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  • leslieannodonnell 15 Jun 2012 at 20:02
    While transcription appears accurate the HAMPSHIRE—FLACK marriage is between Joseph son of the Rev. J.(ohn) [rather than T.] Hampshire and Anne Johanna ("Annie") [rather than Anne Johano] Flack.
  • rosaliew 17 Jun 2013 at 16:15
    Sarah wife of Robert Slack
  • JTJennings 11 Feb 2014 at 21:49
    Alice Gertrude Wells birth

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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenticated by some respectable person in Melbourne to insure their insertion.]


AARONS.—On the 10th inst., at 91 Bourke-street east,

the wife of Mr. Lewis Aarons of a daughter.

ALLWRIGHT.—On the 10th inst., the wife of W. F.

Allwright of a son.

ALEXANDER.—On the 29th ult., at her residence, 4

Regent-terrace, Moor-street, Fitzroy, the wife of Mr. M. Alexander of a daughter.

ANDERSON.—On the 20th inst., at 10 Park-terrace

Fitzroy-street, St. Kilda, Mrs. J. F. Anderson of a


ANDERSON.—On the 9th inst., at Terang, the wife of

Alfred Anderson of a daughter, all well.

ARNOLD.—On the 29th ult., at High-street, St. Kilda,

the wife of Mr. A. G. Arnold of a daughter.

ARMSTRONG.—On the 22nd inst., at Richmond, Mrs.

Robert Allen Armstrong of a daughter.

BARTLETT.—On the 19th inst., at Millswyn-street,

South Yarra, the wife of Mr. Edward J. Bartlett of

a son.

BUICK.—On the 14th inst., at Sandhurst, Mrs. James

Buick of a daughter.

BLACK.—On the 21st inst., at her residence, 18 George-  

street, Fitzroy, Mrs. John Black of a daughter.

BOOTH.—On the 5th inst., at her residence, Mrs. H.

O. Booth of a daughter.

BROWN.—On the 15th inst., at her residence, Duke-

street, Daylesford, the wife of Mr. Timothy Brown

of a son.

BAIRD.—On the 6th inst., at Coleraine, the wife of

John Baird, Esq., M.R.C.S.E., of a son.  

BAYLY.—On the 4th inst., at Belfast, Port Fairy, the

wife of S. J. Bayly, solicitor, of a daughter.

BALMIRES.—On the 5th inst., at Spring-street, Mel-

bourne, the wife of the Rev. W. L. Balmires, of Belfast, of a son.

BENJAMIN.—On the 27th ult., at her residence, 12

Carlton-terrace, King William-street, Fitzroy, the wife of Mr. Joseph Benjamin of a daughter—prema- turely.

BLANNIN.—On the 25th ult., at Alfred House, Evelyn-

street, the wife of Alfred Blannin of a son.

BOYES.—On the morning of the 30th ult., at Clare-

mont-house, Victoria-parade, Mrs. William Watson Boyes of a son.

BRASCH.—On the 3rd inst., at 240 Swanston-street,

the wife of W. Brasch of a daughter.

BROOKS.—On the 1st inst., at 36 Rennie-street, North

Williamstown, Mrs. Brooks ol a son.

BRUEN.—On the 29th ult., at the Roscommon Arms,

Swanston-street, Mrs. Peter Bruen of a son.

BURDETT.—On the 28th ult., at their residence,

Napier-street, Fitzroy, the wife of Mr. Francis

Burdett of a son.

BUYN.—On the 2nd inst., at Victoria-parade, East

Melbourne, the wife of G. Buyn, Esq., of a son.  

CAMERON.—On the 30th ult., at Aberdeen-street,

Geelong, the wife of Hugh F. Cameron of a son.

CASPER.—On the 18th inst., at her residence, 31 Col-

lins-street east, Mrs. George Casper of a daughter.

CONNELL.—On the 17th inst., at Gisborne, Mrs. A.

Connell of a daughter.

CONNELL.—On the 5th inst., at Bellevue, Chapel-

street, East St. Kilda, Mrs. Jno. Connell of a daughter.

COPPIN.—On the 6th inst., at Lennox-street, Rich-

mond, the wife of Mr. George Coppin of a son.

COOPER.—On the 9th inst., at South Yarra, Mrs.

Thomas Cooper of a son.

COX.—On the 5th inst., at Kensington, Mrs. W. S.  

Cox of a daughter.

CRISWICK.—On the 26th ult., at Westport, New  

Zealand, Mrs. C. F. Criswick of a daughter.

CUTTEN.—On the 5th inst., at Woodend, the wife of

Mr. W. C. Cutten of a daughter.

CHAMPION.—On the 3rd inst., at the Queen's Arms

Hotel, Swanston-street, the wife of Mr. Benjamin   Champion of a son.

DENBIGH.—On the 22nd inst., at Cotham-road, Kew,

Mrs. John S. Denbigh, of a daughter.

DAY.—On the 14th inst., at Chocolyn, near Camper-

down, the wife of Mr. Alexander Day, of a son.

DARLOT.—On the 4th inst., at Ivy-street, Prahran,

tho wife of J. M. Darlot, Esq., of a daughter.

DALRYMPLE.—On the 14th inst., at Union-street,  

Richmond, Mrs. W. H. Dalrymple, of a daughter.

EDDIE.-On the 1st inst., at Ballarat, the wife of    

John Alexander Eddie of a son.

ELLIOT.—On the 13th inst., at the Royal Hotel,  

Wagga Wagga, the wife of Gilbert Stanley Elliot of a son.

FERRIS.—On the 12th inst., at Northwood, the wife

of D. C. Ferris of a son.

FLETCHER.—On the 25th ult., at St. Vincent-place

south, Emerald-hill, the wife of Mr. J. Fletcher of a


FRANKLYN.—On the 7th inst., at Newbury-house,

Beach, Brighton, Mrs. F. B. Franklyn of a son.

GOLDSTEIN - On the 31st ult., at Walworth-terrace,

Hotham, the wife of Albert Goldstein of a daugh-


GOLDSTEIN.—On the 5th inst., the wife of the Rev. L.

Goldstein, 48 Lonsdale-street west, of a daughter,

HALLEY.—On the 11th inst., at Little Park-street,

South Yarra, the wife of Mr. James Halley of a


HARVEY.—On the 28th ult., at the Claremont Hotel,

Commercial-road, Prahran, Mrs. G. H. Harvey of a daughter.      

HARPER.—On the 20th inst., at Moncrieff-place,

Richmond, Mrs. Robert Harper of a son.

HARWOOD.—On the 6th inst., at Skene-street, Gee-

long, the wife of Mr. T. C. Harwood of a daughter.

HEDLEY.—On the 11th inst., at Dover-street, Rich-

mond, the wife of G. J. Hedley, jun., of a son.

