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Estabüshed by "Cavalcade"

Enormous attendance figures are es- timated by the London representatives of the Fox Film Corporation. While lamenting that the British film pro- ducers had "Cavalcade" "starring them in the face for a. year before Mr. Shee- han came along and made it in Ame- rica," the "Daily Express" film corres- pondent said that this one film had done more for British prestige throughout the world than anything since the foreign tours of the Prince Of Wales

Several months ago it had earned £¿,500,000 gross profits, and as much again is expected before it is with- drawn next September. Estimated world attendance figures are:-United States, 50,000,000 people (gross profit £1,400,000); Britain, 20,000,000 (£700 000); South America, 12.000,000; Scan- dinavia, 8,000,000; France, 12,C00,000; Italy, 10,000,000; Spain, 5,000,000; Ger- many, 5,000.000; rest of Central Europe, 5,000,000; Turkey and Near East, 2,000.000; China, 1,500,000; Japan, 1,000.000; Canada, 5,000,000; South Africa, 2,000,000; Australia, 2,000,000.

In Adelaide alone 80,000 people saw


Cary Grant is planning a vacation in


"*f * .* * REELERS DINNER.

The election of office-bearers for 1934 took place at the annual dinner and meeting held at the Savoy Hotel on Thursday night. The function was very successful and was attended by over 50 members. Office-bearers elected were:-President. Mr. S. W. Perry (re-elected); vice-president. Mr. J. Stiles (re-elected); secretary. Mr. Geo. M. Naeard (re-elected); treasurer Mr. S. C. Sinclair; committee, Messrs. T. McCrae, L. Hatfield, C. Dix, K. Mc- Kinlay, S. Freeman. O. Wilson, H. Hearty and S. C. Rosier. During the evening presentations were made to the president (Stan Perry), and sec- retary (Oca, Xîacarâ).