMscn "nd North Perth, where rhe young man has been given his chance; the clubs have profited hand- somely from their youngsters coming gcod When el^«»n «ufHHent opportunity