HENTY.—On the 2nd inst., at Kew, the wife of Henry

Henty, Esq., of a daughter, prematurely.

HEYMANSON.—On the 1st inst., at Grosvenor-house,

Balaclava, the wife of Mr. J. Heymanson of a son.

HOOD.—On the 13th inst., at Richmond-terrace, Mrs.

John S. Hood of a son.

HORRIS.—On the 20th inst., at her residence, Lygon-

street, Mrs. Alfred Horris of a son.

HUDSON.—On the 5th inst., at her residence, Drum-

mond-street, Carlton, Mrs. Charles Hudson of a   daughter.

JACKSON.—On the 1st inst., at Acacia-cottage, Es-

planade, St. Kilda, the wife of Thomas Jackson of

a son.

JAMES.—On the 21st inst., at the Wesleyan parsonage,

Castlemaine, the wife of the Rev. T. James of a


JAMES.—On the 29th ult., at 80 Elizabeth-street, Mel-

bourne, the wife of Mr. Hy. James of a son.

JEREMY.—On the 29th ult., at Yarraville, the wife of

Mr. John Jeremy of a daughter.

JONES.—On the 6th inst., at Ashton-cottage, Brighton,

Mrs. Thomas Nicholson Jones of a daughter.

KAVENAGH.—On the 12th inst., at her residence,

George-street, Fitzroy, Mrs. P. T. Kavenagh of a


KIDNEY.—On the 9th inst., at 64 Condell-street,  Fitz-

roy, Melbourne, the wife of Mr. Thos. Kidney of a daughter.

KITTO.—On the 29th ult., at Fryerstown, the wife of  

Mr. Kitto, M.P., of a daughter.

LARKINS.—On the 11th inst., the wife of W. S. Larkins

of a daughter.

LEE.—On the 12th inst., at her residence, 22 King

William-street, Fitzroy, the wife of Mr. Montague M. Lee of a daughter.

LEGGE.—On the 24th February, 1869, at Colombo,

Ceylon, the wife of W. Vincent Legge, Esq., Royal Artillery, of a son.

L'ESTAGE.—On the 10th inst., at Hamilton, Victoria,

the wife of Mr. J. L'Estage of a daughter.  

LUKE.—On the 6th inst., at Islington cottage, Simp-

son-street, East Melbourne, Mrs. Samuel Luke of a


LUCAS.—On the 14th inst., at Sturt-street, Ballarat,

the wife of J. B. Lucas of a daughter.

LYONS.—On the 29th ult., at her residence, 46 Barkley-

street, Carlton, the wife of S. T. Lyons, M.D., of twin daughters.

MACKIE.—On the 14th inst., at Toorak, the wife of the  

Rev. Alex. Mackie, Echuca, of a son.

MICHAELIS.—On the 22nd inst., at 4 Marli-terrace,  

Esplanade, St. Kilda, Mrs. M. Michaelis of a son.

McINTOSH.—On the 10th inst., at her residence, 186

King-street, Mrs. Alexander McIntosh of a son. Both doing well. Clare journal please copy.  

McDOWALL.—On the 12th inst., at 129 Elizabeth-street,  

Mrs. John McDowall of a daughter.

MUELLER.—On the 21st inst., at 27 Lonsdale-street  

east, Mrs. G. Mueller of a daughter.

MANNERS-SUTTON.—On the 10th February, at 7 Glou-

cester-terrace, Hyde-park, the wife of Graham E. H.  Manners-Sutton, Esq., of a son.

MacGILLIVRAY.—On the 13th inst., at Sandhurst, Mrs.

MacGillivray of a daughter.

McKENZIE.—On the 4th inst., at her residence, High-

street, Prahran, the wife of W. McKenzie of a son.

McFARLAND.—On the 18th inst., at Coma, near Gee-

long, the wife of Patrick McFarland, Esq., jun., Barooga, New South Wales, of a daughter.

MEARES.—On the 20th inst., at her residence, Gros-     

venor-house, South Yarra, Mrs. George Meares of a   daughter.

MILLER.—On the 5th inst., Mrs. W. Miller, Barkly-

street, Ararat, of a daughter.

MOLESWORTH.—On the 30th ult., the wife of Hickman

Molesworth, Esq., of a daughter.

MOORE.—On the 30th ult., at Koolite, North Brighton,

the wife of John Moore, jun., of Schelery, Moula- mein, N.S.W., of a daughter.  

MONTEAGRESTI.—On the 2nd inst., at her residence, Walhalla, Stringer's Creek, the wife of Michael S. Monteagresti, Esq., of a son.

MOUNTAIN.—On the 1st inst., at Fortrose-cottage,  

Sandridge-road, Emerald-hill, the wife of W. J.

Mountain of a son.

MOORE.—On the 30th ult., at Koolite, North Brigh-

ton, the wife of John Moore, jun., of Tchelery, Mou- lamein, N.S.W., of a daughter.

MOFFAT.—On the 15th inst., at Lennox-street, Rich-

mond, Mrs. W. T. Moffat of a son.

MOODY.—On the 11th inst., at Tooronga-road, Upper

Hawthorn, the wife of Mr. J. O. Moody of a daughter.

MYERS.—On the 8th inst., at her residence, Bay View-

terrace, Grattan-street, Carlton, the wife of M. Myers, Esq., of a daughter.

NICOLL.—On the 23rd ult., at Conover, Lower Avoca,

the wife of R. H. Nicoll, of a son.

NOALL.—On the 17th inst., at Dalgety-street, St. Kilda, Mrs. William Noall of a daughter.  

OGLE.—On the 15th inst., at Maryborough, the wife of 

M. Fredk. Ogle of a son.

PIGOTT.—On the 13th inst., at Elsternwick, Mrs.

Henry Capel Pigott of a daughter.

REID.—On the 5th inst., at Buninyong, the wife of

Mr. Thomas H. Reid of a son.

REID.—On the 8th inst., at Clear Creek, Eldorado, the

wife of R. D. Reid of a daughter.

RILEY.—On the 30th ult., at Essendon, the wife of 

James Riley, Esq., of a daughter.

RITCHIE.—On the 26th ult., at Maribyrnong, Mrs.      

S. S. Ritchie of a son.

ROBERTSON.—On the 26th ult., at Talbot, the wife of

Charles G. Robertson, C.P.S., of a daughter.

ROBERTS.—On the 16th inst., at Osborne-street, South

Yarra, Mrs. J. S. Roberts of a son.

SABELBERG.—On the 17th inst., at her residence,

Fitzroy, the wife of Mr. Sabelberg, solicitor, of a


SABINE.—On the 1st inst., at the parsonage, Wood's

Point, the wife of the Rev. J. C. Sabine of a daughter.  

SHEAHAN.—On the 2nd inst., at her residence, Vic-

toria-cottage, Punt-road, South Yarra, Mrs. P. J. Sheahan of a daughter.

