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The fourth and last day of the Randwick Autumn Meeting under the auapices of the Australian Jockey Club, was as unfavourable in regard to weather as the previous days had been. Frequent showers fell during'tho morning, rendering the ground extremely soft, and limiting the attendance on all parts of the course, but the three mile race for the A.J.C. Plate was the cause of considerable attraction and much interest, and proved to be one of the heat contested and moat exciting of the events of the meeting, A round half dozen faced the starter in the Rous Handi- cap, and the winner was found in Mr. Tait's Arrow, making his third victory during tho preaent meeting. In the Randwick Handi- cap, Valentine scored his first win, after - having made frequent efforts to get a front

place, and on this occasion he had the honour of beating a good field, including Priam, M'Callum Mohr, Vixen, Patriarch, and Kingfisher. The Three-mile Race brought out a field of five, and resulted in a dead heat between Dagworth and Reprieve. As these two horace came along the straight neck and neck the excitement was at it

highest, and when the judges' fiat had gone forth of a dead heat, the interest was kept up until the run off, which occurred after the last race, and íesulted in favour of Dagworth by a neck only, after a splendid stiuggle. In the Nursery Handicap tho running in th ' Sites' Produce Stakes wns reversed, and

Master M'Grath, who ran third on that occa- sion to Rose d'Amour, turned the tables on the Fireworks filly, and finished a length in advance of her, with Benvolio third. The Torced Handicap, which concluded the meet- ing, was won by Stanhope, beating Valentine,

Priam, and others.


Of 10 sovs. each, with 100 sovs. added. One

mile five furlongs.

Mr. J. Tait's br o Tho Arrow, by New Warrior, 8st.

71b .1

Mr. Ilillos's br c Stanhopo, 7st. 101b.2 Mr. Rouso'fl oh g Wanderer, 7st. 41b.S

The following also started, Silver Fox, Ab- bot, Westminster, and Conqueror. The lot started well together, Wanderer and Westminster leading to the home turn, where the latter was beaten. The Arrow , and Stanhope made their effort at the begin,

ning of the atraight-running. The Arrow succeeded in getting in advance of Wanderer at the distance-post, and won easily by a length and a half, Stanhope a length in ad- vance of Wandeier, Abbot fourth, Silver Fox, Westminster, and Conqueror in the order named. Time, 2m. 361s.


Of 8 sovs. each, with 80 sovs. added. For all

horses. One mile and a quarter.

Mr. II. Bowler's b g Valentino, aged, 7nt. 101b. .. 1 Mr. Ilorton'sbh Priam, 4yrs, 8st. 21b. Mr. Tait's bl o M'Callum Mohr, 7st..S

Kingfisher, Vixen, Patriarch, J.L., Prrotor, Index, HeirosB, Panic, Louise, Nydia, Para- dise, and Nemo made up a fine field of IS. ' A beautiful stait was made, neiress going

away with the lead, closely followed by Valentine. At the turn Index was found in tho second place, and Nemo bolted. At the back of the course, Index waa leading, with Prrotor and J.L., and this oider was main, tained for tlie next quarter of a mile. Upon reaching the traineis' stand, Valentine, who had been running well up on the out- side, came to the front, and at this time Paradise also made her effort, and ron'np ßecond to Valentino, Prrotor being third. Patriarch made a final effort at tue corner, but fell back beaten, and Priam made a rush, but was only able to secure second place Valentine holding to his front position to the finish. M'Callum Mohr waa third, Patriarch fourth, then Kingfisher, Nydia, and Para- dise-the Cup winner never having shown throughout the race. Time, 2m. l8'7s.


Of 200 sovs., for all hot ses, with a sweep of

5 BovB. each, to go to the second hoiso. Queen's Plate weights.

Mr, Blpoinfleld's br h Dug« ortli .t Mr. Coegrov o's li li Reiirlov o, 1 yrs.t Mr. T. J. Ryan's b li Tho Acó, 4 j rs.8

Five in all started, Prophet and Warrior making up the field. Reprieve led, Wai rior next, with 'the Ace bringing up the tear Upon leaching the bend, Reprieve waa fully six lengths in advance, but gave way to Dagwoi th at tho back of the conree, wheio tho leading horse was 20 lengths in ad- vance of the others, which was ducreas^'' to four upon reaching the hill P- ¡£

stand, the Ace was m $£___*_ üúrá ahmt Worth second, an'-Atntho ^ ^

I?"5 -Sligo was made, and Dagworth was

an<LilBnding, withReprievesecond,and War- rior third. Tho distance separating the tlneo horses became materially íeduced by the time the bend was reached, whoro Dagworth only had the advantage of a length over Reprieve. Coming along the Btraight, Reprieve made a splendid nish, and a fine race enauod with Dagwoi th, which i caul ted in a dead heat the Ace thiid, 20 lengths away, Warrior and Prophet a long way in rear. Time-Cm. 67'2s. The glentcst excitement was dis- played during the progress of the race, which was intensified when the two horses carno neck and neck along tho straight. It was decided to mu off the dead heat after the last


Final neat.

Mr. Bloomflold's br h Dagw orth, by Yattendon, -1 yrs 1 Mr. Cosgrov o's Vii Reprieve, 1 jts.2

This was a splendid race, and only won by Dagw oi th by a shoit neck.


Of 10 sovs., with 100 sovs. added. For 2 yrs

old. Three-quiuteis of a milo.

Mr. G. Hill's bro Master M'Grath, by Yattendon

Miss PltBford, 8st. 21b.I Mr. J. Tait's b f Roto d'Amour, by Firoworks-Ait

Union, 0st. 81b. Mi. T. J. Rjall's oh g Benvolio, by Potor Wilkins

-Juliet, 8st. Dib. No less than 15 youngatoia faced 'the Btarter's ling, thoso not placed being King- craft, Speculation, Gladstone, Kingliko, Emery (lily, Thom, Casuarina, Hybla, Heroine, Kinloch, Maritana, and Attraction, All got away on fair terms. Heroine led for Bomo distance, with tho Roso cloao upon her lieclB, and nt, tho bend the Rose was leading, in company with tho Emery filly and Heroine Seveial alterations were made in the posi" Mons of tho loading horses in the course of tho raco, but it was not until the straight running was reached that Master M'Grath made his final effoi t. no carno up on the outside, and won by a length. Speculation, Kinloch, and Maritana woie well up at tho finish. Time, lm. 19-2s.


Mr. G. IHllas's br o Sümhoiio.1 Mr. H. Bo« tor's b g Valentino, ngod.2 i Mr. Bortoil'Bb li Priam, 4 yrs. .8

Kingfisher, Cyclops, Vixen, Prrotor, and Cunquoror likowiso ataited. Prrotor cut out tho running, and led to tho last turn, whoro Stanhope went to tho front, and won by a length, Cyclops, Prrotor, and Conqueror finishing third, foiuth, and fifth. Time,

2m. 181s,

nis Excellency the Governor was present on all four days of the meeting, and tho Four in-hand Club also turned out.

" It will hardly be believed," observes the Geelong Advertiser, "but it novertholess is a fact, that hard-metalled roads nour Terang and othor places have been 'honey-combed? by locusts to a depth of half an inch. How they could make such holes is sui prising. Thoy, however, aro to bo found in myriads, their heads peeping out, and their bodies hidden undei ground. The occupiers of the plains say thoy have nota blade of grass, and unless a very material chango takes place, tho Western district will be losing its well earned jeputation as a stock-fattening coun- try."