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MANSFIELD PREMIERS, At Seymour last Saturday a record breaking crowd, which paid £440 at the gate, saw Mansfield win their first Waranga premiership from Euroa, in the most spectacular game of the sea son. The gate was the highest ever in the history of the Waranga, and the total from the final series will also be a record breaker. The ground was in fair order after the heavy rain, and although the goal squares and several low patches were heavily covered with sawdust, players seemed to find the going good. The game started off at a great pace, with Mansfield quickly into their stride. They had three points on the board when Walker brought up first goal of the match. Nash (E.) had the chance when he marked within dis tance, but decided to run on and tal lied a point only. Mansfield were win ning in the air and handling the ball cleaner. Leehanc (M.) short-passed to Jewell, who goaled and-sent them fur ther ahead. At the first change they had a handy lead of 20 points. Ahearn sent Euroa into attack, but Hill (Mansfield full back) marked twice to turn them out. Frost, Euroa's center, playing far from home, passed. to Nash for a goal. Two more quick goals to this player and Euroa were only a point down. Morrison (Euroa's rover) came down under the feet of big Bill Reardon and was carried off, in a bad way-a nasty acident. Mans field steadied and Humphries goaled but Euroa came again and the elusive Nash scored his fourth for the quar ter. Askew goaled from a free, and Euroa took the lead for the first time. It was all Euroa now. Mansfield were rattled, and the pace was a cracker. Two goals to Cook (E.), the second one over his head from an angle being a gem, gave Euroa a good grip on things. Meehan (M.), from a free, reduced Euroa's lead. As Euroa came again Nast went down like a log, out cold in the goal square. A spectator dragged him off out of the way. Play went on, and Monk (E.} had a free within distance. The bell rang as he was waiting for them to get Nash clear. He goaled, to give Euroa a 19 point lead. This quarter had been a wonderful recovery for Euroa, in which they had kicked 8.3 to two goals. Melvor outmarked Keating (M.) and goaled, but Leehane answered irnm mediately for Mansfield. Jewell (M.) dragged one out of the clouds, and made no mistake with his kick. Sec onds later Arnold put the ball high to him and he outmarked McLaine to goal again. It was all Mansfield now, winning in the ruck and in the air. Arnold snapped a goal to level the scores. Euroa were missing Morrison and Nash seemed to have lost his sting after the hard knock he took just be fore half time. Franklin (M.) took a hundred yards dash around the wing for O'Dea to single. Millot (M.) sent to Jewell for a shot that curled its way through the goals. Monk (E.) goaled from an angle after Umpire Taylor had sat in the sawdust. Nash (E.) hit the post, and Jewell, a real match winner this quarter, goaled -to give Mansfield a six point lead at the last change. Jilbert (M.), with. the center to himself-Frost being on a tour of inspection most of the time was a great danger to Euroa by seiicd ing Mansfield into attack time after time. Mclvor and Leehane, the two coach es. were playing great games for their sides. Hill, Mansfield's full back, re pelled two determined Euroa attacks, but Nash finally goaled, to make the difference still six points. The pace had slackened somewhat, but the high marking was still brilliant. Fists flew down near Mansfield goal, but Umpire Taylor kept things under control. Jilbert marked and passed -to Humphries, to give Mansfield an 11 point lead, with about four minutes of play left. Jewell made the game safe when he scored his eighth, to end what had been a brillian exhibition of football. Details: Mansfield . 4.4 6.4 12.6 16.7 -103. Euroa .... .. 1.2 9.5 11.6 13.10 Mansfield.--Goals kickers: Jewell (3), Humphries (3), Leehane, O'Dea, Arnold, Walker, W. Reardon. Best: Jewell, Leehane, Jilbert, Millott W. Reardon Hill. Euuroa.--Goals: Nash (5), Coolk (3), Monk (3), Melvor, Askew. Best: Mc Ivor, Askew, Monk, Walsh, Nash, Mor gan, Gray.