SMITH.—On the 12th inst., at Stawell, Mrs. Bernhard

Smith of a daughter.

SNELLGROVE.—On the 17th inst., at 17 Lonsdale-street,

west, the wife of Charles Snellgrove of a daughter.

SOLOMON.—On the 17th inst., at 7 A'Beckett-street

west, Mrs. Joel Solomon of a son.  

STEVENSON.—On the 27th ult., at 83 Cobden-street,

Emerald-hill, the wife of Frederick William   Stevenson of a son—both doing well. Home    

papers please copy.

SUTTON. —On the 11th inst., at Bank-street east, Eme

rald-hill, Mrs. J. W. Sutton of a daughter.

TARTAKOVER. —On the 7th inst., at No. 6 Gertrude-

street, Fitzroy, Mrs. Mitchell Tartakover of a daughter.

TOD. —On the 12th inst., at Rogers-street, Rich

mond, Mrs. J. W. Tod of a daughter.

WALKER. —On the 7th inst., at Westbury-street, East

St. Kilda, the wife of Mr. George Walker of a daughter.

WAXMAN. —On the 17th inst., at her residence, No. 1  McKenzie-street, Mrs. Aaron Waxman of a son.

WATSON. —On the 29th ult., at Gardener's place, St.

Vincent-street west, Emerald-hill, Mrs. David Watson of a daughter.

WELLS. —On the 9th instant, at the Wesleyan parson

age, Sandhurst, the wife of the Rev. W. P. Wells of a daughter.

WENKER. —On the 23rd ult., at her uncle's residence,

Westbury-street, East St. Kilda, the wife  of F.  

Wenker of a son.

WINDSOR. —On the 19th inst., at South Yarra, Mrs.

Arthur Sydney Windsor of a son.

WILKINS. —On the 5th inst., at Monomeeth, Burnett-

street St. Kilda, Mrs. Alfred Wilkins of a daughter. WOOD. —On the 1st inst, at 3 Macarthur-place, North

Rathdowne-street, Carlton, the wife of James W.   Wood of a daughter.

WOODS. —On the 3rd inst., at Condell-street, Fitzroy,

the wife of John Woods, Esq., timber merchant, of   a daughter.

WYETT. —On the 16th inst., at Yandoit, Mrs. John William Wyett of a daughter.

WYNNE. —On the 31st ult., at her residence, Grant-

street, Inglewood, the wife of Mr. Jas. Wynne, C.E., of a daughter.

WHITEWAY. —On the 14th inst., at 31 Kerr-street,

Fitzroy, the wife of Mr. J. Whiteway, of a daughter. WINSTON. —On the 1st inst., at her residence, Balston-

street, East St. Kilda, Mrs. C. E. Winston of a son.

YENCKEN. —On the 8th inst., at Benole, Mount Erica,

the wife of E. F. Yencken, Esq., of a son.

YOUNG. —On the 10th inst., at Prahran, Mrs. Peter

Young of a son.


ANGEL—TAYLOR.—On the 26th ult., at the residence

of the bride's uncle (Mr. C. Williams), Gilles-street, Adelaide, by the Rev. J. Crawford Woods, B.A., Alfred Thomas Howell Angel, to Maria Brechin, only daughter of Mr. Edmund Taylor.

AUSTIN—WATSON.—On the 19th inst., at St. John's

Church, Latrobe-street, by the Rev. John Barlow, John Thomas Austin, late of Wardour-street, Oxford-street, London, to Elizabeth Watson, of  

Glasgow. Home papers please copy.

BAND—JONES.—On the 20th inst., at the deputy-

registrar's, Fitzroy, by the Rev. Isaac New, James Band, of Caledonia Diggings, to Winnifred Jones, eldest daughter of Owen Jones, of Collingwood.

BIRD—SHAW.—On the 6th inst., at Pyneyup, Mort-

lake, by the Rev. Stafford Bird, the Rev. Thomas Fairfoot Bird to Jane Turner, fourth daughter of

Mr. Thomas Shaw.

BLACK—CHRISTY.—On the 18th inst., at the residence

of James McKean, Esq., M.P., Fitzroy, by the Rev. Dr. Cairns, S. J. Black, Esq., Ballarat, to Helen, eldest daughter of Andrew Christy, Esq., London.

BROWN—WALKER.—On the 10th inst., at Melbourne,

by the Rev. J. S Waugh, the Rev. Ralph Brown, of Castlemaine, to Rebecca Victoria Emma, youngest daughter of the late W. G. Walker, Esq., of Vron,


BROWNE—PRICE.—On the 22nd inst., at Brons Grove

villa, by Rev. T. Edwards, George Browne, archi- tect, to Annie, third daughter of Mr. John Price,


BUCHAN—LEARY.—On the 9th inst., at the Deputy-  

Registrar's, Fitzroy, by the Rev. N. Kinsman, William Buchan, of Leith, Scotland, to Mary Ann Leary, youngest daughter of the late Daniel Leary, Esq., of Melbourne.

CALDER—MATTHEWS.—On the 31st ult., at All Saints'

Church, Windsor, by the Rev. Gregory,  S. T.    Calder, of Prahran, to Harriette, eldest daughter of J. F. Matthews, of this city.

CANN—PERRY.—On the 26th ult., at St. Stephen's

Church, Richmond, by the Rev. G. O. Vance, John Kennedy Cann, of Mount Blackwood, to Rebecca Oliva May, second daughter of Thos. Perry, Rowena- parade, Richmond.

CHAPMAN—CAVANAGH.—On the 31st ult., at St. Mark's

Church, by the Rev. R. B. Barlow, Fredk. Chap- man to Kate, youngest daughter of George Cavanagh, of Dublin.

CHEESE—TURNBULL.—On the 26th ult., at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Emerald-hill, by the Rev. Mr. Albiston,  

James Cheese, butcher, of North Melbourne, to Mary Ann, second daughter of the late Mr. John Turnbull, of Windsor.

CLARKE—WALLACE.—On the 28th ult., at St. Francis's  

Cathedral, by the Rev. G. V. Barry, Michael Francis, eldest son of the late Mr. John Clarke, of Melbourne, to Marianne, only daughter of the late Mr. Martin Wallace, Tipperary, Ireland.

COSIER—DUNN.—On the 8th inst., by the Rev. A. M.

Henderson, at the residence of the bride, East Melbourne, Edward Chas. Cosier, to Phoebe, eldest daughter of the late Wm. Dunn, Esq., of Notting-


COLLYER—BROWN.—On the 15th inst., at the Wesleyan   Church, Emerald-hill, by the Rev. W. Lelean,  

assisted by the Rev. M. Watkin, C. Collyer to Anne Brown, second daughter of Captain A. Brown, of Emerald-hill.

