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Hiaii WATER Tins DAY -Morning, 4 7, afternoon,

4 24

Jon 30-»am . Wind SW,light woathorovcr cast raining Baromoter, 20 D9 , thermometer, 77 1 pin Wind SW, light weather ovorcast, con -tant rain Barometer, 30 OS, thennomcter, 75. 4 pin Calm , weather ovorcast, Baromoter, 30-03 , thcnnoinctor, 74


Baroda, R.M.S.S. , 1,874 tons, D. Rennoldson, com       mander, from Sydney 28th inst. Passengers - For Melbourne - Mr. and Mrs. Jamieson, Mrs. Wright, Miss Mappin, Hon. R. Manners Sutton, Messrs. Ash down, Landale, R. Smallie, Gould, Gwynne, and Master Oliver. For King George's Sound - Mrs. R. M. Pavey and infant. For Point de Galle - Mr. and Mrs. L. Beaucourt. For Madras - Captain H. Walsh, 44th Regiment. For Calcutta - Mr. and Mrs. C. Daly. For Bombay - Mrs. T. Ritchie. For Brindisi - Miss Wade, Rev. W. F. Gore, and Mr. Dyson Lacy. For Venice - Miss Smart, Rev. W. H. Creeney, Hon T. W. Smart, Messrs. Guthrie and McCulloch, and Signor Paulo Madonna. For Yokohama - Mr. Den ton. Mr, T. Ritchie, purser. Franklin R. Kendall, agent, P. and O. Company.

Tamar, T.S.N. Co.'s s.s., 308 tons, W. H. Saunders,           from Launceston 29th inst. Passengers - saloon : Mr. and Mrs. Larrard, Mr. and Mrs. Church, Mr. and Mrs. Pyers, Mr. and Mrs. Gould, Mr. and Mrs. Peppin and family (four), Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs Murray, Miss Mueller, Miss Stephen, Misses Pyers (two), Miss Jarvis, Miss Robson, Misses Robertson (two), Miss Elliott, Miss Shekleton, Colonel Stephen, Rev. J. Langham ; Messrs. Mitchell, Blair, Petrie, Robertson, Carsed, Clark (two), Moran Bonny, Dickens, Coker, Sumner, Purvis, Tullock, Rivington, Knight, Inglis ;   and 23 in the steerage. Hudson and Watkins, agents.

Rangitoto, s.s., 449 tons, H. Mackie, from Hokitika     16th and Bluff 25th inst. Passengers - saloon : From Wellington - Messrs. Osborne, Ware, Haywood, Fire brace, Parry, and Shaw. From Lyttelton - Rev. Mr. Edwards. From Port Chalmers - Mrs. Steel, (Miss A Bowring) Miss Lockley, Mr Justice Fellows and Mrs Fellows, Messrs. Murphy, Rickett, and Smith, and

Master Bazin. From Bluff - Miss Thomas, Messrs. Godfrey, Merritt, Rogers, and Widdop ; and 23 in the steerage. McMeckan, Blackwood and Co., agents.  

Amglesea, ship (Greens Blackwall line), 1,018 tons,   Herbert Brett from London November 6, The Downs     November 9, The Lizards November 13. Passengers - cabin : Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Farries and family (three), Miss Macandrew, Dr. Greaves, Messrs. George Scougall, Alfred Williams, Albert D. Dow, J. J. B. Dymock, J. H. Parsons, Charles Saunders, J. J. Ball, Sutton, Summers, H. A. Paul, Arthur Paul, Huson Morris, Goodman, Fluder, McGillivray, Rigg ; and 30 in the steerage. J. H. White and Co., agents.    

Earl Dalhousie, ship, 1,047 tons, James Henderson, from London Nov 2., Start Point Nov 9. Passen   ger - cabin : Mr Joseph Herbert Ford. Dalgety, Blackwood and Co., agents.  

