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.The following new- locations and forfeited blocks are now open for selection at the Perth Lands Office or the country land agency mentioned:

Bridgetown: North of Boyup Brook, - the land contained within the closed ?road passing through Nelson location 1872, at il; per acre; this land is available only to holders of land abut- ting thereon; the Crown grant of this land, will not be issued before those of the; adjoining blocks in the same

name. ~

Open July 4.

Katanning: Near Amelup Springs, the" area containing about 400 acres, bounded on the north by location 3676, on the east by locations 838 and 938, on the south by locations 3356

and 2050, and a line in prolongation westerly of the northern boundary of the latter location, and on. the west by "locations 5014; subject to survey, classification, pricing and of the pay- ment of the full cost of survey, £16 10s, ,with, application.

Beverley: Near Welcome Hill, the area containing about 300 acres, bounded on the north by location 222, on the West by location 281, on the south by the prolongation easterly or the latter's southern boundary, and on the east by location 246 and its western boundary prolonged souther- ly; subject to survey, classification and .pricing and to the payment of full -cost of survey, £14, with appli-


? Narrogin: -Cast ot Highburv, the .?area containing about- 380 acres, bounded by lines starting from the north-east corner .-bf location 6357 and extending- easterly to the western txiimdary. ot location %S46, thence soafliérly to the latter locations south ?wes*-, corner, thence ' easterly to its most southerly south-east corner, thence southerly about. 68 chains to tho-«ghi bank of channel of the Ar- thur River, thence generally westerly along same to a point about 48 chains south of. the south-east corner of lo, cation 6357, thence northerly to start- ing point; subject to survey and pricing, and to 'the payment of full cost of survey (£16 10s.) with ap- plication. The Crown reserves the right to enter upon this land for the purpose of constructing and maintain- ing drains, free of compensation. Near- Weding 'Siding, the area con- taining about 170 acres, bounded on the north by location 13097. on the west by, location 11221, on the south by reserve 112S6 and a line in pro- longation westerly of its northern boundary, and on the east by the pro- longation northerly of the eastern boundary of the latter reserve; ei I eluding railway reserve; subject to

survey and pricing and to the pay- ment of full cost" of survey fee (£11 l 10s.) with, application if considered

necessary by the Lands Department.

Northam: About 14 miles west of

! Wubin, the area containing about 940

I acres, bounded on the east by the western boundary of location 7847, on I the south by a road along the north

boundary line of 89/80, and. on the I north by the prolongation Westerly of ! the north boundary of location 7847;

subject to "survey, classification, pric- ing and of the payment of full cost of survey (£26 10s.) with application. The land contained within the closed road passing along part of the south boundary of Ninghan location 173, the south, the east and the northern most boundaries of location 239 and through, location 173, at £-1 per acre; this land is available to holders of land abutting thereon; the Crown grant of this land will not be issued before those bf adjoining blocks in the

same name. ,

Wagin: The land contained within the closed road ' passing along the north boundary. pf location 3837 and the east boundary of location 4459, at las. per acre; inls land is available only to holders of land abutting thereon; the Crown grant of this land will not be issued before those of ad- joining blocks in the same name.

Geraldton: Near Utakarra, Section 60, location No. 8055, of 57a. lr. 23p, at 10s. per acre, including survey fee. Bowgada, location No. 6167, of 12a. 2r. 24p., at 16s. per acre; location No. 6942, of 7a. lr. 35p., at 15s. per acre, -subject to the payment of £36, value of improvements on this location; lo-, cation No. 5953, of 2 acres, at 15s. per acre, subject to the payment of £84, ?value"of improvements on this loca- tion. >..