CULLIN—SYKES.—At the Independent Chapel, Collins-  

street, by the Rev. A. Henderson, Nathaniel Cullin, eldest son of Mr. N. Cullin, of Sandridge, to Mary  

Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. A. Sykes, late of Prah- ran. Launceston papers please copy.

DAWSON—FOSTER.—On the 29th ult., at St. James's

Cathedral, Melbourne, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Melbourne, Mr. Philip Dawson, of Inglewood, to  

Marianne, second daughter of John Foster, Esq.,   of Bathurst, N.S.W., and niece of Mrs. Foster, Little Collins-street, Melbourne.

DICKINSON—DOBSON.—On the 25th ult., at the resi-

dence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. A. Morri- son, assisted by the Rev. Alex. Gosman and Rev. W. Cuttle, of Geelong, Mr. John W. Dickinson, of Melbourne, to Catherine, youngest daughter of James Dobson, Esq., Inkermann-street, St. Kilda.

DIXON—WYLD.—On the 27th ult., at 161 Cambridge-

street, Collingwood, by the Rev. James Mirams, Frederick Dixon, of Heathcote, youngest son of the late John Dixon, of Limmington, to Matilda, eldest daughter of George Wyld, of Prahran.

DUCKETT—JEFFERIES.—On the 10th inst., at St.

Stephen's Church, Richmond, by the Rev. G. O. Vance, Charles, eldest son of Edward Duckett, Esq., ironmonger, of this city, to Emily, third daughter of Stephen Jefferies, of Collingwood. Home and Tasmanian papers please copy.

ESLER—PALMER.—On the 6th inst., at St. Paul's

Church, Ballarat, by the Rev. R. T. Cummins, Robert Esler, Esq., of St. Kilda, to Eliza, relict of the late Mr. George Palmer, Ballarat.  

EWART—BARTLETT.—On the 8th inst., at 143 Collins-

street east, by the Rev. Irving Hetherington, David James Ewart, of the Bank of Victoria, Geelong, to Harriet, youngest daughter of Mr. Samuel Bartlett, of Kensington, England.

FAEY—CASEY.—On the 7th inst., at the United Pres-

byterian Church, Napier-street, Fitzroy, by the Rev.   R. Hamilton, Mr. William Faey, of East Collingwood, sharebroker, to Margaret Casey, of Kilworth,   County Cork, Ireland.

FAWKNER—MACINTOSH.—On the 29th ult., at the

residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. W. A. Lind, John, only son of Matthew Fawkner, Esq., of Spring Mount, Rochford, to Margaret, eldest daughter of James Macintosh, Esq., of Moyfield, Romsey.

FEWSTER—HARRINGTON.—On the 12th inst., by   special licence, by the Rev. George Gray, F. E.  Fewster to  

Margaret, only daughter of George Harrington, of


HAMPSHIRE—FLACK.—On the 7th inst., at the resi-

dence of the bride, Ballan, by the Rev. T. Hamp- shire, Joseph Hampshire, eldest son of the Rev. T. Hampshire, of Footscray, to Anne Johano Flack, second daughter of Mr. George Flack, of Ballan.

HENTY—PINNOCK.—On the 8th inst., at Trinity Church,

East Melbourne, by the Venerable Archdeacon Crawford, Thomas Henty, of Pakenham Park, youngest son of the hon. James Henty, M.L.C., to Lucy Mary, eldest daughter of James Denham Pinnock, Esq., of Wellington-parade, East Mel-


HORN—FLORANCE.—On the 17th inst., at her residence,

13 George-street, Fitzroy, by the Rev. R. Hamilton, James Horn, Esq., of Castlemaine, to Mrs. W. H.  


HURLE—HARKNESS.—On the 7th inst., at the resi-

dence of the bride's father, Maryborough, by the Rev. Wm. Hopkins, Mr. Robert Hurle to Mary, daughter of Edward Harkness, Esq., J.P.

HUNTER—MACINTYRE.—On the 7th inst., at Glenoe,

Penshurst, by the Rev. C. G. Hiller, assisted by the Rev. W. Weston, the Rev. R. Morris Hunter, Wes- leyan minister, to Isabel, eldest daughter of the late Duncan Macintyre, Esq., of Glenoe.

KENWORTHY—HEPBURN.—On the 24th ult., at Christ

Church, South Yarra, by the Rev. W. N. Guinness, Charles James, only son of the late James Ken- worthy, merchant, Sydney, to Annie, youngest daughter of the late John Hepburn, of Smeaton house, Smeaton.

LAMONT—DOWN.—On the 25th ult., at St. Augustine's

Church, Inglewood, by the Rev. H. C. M. Watson, incumbent, Herbert Lamont, of Inglewood, solicitor, to June, fourth daughter of Mr. Daniel Down, of Penshurst, Victoria.

LANGHORNE—ROCHE.—On the 5th inst., at St. Mary's

Church, Geelong, by the Rev. B. H. Power, Edward Langhorne, to Teresea E. Roche, both of Geelong.

LEVERTON—DYKES.—On the 25th ult., at St. Enoch's

Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. A. M. Ramsay,   Fisher Leverton, second son of Thomas Leverton, Walsoken, Norfolk, to Jane Fullerton, eldest daughter of Robert Collvill Dykes, Edinburgh.

LLOYD—KIRKHAM.—On the 31st ult., at St. Jude's

Church, Carlton, by the Rev. C. S. Perry, Charles Westall Lloyd, of Oxley, Victoria, to Ann Elizabeth, eldest daughter of J. K. Kirkham, of Carlton.

LIMMING—TYDEMAN.—On 1st January, at Hokitika,

George Charles Limming, Esq., of Her Majesty's Customs, to Emma Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. James Tydeman, of South Yarra, Victoria.

McBURNEY—FAWKNER.—On the 7th inst., at the resi-  

dence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. R. Hunter, John, third son of the late John McBurney, surgeon, Castleblayney, Ireland, to Matilda, eldest daughter of Matthew Fawkner, Esq., Spring Mount, Roch-


McNICOL—HUTTON.—On the 26th ult., at the manse,

Gisborne, by the Rev. John Meek, assisted by the Rev. Alexander McNicol, William McNicol, of Pent- land-hills, to Eliza Warwick, second daughter of   the late Robert Hutton, of Edinburgh.

MARKS—WOOLF.—On the 24th ult., at the residence

of her brother-in-law, Blanche-house, St. Kilda,   Esther, fifth daughter of the late Aaron Woolfe, of Cape Town, to N. S. Marks, of Maryborough, Queens-

land. No cards.

MESTON—McLENNAN.—On the 29th ult., at St. Jude's

Carlton, by the Rev. C. S. Perry, Alexander Meston, Melbourne, to Ann, eldest daughter of Donald McLennan, Sale, Gipps Land.