Essex, 1,042 tons, Captain W. H. Merryman, from Plymouth November 9. Passengers - saloon : Mr. and Mrs. Hecketh, infant, and nurse ; Mrs. Strutt, Miss Bessie Strutt, Miss Alice Strutt, Miss Bertha Strutt, and Master Charles Strutt, Dr. and Mrs. Ray and child, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Pater, two children, and servant, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Soundy, Miss Bed ford, Mrs. Fry, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Lees and servant, Messrs. C. F. Cooke, C. Crampton, W. D. Jones, Wm. Lucas, F. J. Simson, F. A. and C. T. Moilliet, T. Cochran, G. C. Harding, H. and W. Finlay, L. Stuart,   G. Adams, C. Bedford, John E. Lees, J. Ross, H. Hocking, K. and B. Stansfeld, G. Broad, H. Bowen, R. T. and W. Harnay ; and 136 in the second and third


James Wilson, barque, 336 tons, N. Heath, from Foo-chow Nov. 28. No passengers. Grice, Sumner,   and Co., agents.  

Flodden, barque, 337 tons, Henry Batt, from Mauri- tius 18th ult. Passenger - cabin: Mr. Francis Harley. Joshua Bros., agents.

Melbourne, schooner, 53 tons, Griffith Jones, from Port MacDonnell 23rd inst. No passengers. Pigott Bros. and Co., agents.  

Phœnix, ketch, 24 tons, from Western Port.


Maldon Lewis, 52 tons, T. Lewis, for Wynyard  .

Rebecca, 408 tons, - Bundgaard, for Shanghai, via



Bergfors and Son, 700 tons, Frans G. O. Lomberg, for Callao, in ballast. Wilshin and Leighton, agents.

Hampshire, 1,400 tons, Robert Ridgers, for London. Passengers - cabin : Mr. and Mrs. James Edwards, child, and servant, Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Taylor and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Laing, Miss Corbett, Miss Wighton, Rev. E. B. Ainger, Lieutenant A. E. Stanley (H.M.S. Clio), Dr. E. Robinson, Messrs.     Murray, Rogers, Peter Ewart, W. H. Staveley, A. W. Knight, and Master C. J. Rutledge ; and 145 in the second and third cabins. W. P. White and Co.,   agents.

Hydaspes, 2,093 tons, E. S. Babot, for London. Passengers - cabin : Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Gisborne, Miss Edith Gisborne, Masters Matthew and Charles   Gisborne, Allison Borthwick and servant, Captain and Mrs, Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Day, Mr. and Mrs. Draper and child, Mrs. Howard, Miss Cayford, Mrs. A.   Smith, Misses Margaret and Eliza F. Smith, Violetta Smith, and servant, Messrs. A. Beswick, Julius Laviel, Dr. Burt ; and four in the steerage. Bright

Brothers and Co., agents.  


LONDON - Renown, February 4, Asia, robmary 8, Highflyer, C1} do, Icbruary 15, Essex, February 25, Angícso} February 27, Atrato, Mareil 13, Somersetshire, March 16 , Northumberland, May 15 , South Australian, Dolbadern Castle, Queen of tho Colonies, Collingrove, early

SVUNKY - Clt} of Adelaide, Macedon, this day, City of M c1 bom ne, lobruary 4, You .angs, Tob

ruar} 0

KIND OKORO!» H SOUND, EUROI r, UD TUB LAST - Baroda, this da}

AMKRICA AÎ>D EUROPE.-Nebraska, from Auckland, Fobruaiy 20 Trom Melbounio, per Rangitoto, Fob

mai} 0


mar} 25

BitiBUANK.-City of Adelaide this da} , City of Melbounio, Tebruar} 4

Aom Aim.-Stanloy, Tebruar} 1, Claud Hamilton, robmar} 4 , Coorong, Fobruar} 0, Aldinga, 1 obruary

HonAKT TOWN - Southern Cross, Fobruary 1

LAUNCKSTON -Tamar, robmar} 1, Morour}, Toll ruar} J , Dcrwont, February 4

NKW /.KA 1,Ahn POUTS -Alhambra, Tobruary 1, Rangitoto, Icbruary 0, Albion I obruary l8, Taranui,

