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? **"f*«M^mfwyyyn M m m m m m m m -

(By PERCY- L' CURTIS, -exclusively

\ for "The Sunday. Times") ! \

Steel guitars were strumming their fascinating \tunes, suggesting the soft caress of the Pacific breeze and the dreamy nights on the velvet "sea#> that wash the shores of the Southern Isles.'

The plaintive ndtés of their haunting j melody rang out appealingly,, then died lazily away as if brushed by the night wind ' on its cool, sequestered course. Island .of swaying palms. and . dusky 'maidens, where the very music sounds j


Arthur M'Laglen as *' The Cannibal Chi ci "in the picture

i ' which is now being produced in ^FjjL ,

the lore.and appeal of the tropics. It

?was the evening of -Nonnah ^aiim's'àr-; rival in^uva,>B1ji,^itóiSÍhí'f"tonn.of ïthe. Co^jSeas/' the tiüé pï

definitely changed to "TCjíie^^^raolé"

Outcast." r. 'VCohnV ^vras ;¿MeipteÍ|nie»e-}

¡ly for a Working title until something

j waa found to more romantically sug-

gest the theme bf the picture. The

company were glad to set'fèèt on ' terra.«

Arma- after -five sailing days ;from. Syd- j ney. They are all Australians, and de- j lighted with anticipation of their fits, j weeks' stay on this locattón. .ït'is'néw 'j

to most pf ''^Sj^'äjB^'^Äfiyi'^y*1tba*

consequent .intjfja^^r,uañirpiie -waking, à first àcin^t^^^hi iHe la^^roUB beauty «nd OTma^ttc-appeal whîch'ba va always been assorted.with

The ?eereeh^ÍÍK^it^jfSÍ~JÉ^y^g^fáif-:

-with the heauties:©! «tiahgé Ump's and the^Btonuä^d^

peoples: Its pópltih%ity ri^

with thë-niasses,, and with picturesque ceijnloid'gUmpstrs Pf; colorful' sunsets and moonligbt-^lning "down, into sil-

very .seas. Che :^rmpyles '^ve 'cjeftainly. dpnaiheuífehá^

.ger's" loriglng '^it^^e^Sc^^'I^ym's players should appreciate tlo opportu- nity which-their, work:has provided "on

thia trip to Satíf^.^e.-cnrlósity which

literature land'^&e'scréW-feas sthnu- ]

latei r.^/.' fTi^,' \"' ."'

íCn arri^^ noy-,

wedding ~.ïèas^--^às^^ were the

costumes' worn, . While natives went

thrpugh a ' series of grotesque dances

which absorbed much of the perfor- j

mers*, physical energy. A long feast ; followed, ? the - menu including ".pigs j roasted-whole,- taro (breadfruit)', and i

many other "appetising" dishes which ] the 'company ate rather than çfiend ¡ «their, hosts.; The «novelty of acting for.

the 'movies ls spreading- tb prominent 1 personages. ? Twenty-five of Suva's ! wealthy : commercial magnates _took

part as beachcombers in a' wild chase \ through tropical palmgroves oh a re-. cent: Sunday. Each one signed for h!s day's.'pay as an "extra,"'and' coliec tirely they handed over the total of theh?: earnings" to'the Suva Old 'Meta's Home, which benefited by £25. Strangely -enough, one of the beach-

combers was -a' cousin to the authoress ' Beatrice Grimshaw, from whose ^sto^y the film is being'adapted.' The 'natives as well as the Whites at Fiji are follow- ing the'company's movements each day on location, despite Dawn's last minute secrecy, as to their -destination. This ls' being-observed :so that the company may proceed with the shooting of scenes without the -players* attention being abstrated by crowds of curious onlookers apt to' get in' the 'way and hmder the producer's progress. There is little âme to listen to Ute music of the euri breaking'. oh the coral reefs, while, they are ''working from daylight

to -darli, Sundays included.

I . Glimpses of ;'Fiji's ; varied scenic at-

tractions will make a beautiful back grxjfind tb Surround tlie dramatic and comedy elements of the pictures. « On their way to shoot one of the big scenes they passed through the finest drive out from. Suva to the look-out j.t ' Támavua village" iánd. Sawani-road, from which is seen a magnificent pan- orama of'land and sea extending from Nauà to, Nukulaù. ,The company, are happily stationed at the Grand Pacific Hotel, set in ' spacious. grounds, where

huge palms sti? lazily in the tropic

breeze. The "Matt Gabbettr of "The I Term"'has another man-eating role as ; that of the cannibal chief In "The Ador- ;

able Outcast,'' aiui,the art of make-up ] has' worked a transformation in ap-,] pearance whieh'is hard to penetrate. A glimpse at the-accompanying photo will

illustrate more ' l*bh\'mcingly Arthur ; M'Laglen' in' his new disguise,,with

huge earrings and Ä boar's.tusk pierced , thrpugh bis nose. What will nappers think of'his new -sirle bf hairciit? The shingle, serai-shingle, the bob, and the

Eton cut 'to^nibing-on^this bunch ; of° '{straight, luxurious growth. - :Prob ^ly Fîjl^ barbers TVJÍI be bidding. a handsome premium if or; the commercial privilege of hanging out. the claim tExclusive Hairdresser ' to Arthur MXagleh, Cannibal Chief in The jLdor ablë Outcast**'o . . ;- ".'.?'?'.'.