MEYERS—WILSON.—On the 18th inst., at Victoria

parade, by the Rev. William Hill, Mr. J. E. Meyers, of Clunes, to Fanny, second daughter of William Wilson, Esq., Launceston, Tasmania.

MICKLE—GOW.—On the 29th March, at Belfast, Port

Fairy, by the Rev. John McMichael, Presbyterian minister, Mr. William Mickle, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr. Donald Gow, Caithness-shire, Scot-


MILES—PILLAR.—On the 10th inst., at the Wesleyan

parsonage, Lonsdale-street, by the Rev. James Bick- ford, Edward John Miles to Eliza Pillar, both of Windsor, Prahran.

MILLER—HARKER.—On the 31st ult., at the Collins-

street Independent Church, by the Rev. A. M. Hen- derson, Albert, second son of the Hon. Henry Miller, to Mary, eldest daughter of the Hon. George


MOFFITT—ROGERS.—On the 6th inst., at the Wesleyan

church, Forest-street, Sandhurst, by the Rev. W. Hill, John Thomas Lowry Moffitt, Pall Mall, Sand- hurst, to Mary Emilie, eldest daughter of the late   Mr. Edward S. Rogers, Welshpool, Montgomery- shire, Wales.

MORISON—FAIRBAIRN.—On the 29th ult., at Hotham,

by the Rev. A. D. Kininmont, George, son of Mr. Robert Morison, Hotham, to Annie, only daughter of William Fairbairn, Tasmania.

MORTLEY—PEAKE.—On the 25th ult., at St. John's

Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. John Barlow, Harry Fugler Mortley, eldest son of William Mortley, late of Kent, to Annie, eldest daughter   of Mr. Frederick Peake, and niece of Mr. James Hutchings, late of Honiton, Devonshire.

O'BRIEN—PENDERGAST.—On the 15th inst., at St.

Francis's Roman Catholic Church, by the Rev. G. V. Barry, Denis O'Brien to Margaret Pendergast, fourth daughter of William Pendergast, Esq., Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria.  

PEVERELL—UNDERWOOD.—On the 29th ult., at the  

residence of the bride's uncle, 77 Coventry-street, Emerald-hill, by the Rev. William Witney, of Brighton, James Peverell, farmer, of Clunes, youngest son of Mr. James Peverell, of Nottingham, England, to Creseat Carter, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. Underwood, late of Melbourne. Nottingham papers please copy.  

POWELL—BIGWOOD.—On the 5th July, 1867, at Brighton, by the Rev. Mr. Taylor, Edward J., son  

of the late Charles Powell, and nephew of the late Walter Powell, to Helene, daughter of the late Frederic Bigwood.   ROSS—BATES.—On the 15th inst., at the residence of the bride's mother, Albion-cottage, Belfast, by the     

Rev. J. McMichael, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian

Church, Mr. D. M. Ross, Argyle-house, Belfast (late Inverness, Scotland), to Mary Ann, fifth daughter of the late Mr. Henry Bates, of Townmills, Jersy.

Home papers please copy.   SCOTT—LAMBIE.—On the 30th ult., at the manse,

Wyndham, by the father of the bride, assisted by the Rev. H. Darling, Emerald-hill, James Scott,  

B.A., Melbourne, to Jessie, eldest daughter of the Rev. James Lambie.        

SMYTH—JOHNSTON.—On the 18th ult., at the residence

of Mr. Blakeley, Maitland-street, by the Rev. Thomas Burns, D.D., George Alexander  Smyth,  

Dunedin, to Barbara, third daughter of the late Mr. Robert Johnston, Huntly, Aberdeenshire,


STEPHENSON—PALMER.—On the 31st ult., at the resi-

dence of the bride's father, by the Rev. F. C. Stephenson {brother of the bridegroom), assisted by the Rev. John Cope, the Rev. Jabez Bunting Stephenson, Wesleyan minister, to Elizabeth Gaved, elder daughter of Mr. George Palmer, of this city.

STOCK—MURPHY.—On the 29th ult., at St. Jude's,

Carlton, by the Rev. C. Stuart Perry, Thomas, youngest son of the late John Stock, woolstapler, of Bermondsey, London, to Margaret Maria, eldest daughter of the late Edward John Murphy, of Bath, Somersetshire. English papers please copy.

TRONSON—DAVIS.—On the 12th inst., at St. John's

Church, Alexandra, by the Rev. Andrew Toomath, Blakely Tronson, storekeeper, Gympie, Queensland, youngest son of Richard Tronson, Esq., of Calgarth, county Meath, Ireland, to Mary Anne, third  

daughter of Morris Davis, Esq., Jamieson.

WALKER—JOLLIFFE.—On the 15th March, at Rich-

mond, Walter James, eldest son of James Walker, Sanitary Station, Point Nepean, to Alice Jane, eldest daughter of William Jolliffe, Prahran.

WALKER—MACPHERSON.—On the 31st ult., at St.

Jude's Church, by the Rev. C. Stuart Perry, Arthur Frederick Walker, Gipps Land, to Mary Campbell, youngest daughter of the late Frederick Adolphus Macpherson, Esq.

WENBORN—GULLOCK.—On the 10th inst., at St. Paul's

Church, Sandhurst, by the Rev. G. P. Despard, Walter Arthur Jones, son of Mr. George Wenborn, London, to Susan Welsford, only child of Mr. Thomas Gullock, of Devon-cottage, View-street, Sandhurst.  

WILLIAM—YATES.—On the 9th inst., at Wood's

Point, by the Rev. J. C. Sabine, Richard E. Wil- liams, of the Castle Reef, Raspberry Creek, to Margaret, eldest daughter of William Yates, late of Bendigo.


ALEXANDER.—On the 28th ult., at 197 King-street,

David Kerr, the infant son of Alex. Alexander.

BARNARD.—On the 20th January, at Norwich, Eng-

land, Frances Catherine, relict of the late Alfred Barnard, Esq., solicitor, and mother of Francis Barnard, Kew, and Frederick William Barnard,

Morse's Creek.

BARRY.—On the 1st inst., at her residence, Mona-

place, South Yarra, Mrs. Emma Barry, wife of Dr.


BELL.—On the 24th March, at her residence, Napier-

street, Fitzroy, Mary Eliza, the beloved wife of Mr. Benjamin Bell, aged sixty years.

BOLAND.—On the 31st ult., at the Champion Hotel,

Fitzroy, Miss Mary Boland, aged thirty-five years.

R. I. P.

BURKE.—At the residence of his brother-in-law, R. H.  

Nicholl, Esq., of disease of the heart, Michael John Burke, Esq., A.M., barrister-at-law, of Kilcolgin,   County Galway, and Halswell, Canterbury, New Zealand, in the fifty-seventh year of his age.

