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Sorting Oat die Postâtes and


'. Thé summing-up of the respective merits of the leaning two-year-olds of the season is a matter which engages the attention of owners and,'breeders in England ail through the winter months, and when, as Is the case this year, no one of them seems to have established claim to distinct superior- ity the task is one of unusual diffi- culty, . " ,

, Among the handicappers, Mr.- T. EV Dawkins, the Jockey Club handicap- per, has no superior, ; and - his assess- ment of two-year-olds as set forth in the Free Handicap, for which the ani- mals entered are to run as three-year olds over the seven furlongs of the Dewhurst Stakes course in April, ls deserving of serious attention. It would seem that he himself has been not a

Attie puzzled,, for between the top weight "and thé 38th on his list there Is only a difference of 141b.

Pride ot place is given the Tetra tema 'filly iffin at 9.7. This lady went through- the season without defeat. She revels in racing, and. displays an

intelligent appreciation of. what is re- quired of her. Once lined up at the start she makes no fuss,-but stands watching the tape. The moment the obstacle flies up. away - she goes, and her opponents follow, on as best they may behind .her. If to ,her brilliant speed, she is able to add' stamina she may achieve even greater distinction, but lt is perhaps of some .significance to note that although, engaged in the i One Thousand Guineas and the Oaks

her name does not figure among the entries for either the Derby or the St. Lieger. She is . by Tetratema out of Dawn Wind, and at the last Decem- ber sales aber half-sister. Dawn, by Chaucer out of Dawn Wind, was'sold for 7200gns.

Mr. Jinks and Costaki Pasha follow Tiffin at 9.6. Mr. Jinks is by Tetra- tema from False Piety, by Lemberg out of St. Begoe, hy St. Frusquln out of - Alicia, by Bend Or. Taking into consideration the physical improve- ment the colt was "«""g towards the end of the season, English critics say it Is quite on the cards that he will distinguish himself. He ts engaged in the Two Thousand Guineas, the Derby

and in the St. Lieger. -

Costaki Pasha is a colt by Gains- borough, from Rosedrop (winner of the paka of 1910), and he possesses a pedi- gree, representing a combination of stamina and speed. Many good judges

In England consider be will prove to ! be the best three-year-old of the I season. j

Tiffin. Mr. Jinks and Costaki Pasha { were among those which failed to ac- cept for the Dewhurst Stakes, in which Sb- Cosmos and Grand Terrace (stable mate of Costaki Pasha) are npw brac ketted together at the head of the weights. While the elimination of the top weights robs the event of .Interest lt nevertheless promises to prove en- lightening as regards the classics. . Working further down the list one that

ls attracting a lot of attention is Gay Day, which Is expected to play a pro

I minent part in the classics.