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  • sue6066 30 May 2013 at 20:13
    Regarding the birth of a 'son' to the wife of Robert Gemmell Gibson, on 15 Oct 1873, this was a daughter, Muriel Margaret Gibson,--see Victorian Birth Registrations 1873/22588

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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person in Melbourne to secure their insertion.]  


CRESPIN.—On the 3rd inst., at Abbotsford, Mrs. G.  

Geo. Crespin of a son.

COCHRAN.—On the 25th ult., at View-hill, Balaclava,

East St. Kilda, the wife of James Cochran of a   daughter.  

CRISP.—On the 4th inst., at Waverley, Brighton, the wife of Thomas Crisp, solicitor, of a son.  

EDWARDS.—On the 2nd inst., at 4 Charles-street, East

Collingwood, the wife of Mr. Thomas Edwards of three sons. GIBSON.—On the 15th ult., at Castlemaine, the wife of Robert Gemmell Gibson of a son.

GUEST.—On the 22nd ult., at St. Vincent place south,

Albert-park, the wife of T. B. Guest of a son.

HARRISON.—On the 31st ult., at Walpole-street, Kew,

the wife of Mr. Henry C. A. Harrison of a son.

LAWRENCE.—On the 23rd ult., at Lawrence-villa,  

Anderson-street, South Yarra, Mrs. James B. Law- rence of a daughter.

LEVEY.—On the 3rd inst., at Gwyllehurst, East Mel-

bourne, Mrs. Oliver Levey of a daughter.

MATHEWSON.—On the 27th ult., at University-square, Carlton, Mrs. H. W. Mathewson of a daughter.  

MORTON.—On the 3rd inst., at Upper Hawthorn, Mrs.

William Nassau Morton of a son. Both well.

OGDEN.—On the 11th ult., at St. Aubyn's, Upper Haw-

thorn, the wife of J. F. Ogdon of a daughter.

PENTLAND.—On the 27th ult., at 26 Gipps-street, East

Melbourne, Mrs. William Pentland of a daughter.

QUINLAN.—On the 26th ult., at Rosebank, Hawthorn,

the wife of Francis Quinlan, barrister-at-law, of a


SHEPPARD.—On the 9th ult., Mrs. Hanser Sheppard,

Collingwood, of a daughter.

TYSON.—On the 2nd inst., at Wasdale, Hawthorn,  

Mrs. Thomas Tyson of a daughter.

WILLS.—On the 9th ult., at Williamstown, the wife

of Maximilian Wills of a son. Both doing well.

WOODS.—On the 22nd ult., at Belfast, the wife of A.

T. Woods of a son.


ALFORD—WAKEMAN.—On the 27th August, at the

residence of the bride, 27 Yarra-place, Emerald-hill, by M. W. Green, minister, William Alford, oldest son of John Alford, to Maria, eldest daughter of Edward Wakeman, both of Emerald-hill. Devon- shire papers please copy.

MERRINGTON—CARTER.—On the 27th ult., at St. Luke's

Church, Emerald-hill, by the Rev. Mr. Dickinson, Mr. Charles Merrington, second son of Mr. George Merrington, of Sandridge, carpenter, to Anne Maria Carter, the eldest daughter of Samuel Carter, contractor, of Emerald-hill, late of Williamstown.

MACQUEEN—BANFIELD.—On the 24th ult., at Trinity

Church, Ararat, by the Rev. Canon Homan, Dr. Archi- bald J. Macqueen, resident surgeon H. M. Hospital, Launceston, Tasmania, to Sarah Wake, second daughter of J. W. Banfield, Ararat.

ROWAN—RYAN.—On the 23rd ult., at St. Stephen's

Church, Richmond, by the Rev. J. E. Bromby, D. D., assisted by the Rev. C. T. Perks, Frederic Charles Rowan, late H. M. 43rd Light Infantry, second son of Frederic James Rowan, Dorney-house, Surrey, England, to Ellis, eldest daughter of Charles Ryan, Vaucluse, Richmond.

WILKIE—MOODY.—On the 22nd ult., at All Saints'

Church, St. Kilda, by the Rev. J. H. Gregory, Daniel, eldest son of the Hon. D. E. Wilkie, M.D., to Jane Fanny, eldest daughter of Lesley Alexander Moody, Esq., of South Yarra.


BELCHER.—On the 8th ult., at his residence, Port  

Albert, William Redmond Belcher, Esq., late police   magistrate and warden, aged 60 years.

CROCKER.—On the 28th ult., at her father's residence,    

Isabella, wife of George Crocker, and second daugh- ter of Hugh Short, Australian Hotel, Bourke-street  


ELDER.—On the 30th ult., at The Meadows, Paul,

infant son of Mr. N. T. Elder, aged one month.  

GRAY.—On the 15th ult., at John street, Emerald hill,  

James Gray, master mariner, late of Dundee, aged  

69 years. Dundee papers please copy.

IDLE.—On the 15th ult., at his residence, Geelong,  

George Christopher Idle, Esq., aged 43 years.  

LITTLE.—On the 3rd inst., at her late residence,  

Hanover-street, Windsor, Maria, the beloved wife   of Frank Little, staircase maker, aged 50 years.   Gipps Land papers please copy.  

MARKS.—On the 4th inst., at his residence, Main  

Point Hotel, Sandridge-road, Emerald hill, Mr.   Alexander Marks, aged 36 years.

MADDEN.—On the 9th ult., at Riverton, N. Z., from

accident, William Madden, miner, aged 35 years,     son of the late Mr. Thomas Madden, of St. Kilda and brother to Mrs. J. Clark, of Dunedin, and A. J. Madden, of Prahran. Much regretted by all who

knew him.

OWENS.—On the 4th inst., at Bridport-street west,  

Emerald hill, William, son of Robert Owens, of   diphtheria, aged two years and four months.

PICKEN.—On the 3rd inst., at Morris-street, Williams-    

town, Captain Samuel Picken, aged 67 years.

RICHARDSON.—On the 27th ult., at his residence, No.  

11 Johnston-street, Collingwood, Mr. Joseph   Richardson, aged 67 years.

STAVELEY.—On 31st ult., at Geelong, of phthisis,

George Staveley, solicitor, eldest son of the late Rev. Edmond Staveley, Cork, Ireland. Home papers please copy.