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The nomenclature of Western Aus- tralia is in many respects unique, but there are not many people who are aware how towns, lakes, rivers, moun- tains, etc, derived their names. It is quite a common thing to hear the re- mark, "I wonder how such and such a place got its name." To elucidate many inquiries of that nature, "The   Sunday Times" proposes to publish   from week to week in alphabetical or- der a list of names obtaining in West- ern Australia, setting out how and when each was derived. We have no doubt the information will prove in- tensely interesting to our readers.

Thë lists we -propose tb publish will be supplied by the-Lands Department. lt will be noted that Opposite some names, ho history ls known. We; there- fore, cordially invite anyone who can throw light on the subject to commu- nicate with us, and the missing links will be duly recorded. Later, it pos- sible, we will publish the full list in booklet form, and this, "should prove, a

valuable souvenir of the nomenclature of our great State.

[Explanatory Note:--In the . list, railway .stations or sidings are marked B's, and the other abbreviations stand for the following:-Mt-, mountain; TIL, town; Sp, springs.; R-, river; Id., is : tend; B., bay; Ck., creek'; Ba, range; H, hill; Rks,,rocks; Pt, point; Stn, station; BX, reef; Ii, lake;'Pks, peaks; Sh, shoal; C, cape.J

? .

BALLIDU, Tn., declared 1914; from

combination of native names; Balli and Duli Soaks near.  

BALLIMORE, Waterfall,: named by L.

A Wells, 1896, after the birthplace of Lady Hawker, wife of Hon. G.C. Hawker, of South Australia.

BAMBOO, Ck., probably from number  

of native bamboos growing there.  

BAMBOO, Sp, ---.

BAMBOO, Sps, name of a sheep station.  

BAMBOO, Tn, near Bamboo Springs;

town declared, 1895. BANANA, S,---. BANDY, Ck,--- BANDYA, H, ---

BANGEMALL, Well, contraction of

Bang-them-all, a gold mine; the finders' opinion of the ''find.''

BANJO, Ck, ---     BANNERMAN. Mt, named by D. W.

Carnegie, 1896-7, probably after, the statesman. Campbell-Bannerman.

BANNISTER, R, after Capt. Bannis-  

ter, early explorer in WA, 1831

BANNISTER, Tn, on Bannister River. BARDOC,. Rs. Tn, declared 1896; near

the gold mine discovered by Cash- man and Lee, 1898.   BARING DOWNS,---

BARING, Mt, probably named by

Lieut. J. S. Roe, first Surveyor General of WA, 1848-9.  

BARKER, Inlet, probably named after

Capt Barker, of the 89th Regiment in 1829, by Lieut Roe, R.N., and who was murdered by natives at the Murray mouth, S.A. later. BARKER, L., ---

BARKER, R., named after Lady

Barker, wife of Sir F. N. Broome, Governor of WA, 1884.

BARLEE, L., named by J. Forrest  

1870, after the then Colonial Secre- tary of WA

BARLEE, Mt, named by E. Giles, 1874,

after the then Colonial Secretary for WA.

BARLEE, Ra, named by F. T. Greg-

ory, 1858, after the then Colonial Secretary for W.A

BARLEE,-Spgs, named by J. Forrest

1874, after the then Colonial Secre- tary of W. A..

BARLOWEERIE, Mt, native name.

BARLOWEERIE, Pks, native name. BARN, H, ---.

BARNARD, Rks, ---.

BARNETT, Ra., named by F. H. Hann,


BARNETT, R., named by F. H. Hann,


BARNICARNDY, Hs, native name.  

BAROONA, H., native name.

BARRAMBIE, Stn., a sheep and cattle  

station on the Fitzroy River, Kim- berley.

BARRED, Ck,---  

BARRELL, P,---.  

BARREN, E., Mt; Barren, Mid.. Mt;  

and Barren, W, Mt., three mounts named by Capt. M. Flinders, of the  

Investigator, 1802, and, no doubt,  

from their barren appearance.