BOAKENWAGEN.—On the 26th ult., on the Reefs,

Pleasant Creek, after a painful illness, Eliza Henrietta Philippine, the dearly beloved wife of Mr. Henry Boakenwagen, deeply regretted by her husband and children and many friends.

BURTON.—On the 8th inst., at his residence, Sydney,

of dysentery, Bethel, eldest son of the late George Burton, Esq., County Wicklow, Ireland, and brother to Miss Burton, St. John's School, Mel- bourne, aged sixty-seven years. A most unselfish brother, when placed in a father's stead.

BARRETT.—On the 18th inst., at 20 Nimmo-street,

Emerald-hill, Mark Barrett, painter, aged sixty-nine years. Home papers please copy.

BOLAND.—On the 31st ult., at the residence of her

brother, Champion Hotel, Fitzroy, Miss Mary Boland, aged thirty-five years. R.I.P.  

BONE.—On the 7th inst., at Murphy-street, South

Yarra, William, son of William Bone, Esq., mer- chant, Greenock, aged twenty years.  

BROWN.—On the 29th ult., at Benalla, Mary, wife of

Mr. Edwin Brown, aged forty-six years.

BROOKS.—On the 13th ult., at his father's residence,

Murray River, near Echuca, of diphtheria, in his seventh year, Thomas George, sixth son of Mr. Brooks, stockwhip-maker; and on the 17th ult.,   Alfred William Murray, eighth and youngest son of Mr. A. Brooks, aged two years and nine months.

CALDWELL.—On the 18th ult., at Chenery-street,

Jamieson, after a lingering illness, Edwin Browne,   the infant son of the late Mr. Andrew Caldwell, engineer, aged twelve months.

CALVERT.—On the 25th February, at London, John

Calvert, Esq., of Irrewarra, Colac.

CAMPIN.—On the 19th inst., at Church-street, Rich-

mond, of croup, Edmund De Courcy Campin, aged three years and six months, the youngest and much- beloved son of Emma Agnes and Henry Campin.

CAMERON.—On the 7th inst., at his residence, Spring

Vale, Merri Creek, James Cameron, formerly of Bald-hills, aged forty years.

CHEW.—On the 12th inst., at Powlett-street, East

Melbourne, Mary Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Mr. Tom Chew, aged fourteen months.

CRANE.—On the 11th inst., at No. 2 Canning-terrace,

Carlton-street, Carlton, Henry Crane, late of the   firm of J. Crane and Co., Commercial-road, Lon- don, and nephew of Joseph Crane, Esq., aged thirty-

one years.

CREED.—On the 25th ult., at the Melbourne Hospital,

from severe fracture of the leg, accidentally caused, after a few days' suffering, Charles Creed, aged forty-

one years.

COPELAND.—On the 26th ult., at Dunedin, Otago, N.Z.,

Hugh Copeland, formerly of Drumaglies, County Down, Ireland, aged twenty-eight years.    

CAMPBELL.—On the 1st February, at Gartrenich,

Monteith, Scotland, Christina, widow of the late Mr. Finlay Campbell, of Aberfoyle.

DAY.—On the 10th inst., at his residence, Albert-

street west, Daylesford, of consumption, George William Day, aged twenty-eight years, late of Cole- street, Dover-road, Borough, London.

DICKSON.—On the 22nd inst., at Richmond, Mr. John

Dickson, late of Tanti-park, Mornington, aged fifty


DICKSON.—On the 9th inst., at Glencairn, Mary Anne

Stewart, eldest twin daughter of Robert and Char- lotte Dickson, aged sixteen months.

DAY.—On the 4th inst., at the residence of her

brother, Brighton, Mary Sarah, eldest daughtor of Charles Richard Day, of Wheatland-villa, Nelson- street east, Prahran.

DOWLING.—On the 29th ult., at the Baptist Chapel

House, York-street, Launceston, in the eighty-ninth year of his age, and the sixty-third of his ministerial labours, the Rev. Henry Dowling, formerly of Wor- cester and Colchester, England. His end was per- fect peace.

DOWMAN.—On the 13th ult., at Sydney, Abraham

William, youngest son of the late Major James Dowman, R.M. New Zealand papers please copy.  

DOWNIE.—On the 31st ult., at Avoca, William James,

youngest son of Mr. John Downie, aged one year

and four months.

DOWNES.—On the 28th ult., at his residence, off

Lonsdale-street east, Melbourne, Mr. Thomas   Sylvester Downes, master mariner, aged sixty-

four years.

EAMES.—On the 1st inst., at Church-street, Rich-  

mond, Richard Eames, of Lincolnshire, England, aged thirty-nine years. Home papers copy.  

ECKERSALL.—On the 24th ult., at 203 Lygon-

street, Carlton, Edith Mary, youngest daughter of John Tate and Mary Eckersall, aged eighteen


FLETCHER.—At Wollington-street, Kew, George Percy

Fletcher, infant son of James and M. Edith Fletcher, aged one year and eleven days.

FOWLER.—On the 9th inst., at her residence, 8

Bouverie-street, Carlton, Mary Breen, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Fowler, aged fifty-five years.

FRASER.—On the 1st inst., at Bond-street, South  

Yarra, John Fraser, late of Fortrose, Scotland, aged thirty-eight years.

FRANKLIN.—On the 9th inst., at Kew, Mary Franklin,

second daughter of the late John Franklin, Esq.,  

formerly of H.M.'s Customs, London, aged sixty-six


FRASER.—On the 28th ult., at Kilmore, Charles

Robert Whitehead Fraser, in the thirty-second year of his age, eldest son of Rev. William Fraser, Bulla, and manager of the Bank of Victoria, Kilmore.

GALLAND.—On the 10th inst., at his late residence,  

200 Little Collins-street east, Henry Galland, aged forty years. Much regretted by a large circle of friends. GIBSON.—On the 18th ult., at Yea, James McTurk

Gibson, aged forty.

GLAVIN.—On the 7th inst., at her residence, Explora-

tion Hotel, Little Lonsdale-street, Elizabeth, the   beloved wife of Mr. John Glavin, aged twenty-two


GOEBEL.—On the 17th inst., at No. 62 Smith-street,

Collingwood, Emma, the beloved wife of Mr. George Hugo Carl Rudolph Goebel, aged thirty-six years. Home papers please copy.

GOUGH.—On the 5th February, at Buckingham,    

Buckinghamshire, Mr. William Gough, father of J. Gough, Flinders-street east, aged seventy-five  


GRANT.—On the 8th inst., at No. 48 Russell-street,

Wilhelmina McBeth, third daughter of the late  

Thomas Grant, Esq., of Switzerland Station, Goul- bourn River, Yea, aged thirty-four years.  

HART.—On the 11th inst., at Emerald-hill, Edith

Maude, the beloved child of Samuel and Henrietta Hart, aged three months.