Edith Eoberts" Edmund Burns, and

Walter ;ttpg£i&us&'.stars .from ittbUy-: wood, under engagement ' ito Áüetrai asiaP Fflms:'jSrü^^arriycÁ.jat''^^vtt'-,;hy' the"Sonoma on .May.X7, and.completed the personnel of the Throngs greeted them on the Wharf, wiiere Mts* roberts, beautifully,;Fjrth avenue's latest style,' became the cen- tre of interest . with womenfolk. The dainty star- was born and schooled in Kew Torie " City, ami. commenced her movie career at "the age often years, playing 'little girl" parts with Tjniver ^(^îlms-?' ¡Her first leadings role came,

at the*tender age of 13. For the past four' years *he -has been freelancing very profitably, and her present en gage'ment io Australasian Films; is by arrangement .with Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. SEJnlike /nany other stars,. when

sité* pomes tb" Sydney: next{ month ' she

will-be in the: zénith pf her career. Among many pictures in which film

. "-- ;

fans nave, seen her either starred or co- starred are included "On Thin Ice" with Tom Moore "Seven Keys to Bald pate" with Douglas M*Leah, "The Age of Innocence" with BBiott - Dexter." "There You Are" witlrlbonrad Nagel, "Twenty Dollars, Per Week" with Ron- ald Colman and George Àrliss, and Cecil B.- De Mjllé's big spectacular produc- tion "Saturday Night" Her role in the picture'which has necessitated her visit

to Australia will he that of Luya, au

adorable outcast. , .

Eddie Burns is the real matinee idol type .winning the affection 'in the flap- per's heart which the late Wallie Reed enjoyed. . Burns has a fine and hand- some athletic appearance, and' staged a genuine Jirst-class- thrill as the Son- , oma pulled into the wharf at ;Suva. In a fashionable Hollywood bathing cos- tume ¡he dived overboard and proceeded

to swim to the wharf before the boat ]

tied up, despite the fact that the waters ; are known to. be heavily infested with sharks.' Apparently Providence takes care of the daring. Nevertheless, he was hauled * under instructions from the captain, and appeared grieved at the intervention for his safety. Burns is a Philadelphian, -and was a member of the Philadelphian Stock Co. before tie went into, the celluloid game. He has appeared in many wonderful screen roles, among the most memor- able being his .part opposite Gloria Stvanson in ^'Thp Humming Bird." with Mae" Murray in "Jazzmania," opposite Constance Talmadge in "East Is West," with Bebe Daniels in .The Manicure fiiry . and . his wonderful characterisa- tion --In Zane Crey's -Forlorn River."' The Hollywood'Athletic Club, of which he is a member, cláiinshim as a horse- man; swimmer, and golfer of note. His present engagement ññ. Dawn's local production ;is -by special arrangement "with Producers* Distributing Corpora- tion.. ? " ' .?"-' '

j Watter taue. Cecil B. De Millé'Ê

! leading character . man, and a real deep-dyed scre^u;'villain, stepped ott the boat in a. vivid colored shirt and a huge hat intended to beat off a .tropic , sun. Born in New Hampshire, he is of ¡English descent, his ancestors number-

ing among'the first settlers of Massa- chusetts. Bighteen yearsvit js stoceliis"

! first screen vehicle, priot^tp, .-wjSicn he . played on. the legipmaie/BpaS9:^iii' Holbrook Biinn. arid :'$£ ',^,f^9itifrl: Long has the adv^tej^oye'r^anylsâçi' tors' in. having 'j^ii^^*!^^^^^^^..

reefton of 'the :'stiEeenvs, most successful directors, incIulííngSÍ.-ypC Gnffitfi, Cecil. B. De Mille Fri il' fNiblö^: Janies Cruze, Eric Von Strohtim, King^ Vjdor, and others; while' he*i|ni&J'"^^^ ;alJso With FifJndbn's. greatest ifcars,: naming Mary Pic0brd,;.>Ttó

Swanson; the .late ftudolph Valentino,. <^Ueen,Mw^

mas Meignan. IP iferch 'bf-this year he was snbiÄ^und for>two 'weeks'. in the ,Sier^Nei^^^^ .in ¿Cíñ^prnia, 50 milés;¡f^nií0"éfi?*á^t Jïowri, while. maJang'-ihe' f pIct^rè'^Bàck ; to : iGod'¿í Goimtr>y,*'¿thèi^^faàffm;$^'ià^tàn':"^-:

James ?OUv¿ej-;- jCurwopd^story? . ^tarring; Bene ^.^dorej.7 ?¡.ít'is claimed '.that the: extreme ^haraihf^ which '-Walter ¿orig end»h;ed;.thrbugh :this¿trip temporarily -unhinged , liis\ : .mind. ':.'-' Lynn Reynolds was ih£ -rdttjpctor -^hp'se suicidé occur- red the. hight the''cpinpany returned home from.: locatiôn.'-^and 4ryíng Wiliatt had &^.IB^v>^toe^fíi^ttó pictori; Fouowlñg ;thi& traii^líatalitjr. Long-ré*

which only ^^a^it^yy^l^mplstédi. tp jaoctártilÉr^

second celîuîbiâ enterla^mment which ?Dawn is making for Australasian Films

and his áppeSáñcé in. .the -cast of .""'Thife.

¿a»r^ie ^utea^

Immediately ..the stars";had ?»t : their .

lana :iégs., ^abk.:pj^upfr. ? pàwn? Bpok; his .'company, lo^Bau, the, ©id, «apitál ol Mii? ^ere Kink Kath Popí assembled ¡ three' thgpsanid-.natiyes .toisaja^^fiill w&^Ém^pSm¿Sé Wttis. caâreibMâe iñ which 1mgé~sete SO ïeet Wgh^were to be burned down for a spectacular scene in}the picture. ,V.'. ,