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i Their Dates and Origin Interesting Historical Facts No. 14 §

The nomenclatura of Western Aus- tralia la In maur respects unique, but there are not* many people who are aware how towns, lakes, rivers, moun- tains, etc., derived th«¿ir names. It la quite a common thing to hear the re- mark. "I wonder how such and such

à place got Its name." ,To elucidate many' Inquiries- of that *n=ture, "The

Bundey Times" is publlsoing from week to week in alphabetical or- der à Hst of names obtaining in West- ern Australia, setting out how and when each was derived. We have no doubt the informatio-i will prove In- tensely Interesting to our readers. _

The lists we aro publishing were prepared by Mr. J. Hope for the Lands Department. It will be noted that opposite some names no history . ls known.- We, therefore. corc".Tily invite anyone who can ? throw ' Ugnt. on the subject tu communicate with us, and the missing links will be (duly recorded. Later, if possible, we wül publish the £ uh list in booklet form, and this should prove 'a valuable souvenir (if the nomenclature of our'great. State.

. (Explanatory Note:-In the list, railway stations dr sidings are marked. R's. and the other abbreviations stand (or the following:-Mt., mountain; Tn" town;Sp, springs.; R, river; Id, la-

ir-nd;, B, bay; Ck.,, creek; Ral,-, range;; H., hlU; Rks, rocka; PC, point; Stn, station; Rt. reef: "L,-lake; Pks.; peaks; Sh, shoal; C.,-*cape.] - > -

LADY VICTORIA, Group Hs,by L. A. Wells, 1896. after Lady Victoria      

Buxton, wife of the then Governor of S.A.      

LAGRANGE, Bay, named by the

French Expedition, 1801-3.    

LAGRANGE, Tel. Stn, so named from

the bay near.      

LAKE GRACE, Tn. Rs. (1916). being   near Lake Grace, named by Dis-       -trict-Surveyor Fox after the wife of

Surveyor-General Brockman.

LAMARCK, Id., named by the French

Expedition, 1801-3.    

LAMBERT, C., named by Commander

P. P. King, 1818, after his friend,' Ayler Bourke Lambert.

LAMIL, Hs., named French Expedi-      

tion. 1801-3. .  

LANCELOT, Mt., named by D. W. Car-

negie, 1896-7, after one of his bro- thers.    

LANDOR, R., named after H. Landor,



LARREY, Pt., named by French Expe-

dition, 1801-3, after Baron Larrey, chief of Napoleon's medical staff. LATHAM, Tn. Ra, declared 1913.

LATHAM, Mt, named by Lieut J. S. Roe, 1835.  


by the French Expedition, 1801-3, after Admiral La Touche Treville. LA TRIELLE, C., named by French

Expedition, 1801-3.

LAURA, R.    

LAVERTON, Tn. Rs, declared 1900,

named after Dr. Laver, a W.A. medical officer.    

LAWLERS, Tn., declared 1896.

LAWLEY, Mt., named after Sir

Arthur Lawley, Governor of W.A., 1901-2, by Staff Surveyor F. S. Brockman, 1901 LAWLEY, R., do.


LAWRENCE WELLS, Mt., named offi-

cially by S.A. branch of Royal Geo- graphical Society after Laurence H. Wells, leader of Elder's Expedition,


LEAKE, Mt., named by A. Forrest,

1879, after a member of an old W.A. family.

LEAKE, Mt., named after an old W.A.

Family by J. Forrest, 1874. LEAL, Mt.

LEANDER, Pt., probably named by

A. C. Gregory, 1863. after the brig Leander (Commander R. J. John-


LEAY, Mt., near Denmark, named by

Lieut. J. S. Roe. 1835. LEDGE, Pt.

LEEMING, named by F. S. Brockman,

1901, after Staff-Surveyor G. W. Leeming.

LEE STEERE, Ra, named by J. For-

rest after the Speaker of the Legis- lative Council, 1874.     LEEUWIN, C., named by Dutch after

the vessel Leeuwin, 1622, which first rounded the cape.      

LEFROY, L., discovered In 1863 by H.

M. Lefroy and named after him.

LEFROY'S, Stn., belonging to a mem-

ber of the Lefroy family.      

LEGENDRE, Id., named by French

Expedition, 1801-3.

LE GRAND, C., named by D'Entecas- teaux, 1792, name descriptive.       LEINSTER, Stn.  

LENNARD, R., named by A. Forrest,

1879. after Miss Barrett-Lennard, of Beverley.  

LENNARD, Bk, named by G. F.  

Moore, 1834.         LENNARD, Mt., named by Governor  

Stirling, after-one-of his fellow tra-   velers in schooner Eagle.  

LENNIS, Hs.              

LENNONVILLE, Tn. Ra., declared,  


LENOX, R., named after, Lenox Rus- sell, 1833.  

LEONORA, Tn. Ra, declared, 1898,    

near Mt. Leonora, named by J.

Forrest, 1870.      

LEOPOLD, Mt., named by A. Forrest,

1879. after King Leopold of Bel- gium, a patron of his expedition. LEOPOLD. R., do.  