HARWOOD.—On the 7th inst., at Skene-street, Geelong,

Blanche Agnes, daughter of Mr. T. C. Harewood, aged six years and three months.  

HAWKINS.—On the 17th inst., at the residence of his

his brother, at Sandhurst, Henry Joseph Hawkins, older son of Mr. Otto Hawkins, of the Prince of Wales Hotel, St. Kilda, aged thirty-two.

HASKELL.—On the 3rd inst., at Service-crescent,

Emerald-hill, Charles, eldest son of the late Mr. Geo. Haskell, of this city.

HENTY.—On the 2nd inst., Gabrielle, infant daugh-

ter of Henry Henty, Esq.

HICKEY.—On the 1st inst., at his residence, Pine-

street, South Yarra, Mr. Thomas Hickey, father of

Messrs. Timothy and James Hickey, aged 100 years.   Requiescat in pace.

HUGO.—On the 4th inst., at Melbourne, Mr. Richard

Hugo, aged sixty, formerly of Ballineally, Queen's County, Ireland. Home papers please copy.

JAGO.—On the 11th inst., at Richmond, of diarrhoea

and marasmus, Annie Jennifer Hughes, the beloved daughter of Charles J. and Sarah Ann Jago, aged one year and five months.

JAGO.—On the 21st February, at St. Thomas, Exeter,

Devonshire, Clavinia Olympias Jago, aged thirty- four years, the beloved sister of Charles J. Jago, Richmond.

JACOBS.—On the 26th ult., at her residence, Hokitika,

Fanny Matilda, the beloved wife of Samuel Jacobs. Home papers please copy.        

JAGO.—On the 23rd February, at St. Thomas, Exeter,

Devonshire, Jennifer, relict of the late Mr. James Jago, of Truro, Cornwall, and beloved mother of Charles J. Jago, Richmond.    

JUDD.—On the 28th ult., at Upper Fraser-street,

Clunes, Walter Cecil, youngest son of the late Job Judd, Esq., of dropsy, after scarlet fever, aged six


KENNEDY.—On the 1st inst., at his residence, Church

street, Richmond, Michael Kennedy, Esq., formerly of Launceston, Tasmania.

KENNEDY.—On the 15th inst., at the Crescent,

Brighton, Caroline Kennedy, relict of John Ken- nedy, of Keswycke, Gunning, New South Wales.

KENT.—On the 20th inst., at Murphy-street, South

Yarra, Robert Kent, Esq., formerly merchant of this city, aged fifty-six years.

KERR.—On the 23rd February, at Kirkintilloch,   Scotland, Mrs. John Kerr, sister of Dr. Gibson,    


KITCHEN.—On the 20th inst., at Mansfield, of diphtheric

croup, Henry Hambleton, youngest son of Henry Hambleton and Catherine Kitchen, aged six years.  

LAMBERT.—On the 3rd inst., at her residence, North-

street, Richmond, Annie Terisa Waters, of the county Cork, Ireland, wife of William Lambert, tanner, deeply lamented by a large circle of friends. Home   papers please copy.

LEPLASTRIER.—On the 25th December last, at Glen-

elg, Island of Tobago, West Indies, Charles J. Leplas- trier, Esq., M.L.C., and provost-marshal of the   island, aged sixty years.  

LEARMONTH.—On the 8th February, at Park-hall,

Stirlingshire, Thomas Livingstone Learmonth, Esq., aged eighty-nine.    

LEWIS.—On the 29th ult., at St. Kilda, Fanny Harriet,

infant daughter of Rev. E. G. Lewis, aged thirteen weeks.    

McALPINE.—On the 2nd January, at Lochend,

Moodiesburn, near Glasgow, the residence of his father, after a long and painful illness, Alexander McAlpine, Esq., formerly of H.M. Customs, Mel- bourne.  

McDONALD.—On the 24th ult., at Sandhurst, Dun-

can Forbes McDonald, brother of C. C. McDonald, Sand-


McEWAN.—On the 17th inst., at the residence of the

Rev. P. Brown, Hawthorn, George McEwan, Esq., advocate, Edinburgh, son of the late Rev. James McEwan, Strathaven, Lanarkshire. Home papers please copy.

McFARLANE.—On the 11th inst., at Alfred-street,

Hotham, Annie, the infant daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth McFarlane.

MACKINNON.—On the 24th ult., Donald Mackinnon,  

Esq., of Kalabro, aged forty-nine years.

MARKS.—On the 9th inst., Margaretta Gertrude, the

beloved wife of Mr. L. P. Marks, and eldest daughter of William Earnest Ford, Esq., late of Dublin,  

Ireland. Home papers please copy.

MOORE.—On the 17th February, the beloved son of  

Hugh Crofton Moore and Johanna Moore, aged four years. On the 26th of the same month, the father of the above infant, Hugh Crofton Moore, late of Her Majesty's service, Dublin, and both of diph- theria. Dublin and Liverpool papers please copy.

McAINSH.—On the 22nd inst., at her residence, Errol-

street, Hotham, Mrs. Christina McAinsh, formerly of Kincardine, Scotland. Friends will please accept this intimation.

MAILLARD.—On the 8th inst., at Richmond, of diph-

theria, Florence Emily, only and much loved child of Walter and Elizabeth Maillard, aged eleven months. Home papers please copy.

MATHESON.—On the 14th January, drowned crossing

the Flinders River, Queensland, Donald Matheson, the eighth son of the late John Matheson, of Lochalsh, Ross-shire, Scotland, aged twenty years. Home papers please copy.  

MEADER.—On the 23rd ult., Jane Patience, infant

daughter of Mr. William Meader; also, on the 27th   ult., of typhoid fever, Annie, the beloved wife of Mr. William Meader, of the Albion Hotel, Sandhurst. Home papers please copy.

MEADE.—On the 9th inst., at her residence, Mead-  

lands, Longwood, Elizabeth Penelope, wife of Mr. R. G. Meade, and eldest daughter of the late Robert Meade, Esq., of North Curry, Somersetshire, aged forty-eight years.      

MINTER.—On the 28th ult., at Chapel-street, South

Yarra, Ella, infant daughter of Michael and Emma Minter, aged three weeks.  

MILES.—On the 2nd April, John Edward Miles, iron-

monger, Melbourne; second son of the late Robert Miles, Esq., cloth-manufacturer, Somersetshire. He   died as he lived, a happy Christian, deeply lamented by a very large circle of friends. Adelaide and home papers, please copy.

MOORE.—On the 17th inst., at her residence, 11½

Madeline-street, Carlton, Mary Ann Elizabeth   Moore, aged sixty years, relict of the late James Moore, Esq., of Liverpool, and second daughter of   the late Charles Clements, Esq., of the same place.

MOTTON.—On the 17th February, at St. Thomas,

Exeter, Devonshire, of bronchitis, Captain John Motton, uncle of Charles J. Jago, Richmond.

