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Thanks largely io the fine Ser- vice they .received ? from a strong defence brigade. '. Perth, accounted for'Subiaco in -a drab contest at the Subiaco Oval yesterday.

It yraVs à. dreary bpérting half, and af- ter tb.è ;teâmà b^

ternivlSfîtlii Jëvel tallies t!hè visitors ran to a 20-iK>int lead in the second quar- ter-duly mainly to the fact- that they were-better «erveS-in -attack, the ma- roons in the skirmishing zone ,often crowding and - btingling chances ? and ' the city defence presenting a solid bar-: rier. ; At ^lemons* J Âê. >?isitórs were still -J!9 points in .tné.ypii, "and at the end thee red and .bïàçkp wgn convinc- ingly^ with '.three igoa\ls to spare.

The' teams yesterday werei inadê upi as follows:- M> . :

i Thê teànîs -were:- .

is; half-backs. Davies. S. W. Yeates;

Daily,-Mccallum; centre line. Warren, Brewer; : Donovan; . haif»forwards. Peera - Murphy- ..Smith; forwards. Stehjj;Mills. Hambleton: followers,

Browne*- GUbert, anö R- Yates; ,19 th. man^: Eamondfeon. '

PéíSÉ^Backs, FïtàeeraldJ \ I^ovfti Harbison: 'half - backs ' WofmaM. A. Brown: ;p*war-:î-éen£re. Une, H> ; Davey, PuddejM; ^f^horr: Aalï-fôrvmrdJB.-^kib-' hey...¿Heftó¡ringío& Alndérsoh; -for- wards;. XJewiis. -Gook. A. Grigg; fol


Heatf-ty congratulations and the Best of "good wishes for the future .were showered on popu- lar footballer Gebrgé Obig, -of East Fremantle, yesterday after- noon and last nights ? ' ?

Reason? The State's leading goal-getter -was married ito a young lady of Palmyra, Miss Margaret Mossman, last night.

"Both. George and brother Charlie wore-the blue and white -. against. Swan Districts in the _-afternoon before-hurrying away

to the tying of the nuptial knot -after the match. - Charlie acting -as best man.

lowers; . Oliphant, Carrington, and Keigfitley; ISth man. Harold. '

Sparrow had charge of the whistle, and the captain of .Christian Brothers (Anderson) .made his league football debut with "Perth.. The small atten-

dance presented a striking contrast to thè "tens of thousands Who had packed the .ground seven days befrfre at the finfal match in the carnival sferieè.. ,

A. free to Browne at the throw-down set'the. loris moving, but Fitzgerald. and tove turned the first two raids For a time play was of the7 up-and down order, Brown staving off a ma- roon saovarice^' before " Brewer" Rcintil 'ated--witn a-bonny mark amidfield, and shortly after S Daily, from thé half-" foTrwarcT'siine, with a fine long -boot. hrought-Uö both Sags. -

- s From' a lofty flight Gook «hot it

Àtf» to near ,,tbe goal front. Toohey . ¡marking well and making-no error with, his -shot. Davies was in - the way when a further red-and-black sortie began, and Fitzgerald brOKO a maroon rush in dashing stv'e.

. Thus tar it was very mediocre foot- ball..-. WHh. a spectacular shot from a ¿very difficult shot Mills goaled. - lt

devolved on Harbison (twice) and jLovè {working^ well) to wreck local drives. Puddey to. Grigg to Gook pre- ceded a high night in front by. Taylor and when the Visitors came again they encountered a stubborn defence. In fine form in. the air. Gook marked and whipped it up the way of jferigg. who from «¿lose range shot_Jtrue. At the other end a good man in Mills foaled twice. Oliphant replying with a major for Perth, and Gook from & free se- curing a sixer.

Fl ft ST QUARTER. « Subiaco-4.2, ' Perth-4.2,

Trainor to Hetherington meant the addition of the possible to the city team's tally, and: when the maroons bounded forward they found Fitz- gerald in the path of progress. Promi- nent in the redleg attacking. zone, Gook snapped a single. Oliphant (bandy>. to Puddey <marked it well)

I and on to Gook ended in a capture; by.

the last hauled who. from an easy po* sition, made no mistake.