LESCHENAULT, C., named by the  

French Expedition after Leschen- ault, their botanist, 1801-3.

LESCHENAULT, Inlet, do.  

LESUEUR, C., named by the French

Expedition, 1801-3; Peron and   Lesueur were zoologists of that ex- pedition.

LESUEUR. Is, do.

LESUEUR, Mt., do.

LEWIS, Hs., named by F. H. Hann,


LEVEQUE, C., named by the French

Expedition to Australia, 1801-3; now the site of the lighthouse; Wm. Dampier, the buccaneer, anchored in Cygnet under this point, 1688 LEVILLIAN, C., do. LEWIN, Mt. LEWIS, Ck.

LEWIS, Id., named by Commander P.

P. King, 1818.

LHARIDAN, Bight, named by French

Expedition, 1801-3. LIBRIL, W.


LILIAN, Ck., named by F. H. Hann, 1903.    

LILIAN, Pt., H., named by F. H.

Hann, 1903.


LINDEN, Tn, declared, 1897.

LINDESAY, Mt. named by Dr. J. B.

Wilson, R.N., alter Colonel Pat Lindesay, of the 39th Regiment  

LINDSAY GORDON, Lagn., named

after Australia's poet by L. A.   Wells, 1896-7.

LIVELY, Shoal, In Rowley Shoals

(which see).

LIVESAY, Ra, named after a railway stationmaster of Perth, about 1900,   by F. H. Hann.  

LOCKER, C., named by Commander

P. P. King after Edward Hawke  


LOCKIER, Ra, named by F. T. Greg- ory l858, after Lockier Burges, one of his expedition and an early colo-


LOCKIER, R., named after Lockier C.


LOCKYER, Mt., named after an early

squatter of the North-West.

LOGUE, L., named after Joseph Logue,  

explorer and early colonist, 1866. LOGUE, R., do.

LONDONDERRY, C., named by Com-

mander P. P. King, 1819; the north ernmost point on the mainland of

Western Australia.    

LONDONDERRY, Rs., declared 1895,

named after 'the gold mine discov-

ered by Carter, Dawson and others, 1894.    


LONG. Id, named after Captain Long,

of American whaler Russel, who   took Capt. Geo. Grey from Freman- tle to Shark Bay.

LONG, Pt., do.

LONG, Rf., Long Island, by Comman-

der P. P. King. 1818.


LOONGANA, Ra., on the Trans-Aus-

tralian Railway; probably after the steamer plying between Melbourne

and Hobart.

LOOROO, W., stn, native name.

LORNA GLEN, named by L. A. Wells.


LORT, R., named by Lieut J. S. Roe,

1848-9, after Captain J. L. Stokes.

LOUISA, L., named by A. Forrest,

1879, after Lady Leake, wife of the Speaker Législative Council (Sir Luke Leake).  

LOUISA, R.    

LOW, Pt.

LOWENDAL, Id., named by the French

Expedition, 1801-3.

LUBBOCK, Ra., named after Sir John  

Lubbock, F.R.S. (author of "Pre- historic Man"), by E. T. Hardman,


LUCAS, L., named by Colonel P. E.

Warburton. 1873;

LUCK, Mt., named after Mr. Luck, of

Carnegie and Luck, explorers, 1894. LUCKY BAY, named by Captain M.

Flinders, 1802.

LUDLOW, R., probably named after

Frank Ludlow, one of the first W.A. colonists, in Parmelia, 1823, who ex- plored this locality in 1884. LUKE, Mt.

LUKE, Mt., named by R. Austin, 1854,

after Mr. (later Sir) Luke Leake, an early colonist of W.A, and later Speaker of the Legislative Council. LULWORTH, Mt., in the Weld Range,

native name "Gnangooragoo": probably named by Sir John For-



LUSHINGTON, Mt., named after

Lieutenant Lushington, of 9th Foot, probably by R J. Sholl.

LYELL, Mt., named by Captain George

Grey after C. Lyell, Esq, 1838. LYELL, Ra., do. LYNDON, R.

LYNE,R., named after Sir William    

Lyne, a Federal Minister of Aus- tralia.  

LYNHER, Rf., named after schooner

Lynher (140 tons), used by Captain George Grey and Lieut Lushing- ton in explorations in (now) Kim- berley.

LYNTON, Tn., declared 1854; a very

early Government settlement and of which interesting ruins exist.

LYONS, R, named by F. T. Gregory,

" 1858, in honor of Admiral Sir Ed- mund Lyons, G.C.B.   LYONS, Soak. MABEL, Mt.  

MACDONALD, L., discovered by W.

H. Tietkins, 1889. and mentioned by D. W. Carnegie, 1896.

MACDONALD, Ra, named by Captain

Grey, 1838.

MACHELL'S PYRAMID, H., named by  

Alex. Forrest 1879.

MACKAY, Ra., probably named by A.

W. Canning, District Surveyor,


MACKIE, R. and Mt., named after W.

H. Mackie, Chairman of Court of Quarter Sessions, by Ensign R. Dale, R.N., 1830.

MACKINTOSH, Ra., named by F. H.

Hann, 1903.