Albany: About S miles north-east of Kalgan, location No. 3765, of 100 acres,- at 10s. per acre; classification page 25-. ia 5&2/14 ; the Crown reserves the" right bf entry,for the purpose of constructing necessary drams free of compensation. ' -Near Lake Corimup, location No. 3887, of 301a. ,lr. 8p., sub- ject' to pricing;-classification page 36

of* file 957/16; subject to the payment ] of tho value of any improvements ex- isting on this location and the" ex-"

'-cision of a drain reserve; the Crown ' reserves the right to enter upon this land for the purpose of constructing drains free of compensation. i

Narrogin: Kulin lots 110. of 4 acres, £10; 111, of 6 acres, £10; 112, of 6 acres, £12; 115, of 4 acres; £10; 120, of 20 acres, £22. All suburban for cultivation. Lot 115 is subject to the payment to the Government of value

Agricultural Bank Act 1906, Industrias

Assistance Act 1915, and Amend-

ment Acta.

TENDERS ïor the Purchase' of file

undermentioned Land and- Leases ?wai' be Tecefved by tne-Trustests on . dates: and at the local offices named. TerySers ftrturnabfo at PerBi, 23/6/*28.

- - '- --.MiiSg&k&S-. :\ ir .

i Swan Location 24SS^Mngj4£». whole ot- the- land eompr»w^-;^n^äohil Purchase.- Lease' 36362/55. standing in the name of" William Edward Watkins. Area, 8 -aeres^ 4-roods-13-6-10 perches* situated in Liege-street. Osborne Park, described as 1 acre .' sandy ' swamp, balance sandy, suitable poultry farm, house, shed; - 2- wells,' fencing. -

Traders Returnable at -Bunbury,

23/6/*». 24/656.

Nelson Locations 781, 1298, 1676. being the whole of the land comprised in Certificate of Title. VOL 724, Fol. 1«3, Vol. 866, Fol. 107, Vol 866, Fol. 108, standing in the name of Richard Alletson Webst«:. Area. 366) acres, situated 16 miles south-east of Man- jimup, described as 306 acres first

of improvement (£2) at the sale on the fall of the hammer.

Katanning: Muradup lots 84, of 2 lacres, £12; 85, of 3 acres, £12; 86, Of

2 acres. £12; 87, 88 and 89, of 8acres, I £12. All suburban for cultivation.

Subject to adjustment of areas upon' check survey.

Bunbury: Wagerup lots 61, of 6 acres, suburban 'for cultivation, £16, subject to the payment of. £ 60 value of improvements by the purchaser If other than owner of same; 4, of 2r. 9p . town, £10, subject to the payment to the Government within 30 days of sale of the value of improvements (if anyj at the Minister's valuation, which shall be ii nal and binding on the purchaser.

Perth: Rockingham lot 69, of 3 roods,

town, £20.

Albany: Mount Barker lots 827, of 5 acres, £15; 330, of 4 acres, £15; 331, of 4 acres. £16; 334, of 4 acres, £15: 32S and 323, of 4 acres each, £12 each; 332 and 333, of 4 acres each, £12 each. All suburban for cultivation.

Northam: Bencubbin lots 9, of SS.9 perches, town, £30; 10, of 1 rood, town, £25. Gabbin lot 26, of 1 rood, town.


Kalgoorlie.-Boulder, lot 2108, of 1 rood, town conditions, £15; subject to the payment by the purchaser if other than the owner, of the value of im- provements existing on this lot. Kal- goorlie, lot 2773, of 32 perches, town conditions, £10; subject to the pay- ment to the Government within 30 days of sale of the value of improvements (if any) at the Minister's valuation, which- shall be finial and binding on the purchaser.


Open July 4.

Southern Cross: About 5 miles south-east of Warracuppin, Ioc 330, of 1000. acres, at 9s. 6d.; subject to min- ing conditions and the Government's right of free resumption for railway and other purposes; Agricultural Bank

assistance refused.

Bridgetown: 3 miles east of Karri- dale, Ioc. 1535, pf 211 acres, ai 10s.

Geraldton: 8. miles south-west of ¡ Three Springs, Ioc. 6753 and 8419, o*

1746 acres, at 6s. éd., reducible to 3s. per acre if poison is eradicated and land stocked in 5 years.

