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Match at the Port

Perth and East Fremantle met at the Port Oval yesterday afternoon in the first scratch match of the


Both sides included several new men, with a view to obtaining fresh talent for their respective teams.

K. A. Spencer and W. Thompson shared the umpiring.

The teams were:

Perth.-Backs, Jarvis. Love, Worm ald; half-backs, W. Jones, A. Brown, G. Williams; centre, R. Trainor, Mur- phy, A Grigg; half-forwards, F. Moore, J. Harbison, C. Mason; full forwards, H. Burton, A. Gook, W. Lampe; ruck. Oliphant, Hetherington; rover. Keight ley.

East Fremantle: Backs, N. Doig, Kenny, Briggs; half-backs, Donnegan, Lambert, Munro; centre, Seubért, Hut* cblnson, W. Beatty;. half-forwards. Went, Ebbs, Mears; full forwards. Ward, G. Doig, Mannt fuck, Williams,

M art i en Bon; rover. Searle^

Among the new-flayers for Old East, Williams, a burly . follower from the

[ goldfields, early showed to advantage j on the ball and should be an acquisi

' tion to the blue and white ranks.

W. Ebbs and Mears, both of whom I are tall half-forwards from local

junior ranks, shaped promisingly

on several Occasions.

Briggs, a recruit from Cottesloe jun- iors, and Lambert, from Merredin As- sociation, played in defence and fre- quently relievèd iii good style, while Searle, who is fast and handles the, ball well, gives promise of developing into a useful rover.

For the redlegs Mason at half-for- ward and Moore, also at half-for- ward, showed that they have_ a good knowledge of the game, while J. Harbison, a tall follower and half-forward from Richmond in Victoria, displayed a rugged style with his punching out a feature of

his game.

Jones and Lampe also at times show- ed glimpses of football ability; "

Among the Older players who show- ed form were Martiensbn. Hutchinson, Donnegan, G. Doig, Oliphant, Hether- ington, A. Grigg and W. jarvis.

Both sides made several changes after the interval, Perth especi-

ally bringing in a .number of re-


Keen Interest w&s shown in the per- formance of Toohey, a son of Jim Too- hey, who played senidr football With North Fremantle years ago. He hails from Fitzroy, Victoria, and early, prov- ed his ability by handling the ball weil and kicking long distances.

Wooltorton, a recruit from the junior ranks, playing at full back,

handled the ball a lot, but was sad- ]

ly astray in his kicking. | Felman. playing on the wing, showed j up at. times, but found Seubert more |

than a handful.

Leeney, Scanlon, Richter. Elthick and Walsh were also givên a try out

The name of Gabrielson conjured up memories when a younger mem- ber of that' family appeared at halfback fer Old Easts ana rei lev

ed in rugged style en severs! oc-


Another who showed promise was A. Smith, a recruit from local junior ranks, while Wendt, a big chap from Collie, although in need of a. run. Showed he was capable of producing good football.

By kicking eight goals G. Doig gave promise of being early on the


FIRST QUARTER. East Fremantle-3.4. Perth-&2.

SECOND QUAPTER. East Fremantle-4.6. Perth-6.4.


East Fremantle-7.9.


East Fremantle-10.10 (70pts.) Perth-9.6 (60pts.)