Icbruary 22

Gum MOUTH -Sarah and Mary, Fobruar} 3, Gloanor,

Io earl}

WARRNAMBOOL-Edina, ovorj Tuosdaj , Western

mid Rob Roy, ov ory Frida}

BRI FAST- Tdlna, over} lucsd-t} , Westoni and Rob Ro} ov er} 1 rldav

1'oitTi AMI -1-dlna, ev or} Tiiesda} , Westoni and Rob Ro}, ever} Trlday



Hu- Duko of rdlnburgh, vii Sjdnej, February 10 Nil Desperandum earl}

IlokiTiKA -Aborigine, Prosporit}, carl} CAL! AO -Atlas early

NKW YOUR -Batavia, carl} BOSTON -Batav la, earl}

liiVMANTii'-1 icdorlca, Fobruar} 3 NATA- -St, hilda, I obruar} 4


(A special chargo Is mado on consignees nniiounce

mente inserted In this column )

Tamar, a B , from Launceston -22 sheep 300 bags oata, 00 bags bark, 0 balea wool, 87 bags oxide of iron, 001 packages fruit, 1 packago (105oz ) gold

Rangitoto, B B , from Now Zealand -155 bales flax, 139 bales wool, 070 bags wheat, 200 bags oata, 00 baga pearl barloy, 20 hags oatmeal, 10 lthds alo, 2J quarter casks vvhlsKO}, 4 quarter casks wine, 1 box ferns, 48 drums oil, 12 packages sundries, 14 000 minces gold

Angelsey, from London -1 butt 2 hilda 124 quarter casks 5J0 cases wino, 0 quarter casks brandy, 3 banda rum, 300 cases geneva 9 cases cigars, 8 Illida 05 casks 3 tanka 1,413 eases and packages oilmen a atoros, pro y isioiis, liquors, Ac, 44 pockets hops, 100 tons pig iron, 80 ingots tin, 1 shaft, 85 grindstones, 20 bottles quicksilver 802 packages hardware, Ironmongery, _c, 10 packages oils, paints, Ac, 1,510 packages softgoods, boola and shoes, 34 paekages bags, canvas, Ac., 03 packages fane} goods, JO paekages grindery, 10 pack ages music mid instruments, 80 packages stationery and printing materials, 57 packages books, 7 packages jew oller}, 1 luickago saddlorv, 1 coso furniture, 2 casos lierfmnery, 54 boxes 206 packages miscellaneous mer


Included in the abovo aro tho following consign

monte -

20 cases confectioner}, 100 coses Mortens fresh herrings, 10 cases salmon, 10 coses llquorleo-Ro-PK

oiul Co

20 cases fancy goods, 4 cases confectionory, l8 caaos glassware, 2 case« eutlory, 2 cases brush»aro, 2 cosos sticks, 2 cases I It. goods, 1 caso bedsteads-P HU-

MAN and Co

144 cases La Sllonciouso sowing machines-E Srni\ FRI 11, solo agent.

50 packages fancy goods, 2 cases bracelets and high back conti»-SANDKU LA. mus and Co

Earl DalhoiiBlo, from London -60 owes, 12,000 slates, 1,000 casks cement, 1,000 Backs salt, 10 tons rock salt, 22 tanks malt, 78 po-kots hopa, J00 caaos bottled beor, 02 Illida 160 halt hilda 127 casks, 78 . quarter-casks 1,858 coses and packages 250 boxea oil

moil's stores, prov latona, liquors, Ae, 01 packages tobacconist« ware, 120 packages oils, paints, "o , 90S packages dnigs, ehomlcals, and apothecaries ware, (170 bundles iron, 50 tons pig iron, 8-0 pickngcs hard ware and ironmonger, 129 bundles tubes, 171 colls vv Ire, 113 amis, 14 bellows, 100 casca cartridges, 687 packagoa soft gooda, boots and shoes, 20 bales bags canvas, Ac , 23 muele and instruments, 5. packages booka, 10 packages stationery and printing material, 07 packages paper IOS p ickagcs fane} goods, china, glass, Ac , 10 packuges low oller}, 38 paekages earthen vvnro, 121 packages grimier}, 222 packages mlseol

laneous merchandise

Included in the abovo aro tho following conaign

monta -

20 tanka malt 23 ixickota hops, doran and SMITH

140 kegs wiro nails 10 bundles gas tubo.l. casks and 11 cases hardware, 14 casks hollownro, 10 casks bolte

and nuts M'f RAN DHOTIIRRH and Itioo

100 cases Hennesa} s Hirco atar anti 10 hhds Hen ness}'a 1806 brand}, 60 casca Guinness a 1 hit stout, 20 caaes mustard, -0 cases Worcester saueo 2f0 boxea canilles, 60 quarter caaka v hiegar, 25 caaes curr},