BARRETT, Mt., named by A. Forrest 1879, Explorations, after Miss Bar-  

rett-Lennard, of Beverley, W.A.  

BARROW, Id., named by Comr. P. P.

King, 1818, after John Barrow, one of the Secretaries of the Admiralty. BARROW, Ra, -.  

BARR SMITH, Ra., ---.

BARTLETT, Mt., after Norman S.

Bartlett, an officer of the Depart- ment of Lands and Surveys, W.A.,  

by Staff-Surveyor C. Crossland.

BARTON PLAIN and Barton, R., after

Sir Edmund Barton, Prime Minis- ter of Australia, 1900, abt.

BASKERVILLE, C, and Baskerville,

Shoal, named by Comr. P. P. King after his midshipman, Percival Baskerville, of H.M.S. Bathurst 1821

BASSETT SMITH, Sh., ---- . BATES, Ra, --- .   BATHURST, Is.,---.



BEAGLE Bank, and Beagle Bay,

named after H.M.S. Beagle, Capt. Wickham, in 1838.  

BEAGLE, Id., named after H.M.S.

Beagle, Capt. Wickham, in 1838.  

BEASLEY, Mt, after Staff-Surveyor

Thos. Beasley, of Department of

Surveys, WA.  

BEATRICE, Mt., named by Staff-Sur-

veyor Crossland, 1901

BEAUFORT, Inlet, the estuary of the    

Pallinup River, probably named by Lieut, J. S. Roe, 1849

BEAUMONT. Mt., probably named by

Lieut. J. S. Roe, 1849.

BEDFORD Downs, Bedford Mt., and

Bedford Ra., named after Admiral Sir F. G. D. Bedford, Governor of WA, 1903.

BEDOUT, ld., named by the French

Expedition, Captain-Baudin, 1801-3.   BEELU, Id., ---.

BEHN Mt., and Behn R., named by

Alex. Forrest, 1879, after Dr. Behn, of Gotha, successor to Peterman. .

BEJAH. H., named by L. A. Wells  

Exploration, 1896-7, after Bejah, Afghan camelman. Calvert Expedi-


BEJOORDING, Ra. Tn, declared 1899;

named from a spring near; native


BELCHES, Mt, after Mr. Belches, one

of an exploration party from King George Sound; named by C. C. Hunt, 1866.

BELELE, Stn., a sheep station on a

branch of the Murchison River

(native name).

BELKA, Rs. Tn., declared

BELL. Ck., named by F. H. Hann, 1898. BELLA, Ck., named by F. H. Hann,


BELLMUNGING, Tn, declared 1915;

native name of locality.

BENCUBBIN, Rs. Tn., declared 1917;

contraction of Gnylbencubb-in, the   native name of Mt Marshall, near. BENTLEY, H., ---


BERKSHIRE VALLEY., Stn, the homestead of the Clinch family.  

BERNIER, C., and Bernier Id, named

by the French Expedition under Captain Baudin, 1801-3. BERTHA, Pk, ---

BERTHIER, Is, named by the French,


BERTHOLET, C., named by French Expedition. 1801-3.    

BERTRAM, Mt., named by the then

Staff Surveyor. H. F. Johnston,

1884, after his son. BETTIE. Stn, ---.

BEVERLEY. Rs. Tn, declared 1880;

probably named by Lieut. Governor Stirling from Beverley, a town in


BEVON. Mt, named after Bevon

Hamersley by J. Forrest, 1870.

BIBRA'S, Stn, originally owned by F.  

L. Von Bibra, a squatter, near Shark Bay.  

A motor truck capsized after collid- ing with a motor car at the intersec tion of William and Lincoln streets, Perth, on Monday night William Corlis, sen*. (64), a passenger on the truck, had his left foot nearly severed by the fall of the vehicle. Henry A. G. Marrante, of Division-street South Belmont the driver of the truck; Wil-

liam Reginald Beaton, the driver of , the car, together with two passengers in the truck and one in the car, es- caped injury. ¿