NEALE.—On the 12th inst., at Barkly-street, Bruns-

wick, Louisa Maud, infant daughter of the Rev. Francis Neale, aged three months and twenty-three days.

NICHOLL.—On the 5th inst., at Conover, Lower Avoca,

James Patrick, infant son of R. H. Nicoll.

O'DONNELL.—On the 14th ult., at the residence of her

uncle-in-law, J. Comyn, Valetta-terrace, King-street, Melbourne, after a protracted illness, Eliza, wife of Mr. Richard O'Donnell, late of Buninyong, second daughter of the late Lieutenant John McNevin, R.N., Clare County, Ireland, in the twenty-eighth year of her age. R.I.P. Home papers please copy.     O'REILLY.—On the 28th ult., at Woodbourne, Jane,

the beloved wife of O. O'Reilly, Esq., and niece of Major Barnes and Captain Barnes, Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland, aged sixty-seven years. Requiescat in  


PESTELL.—On the 17th inst., at the Bank of Austral-

asia, Williamstown, Georgina, wife of William


PLANT.—On the 18th ult., at Merrilands, Preston, of

consumption, Richard Plant, formerly of Leek, Staffordshire, aged thirty-three years. Also, on the 20th inst., his infant son, aged five months.

PYOTT.—On the 8th March, at her residence, Colombo,

Ceylon, of yellow fever, Mary Jane, the beloved wife of Alexander William Pyott, resident engineer, of Hultsdorf Mills, and only daughtor of the late John Graham, of Kingstown, Dublin, Ireland. Dublin and Scotch papers please copy.

POPE.—On the 2nd inst., at his residence, Little

Lonsdale-street, Melbourne, Edward Pope, aged 52 years, an old and respected colonist. Exeter papers please copy.

REIDY.—On the 20th inst., at Ballarat, of colonial

fever, John Reidy, aged eighteen years. Home papers please copy.

REID.—On the 10th inst., at Fernside, near Geelong,

David Boswell Reid; aged one year.

ROBINSON.—On the 15th inst., at Vine-street, Windsor,

William Hugh, infant son of Edward and Elizabeth Robinson, aged eight months.

ROSS.—After a lingering illness, at his residence, The

Grange, Dandenong, Captain David Ross, native of Ross-shire, Scotland, in his forty-fourth year, deeply   regretted.

ROUVRAY.—On the 18th inst., at Nelson-street, East

Prahran, Mr. James Rouvray, aged fifty-seven Home papers please copy.  

RUMPFF.—On the 14th inst., at Northcote, Felicia

Thekla, infant daughter of Justuo and Anne C. Rumpff, aged eight months.

RUSSELL.—On the 2nd ult., suddenly, at Sydney,

Isabella Cecilia, the wife of Mr. George Russell (of the firm of P. N. Russell and Co., engineers, Sydney), formerly of St. Kilda, aged thirty-four


RYAN.—On the 5th inst., at his residence, off Little

Collins-street west, Melbourne, Mr. Denis Ryan, an old colonist, much respected, aged fifty-four


SHEPPARD.—On the 1st January, at Woodfield-house,

Kidderminster, the Rev. John Giuger Sheppard, D.C.L., son of John Sheppard, Esq., county Kil-   kenny, Ireland, and only brother of Sherborne Sheppard, Esq., of the firm of J. B. Were and Son, Melbourne, aged fifty-one.

SINGLETON.—On the 4th inst., at her father's residence,

Upper Hawthorn, after only eighteen hours' illness, of internal haemorrhage, Isabella, second daughter of John Singleton, M.D. She was a dutiful daughter and a loving sister.

SLACK.—On the 11th inst., at Yea, Sarah, the beloved

wife of Robert Slack, aged twenty-seven years. Manchester Guardian please copy.

SMITH.—On the 19th inst., at the Victoria Hotel, Bay-

street, Sandridge, Mr. Frederick William Smith, aged thirty-six years. Home papers please copy.

SPRY.—On the 31st ult., at 52 Cambridge-street,  

Grace, the beloved wife of Joseph Spry, in the thirty-fifth year of her age. Devon papers please


STEWART.—On the 7th inst., at Murchison, Charles

Haggart Stewart, second son of the late James Stewart, Esq., of Wellhall, near Hamilton, Lanark- shire, Scotland, aged thirty-seven years.

TAYLOR.—On Ash Wednesday, at Houghton-place,

London, Louisa Maria, widow of the late Rev. Henry Taylor, formerly rector of Stoke, Rochford, Lincolnshire, in the seventy-fifth year of her age.

TERLICKI.—On the 10th inst., Mr. Peter Joseph Ter-    

licki, of Palmerston-street, Carlton, aged forty-five


THOMPSON.—On the 13th February, at the Green,

Sunderland, Mr. John Thompson, father of Mrs. Henry P. Welch, Toorak.

THOMPSON.—On the 27th March, at Crowlands,  

John Ardagh Thompson, aged sixty-six.

VAIL.—On the 9th inst., Julia Emma Vail, the

daughter of E. L. Vail, solicitor, aged sixteen


WAITE.—On the 20th inst., at No. 228 Bourke-street,

east, Mrs. Emma Sophia Waite, aged thirty-five years. Yorkshire papers please copy.

WEBSTER.—On the 4th April, at Mornington, Mr.

George Webster, brewer and maltster, aged forty- five years. Respected and regretted.

WELCH.—On the 29th January, at Bishopswearmouth,

Sunderland, Durham, Joshua Welch, father of Henry P. Welch, of this city, aged  

eighty-one years.

WILMOTH.—On the 10th inst., Ernest William, infant

son of Joseph Alfred and Lucie Wilmoth, aged eleven weeks.

WOLLASTON.—On the 5th inst., at Glen Huntly-road

Caulfield, Henry Newton, the infant son of H. N. P.  


WRIGHT.—On the 10th inst., at Market-square, Gee-

long, Caroline Ada, twin daughter of Thomas and Emma Wright, aged eighteen months.

WYNNE.—On the 8th inst., at Grant-street, Ingle-  

wood, the infant daughter of James and Jane Wynne, aged eight days.

WHITE.—On the 4th inst., at Henley-grove cottage,

Station-place, Sandridge, Mr. Albert White, of typhoid fever, aged twenty-seven years. Home papers please copy.

YOUNG.—On the 12th inst., of rheumatic fever, at his

residence, No. 5 Barnsbridge-terrace, Bouverie- street, Carlton, Charles Edward, only son of Thomas   Young, Esq., solicitor, of Beechworth, aged twenty-  

nine years.

YOUNG.—On the 2nd inst., at her residence, 36 Bailey-

street, Hotham, Mrs. Young, widow of the late Mr. Arthur Forbes Young, late of the firm of

Young and Martin, merchants, Melbourne, aged   thirty-eight years.