From a mark« with a long boot, Gook brought up both flags, and Brown turned the ensuing Subiaco counter-attack. Davey, who viras shaping ¿welI bn the flank, sent it

álopg" tb the way "of Gooky \who j

. snapped %a minor.. A flight by S. .

Sally cbeckëà another city-ad- , vance, and after Mills had lauhched

'. a focal sortie* Fitzgerald <hard to ? pass) relieved. ? ?

' However,, persistence yielded a minor from. Murphy. Congestion and bung- ling in attack ruined a number of Su- biaco efforts before Hou Daily made a fine long run to settle a city raid. Soon after Mills ïthë locals* star thus far) snapped accurately. Lou Daily to Mc- callum proved an. effective answer to a subsequent Perth attack, and. after Fitzgerald smashed a local move Har- old found the inner opening.

When Murphy tried à snap, the use-

ful Harbison marked in front, and as Keightley dashed it to the danger lone Taylor flew for a neat capture.

HALF TIME. Perth-&7.


Anderson to Gook preceded a long shot which raised -the lone flag, and, bursting to the other end, Subiaco saw Stefan snap a sixer. Smith's mark on the half-back line spelt the end to a city advance, and Oliphant to Car- rington settled a maroon sortie.

As Peers launched another move

Harbison was in the way. Davey : (gobd) to Oliphant -began a raid which Browne checked. However, Carrington soon sent to Gook, who flew for a lofty one and made no error wrth his kick.

From^t free on" a difficult angle Lewis goaled. Murphy to Mills found the batter in front ?>. an open goal, and he tapped his boot to the ball for his fifth ma3ôn ;

Ohcè more the maroons got busy, and Mills pleased with a further sixer. Several times R. Yates was .glimpsed in attacks, but- Harbison and Love checked the" locals. " Trainor ." to Oil- plant to Toohey culminated in dou- ble flags.

THIRD-QUARTER. Perth-11.11. Subiaco-8.9.

R. Tfates to Brown to Peers began a move topped eft by W, Yeates with the possible. Gook, whose kicking was often astray . yesterday,. " snapped "a point from a likely*looklng. position. Mills added a single to the local tally, and Harbison continued to be hard to


- Then came a city advance, fin- ished off by Gook with the pos-

sible. As in« maroons swept for- : ward Peers snapped accurately for . the big opening, and then Gook, with a long punt, brought up both flags.

Whoo Browne whisked it forward Dewar marked and sent to Carrington, and thence it went to Oliphant, whose boot called on Lou Daily to relieve. S. Daily upended another rush before Davey goaled for the redlegs. Harbi- son went off with a cramp in the leg, and Harold (19th man) came on.

On the run Peers whipped through a major, and right on the bell a long shot by Warren went through the big open- ing.


PERTH-14.16 (lOOpts.)

SUBIACO-12.10 (82pts.)

Goalkickers.-Perth: Gook 6, Toohey 2. Lewis 2, Grigg, Hetherington, Oliphant and Davey one each. Subi- aco: Mills 6, Peers 2, S. Daily, Steiui, W. Yeates and Warren one each.


In Harbison, who marked with sureness and cleared promptly and frequently, the winners had a top- notch defender. Davey sparkled on the flank; Fitzgerald was in grand form on the back line: and Oliphant was repeatedly under notice with a fine showing as a follower.

Brown broke many attacks at half- back, while Hetherington was more than useful. Gook kicked six goals and would have got more but for in- accuracy-while others under notice in a side which had few weak links, included Grigg, Toohey, Keightley and - in the second half-Dewar.

Mills stood out as an easy first for Subiaco and did a fine Job in securing six majors. S. Daib. Peers, Smith and Browne gave pleasing exhibitions, and others to catch the eye were R. Yates, Murphy, Warren, Davies and Stenn.