Katanning: 3 miles west of Pingrup. Iocs. 407 and 579, 1424 acres, at 8a.

Northam: 12 miles south of Lake Brown. Ioc 14333, of 932 lacres,, and .14334, of 950 acres, at 7s. Sd.; subject to the payment on taking over the Ag- ricultural Bank mortgage (£100). Six miles east of Konnongorring. Iocs. 25557 and 20942, of 938 acres, at 5a. 6d.; subject to the Agricultural Bank mortgage. Near Collgar Siding, Iocs.

2G069 and 24835, of 1533 acres, at 4s. 6d- j

10 miles south-west of Nungarin. Ioc.

11146, of 814 acres, at 6s. 6d. |

Perth: 4 miles north of Marchagee, loc 8440, of 4998 acres, subject to pric- ing. Zi miles north-east of Coolup,

loc. 338, of 10O acres, at 9s. . ^

Open Jury 18.

Ravensthorpe: 10 miles north-west : o t Ravensthorpe, loc 348, of lOjBO acres at 8s. 6d.; subject to mining conditions.

Esperance: ll miles west of Salmon Gums, loc. 1273, of 1000 acres; fe± 9s.;

subject to the conditions governing. selection in this district.


Open July 4.

Perth: Near Gregory Banges, those areas of unsurveyed land containing about 245,000, 278,370, and 15,500 acres; subject to the payment for existing improvements.


Perth: It is hereby notified for gene-

ral information that the notice ap- : peariñg in the Government Gazette of June 1, 1928, page 1330, making pas- toral leases 3335/97 and 3311/97 avail- able for leasing on June 20, 1928, la hereby cancelled, and the land referred to "therein is withdrawn from leasing.'

Geraldton: It is hereby notified for general information that the notice ap - pealing in the Government Gazette of June 1, 1928, page 1336, making Vic- toria location 6057. available for selec- tion on June -20, 1928, is hereby can- celled end.the land referred to therein is withdrawn from selection. .

class, red and dark loam of rood j quality, .65 acres second-class, gravelly ! and sandy, fair soil suitable sub. clover, balance third-class, rocky, 9 acres cleared, 19 acres part cleared (tillable), IS acres part cleared, 200 acres rung. 12 chains draining, liai chains 5 and 6 wire, and 1S8 chains 3 wire and netting boundary fence, 12 fVinïnc picket, SO chains ' 3-wire and netting. 60 chains 1 rall, 2-wire, and netting internal fence, siab house; 5 rooms, combined hayshed. ' stable, and implement shed, washhouse and dairy. Si acres mixed fruit trees. Stock that may be in our possession and belong- ing to the place (at the time of pur-


Tender« Returnable at Bruce Rock,

23/6^28. 442/21.

Avon Locations 18412. 13572, 18195, 1S203, being the whole of the land com- prised In Conditional Purchase Lease

8338/56, Grazing Lease 8648/68, and ! Certificate of Title, Vol. 879. Fol. 100, standing in the name of Thomas Jo- seph Hayes and Mary Ellen Hayes, wife of Tom William Hayes. Area,

2439J acres, situated 5 miles south of ¡

Kwollyin. described as 850 acres first class red clay to sandy loam, salmon, gimlet, jam, york and white gum, 500 acres second-class, mallee, whitegum and scrub, mixed, balance, sandplain and scrub country and gravelly ridges, 7891 acres - forest cleared. 5874 acres scrub country cleared, 5ft. soak, 120ft well. 69 chains 2-wire, 32 chains 3 wire, 627 c.ha.lnn 6-wire, 608 chains 6 wire fencing,' 8-roomed house, stable and chaffhouse, machinery shed. 300

acres fallow.

Tender« Return abie at Kellerberrin,

23/6/-2B. 1885/25.

