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This imposing memorial is shortly to be erected on Monument HOI, Fremantle, on the site of the present obelisk. The height is 85 ft. from base to the top cf the touer, and ihe height above sea level i? 244 ft. The structure will command a magnificent view (or miles around. Messrs. Allen & Nicholas, of Fremantle, are the designers, and the

construction is tn the hands of Mr. P. Porcelli, of Perth. The cost is estimated at £3,500.

Monument Hill, Fremantle, ts shortly i

to be the ecene of unusual activity. I

For some time past now workmen have been employed laying paths and cleaning up 'preparatory to the con»

struction of the fine monument in mem- ory of our fallen soldiers and sailors.

It would be an impossibility to find in this State, perhaps even in the Com- monwealth, a more ideal site. Built on the highest elevation of Freman- tle, the imposing structure wfll over

i look Australia's Gateway and claim

i attention and admiration on account of its dignified proportions. The rim will show a marked improvement by its addition, thus superseding the present obelisk, which possesses none of its qualities, but rather presents'a forlorn


The height of the structure is Soft, the tower being 60ft high, with a baso 18ft square. Flying buttresses, which support the base of the tower, increase

the base measurement, to 32 feet square Terraces oí steps extend on all four sides to a height of 4ft. i

The base, to stand the wear of tim«, is constructed of granite, whilst tho rest is cf concrete, with the exterior worked in rock-faced Donnybrook stone. Prominent on the monument are two marble subscription tablets and four wreaths, which lend additional beauty.

Monument Hill' is 160ft. above .sea level, and at this height the structure will sustain a dignity fitting with the sentiment which it perpetuates.

MeEsrs. Allen and Nicholas, of Fre- mantle, were the architects, and th-î construction is In" the hands of Mr. P. Porcelli: sculptor ,of Perth. The cost is £3500, and the-time allowed for com-

pletion is two years.

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to hang a' billycan over a fire which may haye been lighted on the road- side. We recommend motorists tra- velling: in country districts ^ to .carry one. . The Cyclone Fence Co.. Murray street, are the manufacturers.