Ho! W and Co

100 casos llthofmctour 6 casks tinto 21 crates and casks earthenware and glassware, 0 cases hardware, ?JOVKS, SCOTT, and Co

10cases furniture, fenders, teilet ware, repa, Ac , Conn BKOTIII na and Co J

Janies Wilson from ioo-Cliow -1,108 eheste 8,137 half chests I 098 boxes tea.

Hodden, from Mauritius -420 tons sugar

Melbourne, from Port MaoDonncll -678 bags bark


Hampshire, for London -2,053 bales wool, 831 Lags wheat, 10J bales 1 truss leather, 32 bales boalla 32 packagoa canary seed, 29 packages black sand, 473 Ingots tin, 2,0-2 bags antinionj oro, 14 bales skins, 40 casks tallow ,1,318 cases prosorvod meats, 12 packages effects, 13 bales cotton, 7 packages sundries




Anglesey, ketch, from Hobart Town

Mclboumo, schooner, from Fort MaoDonnol! Karl Dalhousie, Bhlp, from London Baroda, R M S S , from S}dnoy TA nar, s s., from I-iiinccstoii

James Wilson, barque, from Foo-cliow-foo. Flodden, barque, from Mauritius.

Seymour, ketch, from Hobart Town. Anna, barque, from Adolalde. Essex, ship, from London.

Rangitoto, s.S., from New Zealand.

SAlLKD.-JjUf. 29.

Margaret Chesson, schooner, for Wynyard. Wonga Wonga, s.S., for Sydney.



Jan. 20 -Edina, for Portland.



from South Seas.


Jan. 20.-Maud, for Amoy ; Rita, for Auckland ; Adeline Burke and City of Melbourno, for Melbourne ; Amy for Adelaido ; Bosphorus, for Wallaroo ; Black- bird, for Brisbane.



Jan. 20.-Douglas and Suffolk, for Melbourne.



Jan. 20.-Advance, from Nowcastlo.

'Jan. 30.-Collingwood, from Melbourne; Moneta, from Newcnstlo ; Helen, from Hobart Town ¡ Kassa,

from Mauritius.


Jan. 29.-Hally Bayley, for Hobart Town ; Kanga- roo, for Wallaroo.



Jan. 20.-Anna, for Melbourne.


Lot 37dcg. 40mln. 53scc S. ; Ion. Oh. 80mln.

64-Sscc. E.


Jan. 30.-At Molbourno Hi. 0m. 0-Os. (at Williams- town no signal) ; corresponding to

ORKENWICn. MKAtf TIMK. Jan. 20,-15h. 20m. 5-2s.


Barometer at Sea Level.

Attached Therm.

Temp, of Air.

Jan. 20, 0 p.m. Jan. 30, 0 lum. Jan.-SO, 8 p.m.

20-058 29 '003 80-002

77-0 70-0 72-0

80-2 04-0 50-5 PosT-omcB CLOCK.

Jan. 30.-At 1 p.m., ll-8s. fast




JAN. 30.




Abovo Summer Level.

Wind and


Wahgnnyoh Echuca ..

Swan-hill ..

50-30 20-30


77 72 75

ft In. 4 0 7 8 7 8

E., light ¡ruining.

Changeable, light;

cloudy, showery. N., fresh ; cloudy;

heavy rain during day.

S.; raining. , Calm ; dull.

Northerly ; cloudy,


Dull ; hvy. showers

during day. Hay

Wagga Wog. Albury

17 0

5 8 2 3

Soymour ..



1 8

ECHUCA.-Arrived-Jon. 80 : Pride of the Murray,

from Wentworth.

|SwAK-uiLt-Passed-Jan. 30: Jano Eliza, from Hay

to Echuca.

,TUB R.M.S.S. Baroda, Captain D. Reiinoldson,. ar- rived in the bay at 20 minutes post 3 p.m. yesterday from Sydney, after n quick passago round. Sho left Sydney at half-post 11 a.m. on tho 2Sth lust, aud cleared Port Jaeksoli .Heads at noon ; 'passed Gabo Island nt five minutes past 8 a.m. on the 20th, and Wilson's Promontory at 1 a.m. yesterday, entoring Port Phillip Heads at a quarter to 12 a.m. On tlio passage sho experienced modcrutoly favourable winds aud lino weather to tho Promontory, and squally weather, with much rain afterwards, Tito Borodo will lcovo her unchorago to-day at 2 p.m.

Tim Anglesey, one of Green's Blackwall clippors, hieb has for years bcon a favourite in tlio passenger trade between London and this port, anchored in tlio bay yesterday afternoon. On her presout trip sho Is commanded by Captain Herbert Brett, fonnorly chief officer of tho ship Agamemnon, of the same line, und he Is to bo complimented on having made iii successful passago, and on bringing his ship into port in excellent ordor. Of tlio voyago, ho reports leaving London on November 0, tlio Downs on November 0, and taking his departure from tho Lizards on November 13. Heavy westerly gulcB were encountered in tlio Chauuel, but favourable weather was afterwards experienced to tho equator, which was crossed on tho 22nd day out, in long. 25dcg. W. The winds in tlio S.E.'trades woro not vory brisk, but this was modo up for by a run of fair weather to tho Cape of Good Hope, tho meridian of which was crossed on Decembor 31 lu

lat. 43dcg. S. The easting was rim down mostly in lat. 46dcg., with light varlablo winds and fino wea- ther. In fact, tho voyago from tho Channel to Capo Otway has been distinguished by fine weather, not a topgallantauil or oven a reef having been taken in. Capo Otway was passed on January 27, and tlio Heads ontcrcd yesterday forenoon. On tlio passago, Mr. Jomes IIoswoll, a cabin passenger, died on January 22 from consumption. Tlio Anglesey brings a full cargo, cliicily drapery and other measurement goods, which sho will dfschargo nt tho railway pier. Sandridge, alongside of which she will bo berthed to-day.

TUB Government steamsloop Victoria, after under- going an extensivo' repair, wns launched from tlio Government patent slip yesterday, and will Bhortly proceed to King's Island on a surveying cruiso.

THE ship Earl of Dalhousie, from London, with a full general cargo, arrived in the bay yesterday afternoon, and brought up at the outer anchorage, having a large consignment of cartridges on board. She is commanded by Captain Henderson, who was here last in the ship Glenavon, and he reports leaving London on November 2, and passing Start Point on No- vember 9. After beating down Channel against strong westerly winds, moderate weather prevailed to the N.E. trades, where average winds were fallen in with. The equator was crossed on December 3 in 31deg. W., and after carrying fresh favourable winds through the S.E. trades, the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope was passed on December 29 in lat. 45deg. S., the easting being run down between lat 46deg. and 47deg., with moderate winds and fine weather. The Australian coast (Portland) was made on January 25, and since the passage has been delayed by easterly winds. The ship is in good order, and has brought out about 50 ewes for stock purposes. Captain Hen- derson mentions that on November 27, between the hours of 8 and 10 p.m., the air was greatly charged with electricity, and heavy showers of meteors fell. On the following day there was also much thunder and lightning.

TUB clipper ship Essox, of Messrs. Monoy W. _ and Sons' line, arrived In Hobson's Bay last night, after a pleasant but somowhat protract«! passago. Captain Mcrrymnn reports that ho left Plymouth on the forenoon of Novembortho 0th, but did not clear tho Llznrds until midnight of tho 10th. Experienced fresli north-west winds for some days, and lost the maln-topsall. There were light trado winds to tho Lino, which was crossed in ion. 28deg. 13min. W., on De- cember 24. South-oast trades were carried to lat 23dcg.

south, and from thence to the moridiaii of tlio Cape of * Good Hope, which was passed December 20 lat 42deg. south, had light cost and cast-north-east winds. Mudo two good days' running, and from that timo uiitll making Capo Bridgewater had nothing but light winds and remarkably fino weather. Cape Bridgewater was mado on January 24, mid a succession of cost and east south-east winds |was met with until reaching Capo Otway at 8 a.m. on Thursday. Entered Port Phillip Honda at 5 p.m., and anchored in Hobson's Buy at 0 p.m. Tlio ship is in excellent ordor. The Essox will return via tlio Cairo of Good Hope, and has already tho half of her saloon accommodation


TUB Iron cllppor barque James Wilson, which has bcon away for tho last 12 months on a cruiso lu Chinese waters, returned to port yesterday. Captain Heath has not been idle during the timo ho has bcon away, and although tho barque has had her shore of holBterous weather, sho has come bock trim and lu ad- mirable order. Captain Heath roporta leaving Foo- chow on November 28, and experiencing moderate

N.E. winds to Anjor, which was passed on Docombor - 10, nftor which the winds woro light and varlablo until reaching lot. 8dcg. S. The winds 4n the S.E. trades wero light, and woro parted with In lat 20dcg. 8,, after which westerly winds set In, and continued to January 20. Easterly winds woro afterwards mot with to Capo Northumberland, which was sighted on

January 27.

. TUB barques Formosa and Jcssio M'Donald, bound to Sydney, wore spoken by tho barque James Wilson on Decembor 17, tlio day after tho lattor passed


TUB Flodden, a staunch-looking barque of 337 tons, arrived in tlio bay yesterday from Mauritius, with a full cargo of sugar. Sha left Port Louis on tho 18th tilt, and met with strong variable winds from 8., shifting west about to N., and accompanied with very dirty weather, until about a wcok ago, whon easterly winds wero encountered. Tlio bnrquo wiil discharge cargo at tho raliway pier, Williamstown.

TUB bnrquo Kassa was to sall from Port Louis for Adelaide for orders when tho Flodden left Mauri-


Tun schooner Annie Mooro lias been taken into Dcnno's floating dock for overhaul.

TUB B.S. Tamar left Launceston Heads at 10 minutes past 4 p.m. on Wednesday, tlio 29th lust, and arrived at Hobson's Bay shortly after 2 p.m. yesterday, with the Tasmanian portion of the Kngllsh mail, to bo tran- shipped into tile It,M.S.S. Barinia. Captain Saunders report« meeting willi head winds during the passage

ncross the straits.

TUB schooner Molbourno, with a cargo of bark arrived )csterduy from Port MucDoiniell. Sho loft on the 23rd inst, und encountered strong Boutliorly and S.E. winds throughout tho passago.

TUB B.B. Rangitoto left Hobson's Boy at 5 p.m. on tho 0th, nnd cleared tho Heads at; experienced strong head winds first tlireo days, after- ward» S.W. winds until arrival off Hokltlko at 0 on tho 15th ; left again at noon on the 10th, and Grcy moutli at 3 jua., arriving at Nelson ut a quortor past

10 lum. on the 17th ; left again at half-past 0 p.m. on the 18lh, and arrived at Picton at naif-past 5 p.m. tho Romo doy ; left Picton at half-past 0 p.m., and nrrived at Wellington at 1 n.m. on the 19th ; left again at lialf-pnst 2 p.m. mi the 21st, mid arrived at Lyt tciton at 0 0.1H. on tliu 22nd; left L)ttelton at 7 p.m., olid arrived off Timaru at half-past 0 on the 23rd.; left again at 7 p.m., and arrived in Port Cholmura at a quarter past 6 n.m. on the 24th ; left again nt 8 p.m., mid arrived in Bluff Harlwur at 11 a.m. on tho 26th ; left again for Mel- bourne at liall-post 5 p.m., experienced strong B.W. winds on tho 20th and 27th, on tho 28th N. El. winds, and on tho 20th mid 30th strong iiorth-wosteriywinds ; ÍMissed Swan Island nt 7 p.m. on tlio 20th, Wilson's 'romontory at a quarter jost 7 a.m. on the 80th, and the Heads at 0 p.m., arriving in Hobson's Bay at 9 o'clock. She experienced strong head winds through

tho straits.

Tun largo clipper ship HydaS)>03 hauled off from tho railway pier, Williamstown, yesterday, and brought up at the outer anchorage, from whence she will leavo for London to-morrow.