Avon Locations 19445, 20360, 22540,

being the whole of the land comprised j

in Conditional Purchase Lease, 36025/ 65, and Certificate of .Title. Vol. 78J. Fol. 167,' standing in the name' of Ray- mond Albert Ernest Evans. - Area, 1129 acres, situated S miles south from Merredin, 590 (acres first-class, sal- mon and gimlet soil, 215 acres .second class, sandy loam, balance third-class, -scrub - country,. -760. acres cleared, 250 acres fallow, dam, 860 cy, -Goldfields Water Scheme, 418 chaina 3 and 4 wire, .223 chains .2 and 3 wire. Stock and plant that may be in our, posses- sion and-belonging to the place , at the time of purchase.

Tenders Returnable at Perth, 30/67*28.


Lots 4 and 16 on Plan 1299, portion of Swan Location 1160. being the. whole j of the land comprised in Certificate of I Title VoL 649, FoL 159, standing In the

name of William BÎrôu Area, 10

acres 1 rood 38 perches,, situated half- mile north from Swan View, described as 9 acres good gravelly loam, bal-

ance rough, 9 acres cleared, quantity of '

fencing, "well and 'tmk stand, 3-roomed JT.WJi House, hay and cow- -sheds. Plant that may oe in our -possession and belonging to the place at the .time of purchase.


Canning Locations 763, 761, being the whole of the land comprised in Lease 1767/60/ and Certificate of Title VoL 924, Foi. 122, standing in the mame of John Davies. Area 37... acre* 2 roods 9 parches, situated li miles east of Kalamunda, described'as 13 acres good chocolate loam, - mostly summer land, 10 acres gravelly loam, balance rough. 13 acres cleared, fenced and part netted, quantity of drain- ing.

Tenders Returnable at Narrogin,



Parts of Williams Location 10784,

being the whole of the land comprised , in ..Conditional Purchase: Lease-36301/ j 66, tani Homestead Farm Lease, 21264/ 74, standing in the name of John Leo. j Axes, 988 acres, situated- about nine miles sonth from Tarin Bock, describ- ed as 420 acres-' first-class, salmon, morrel, and gimlet, fair to good clayey and loamy soil. 468 acres second-class,1 mallee and scrub, fair soil, ballanee third-class, 380 acres cleared, dam 868

cy* approximately 100" acres crop, Iron < hut and-Ehad.-..: Stockiahd-plant thsltl may be In our possession and belong-a

lng to the place at the time of r pur-

chase. ' i Tenders Returnable at Katanning, i


1876/24. _ I Kojonup Locations 8332, 4810, 5625,. 5681. 3418, 3613. 6522, 8333. 6803, being the whole ot the land comprised: In Conditional Purchase Lease 23123/65, and Grazing Leases. 4624/68,-4623/68 standing'in the name of Alvin Ethel- bert Darby. . Area," 2287 acres, situat- ed 8 miles south from Ewlyamartup, described 'as fair to very good second class land, moprt, mallee, and scrub, 1100 acres cleared, 3 dams, 700, - 800, and. 1000 cy* about 395 chains 4, 5, and 6 wire; 130 chaine 7-wire, 40 chains 1, 2, and 3 wire fencing, B-roomed house, bat and weatherboard, stable and sheds. Stock end plant that may be in our possession fend belonging to the place at the time of purchase. .

1 The improvements are quoted from office records and are believed to be correct, but : the trustees do not guar- antee them.

Tenderers must satisfy themselves as to the improvements.-and their, con- dition. Tenderers are required to state what amount of deposit they are pre- pared- to. pay,. the terms .-required for th«; balance of the purchase, also if able: to carry on without further as- sistance, i

All tenders to - be forwarded to the District Inspector, Agricultural Bank, at place named, and the envelope to be marked "Tender for . pro ' perty."

Ko tender necessarily accepted.

E. A. M"LABTY.. General Manager,

Agricultural Bank. Soldiers* Settle- ment Scheme, Industries* Asst stance

Board. 14/6/28: