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Messrs. H: and H. Withnell, of Nor- tham, were so satisfied with their business transaction with Messrs.

Sewell and Poola in the purchase of a I car that before a week bad elapsed ! after the purchase they ordered a

second car.

?c- ? ?

The control which is. ensured by four-wheel brakes makes cars so fitted marvellously easy to drive even in the heaviest traffic. When moving: at a high speed the car can be brought to i a standstill in an incredibly short dis-

tance without any risk of skid.

«? ".

Bobbed hair end shingled hair have their votaries, and now there is i bobbed Ford, for over In Minnesota some of the boys performed a major operation OD a Ford, cutting it down to the Plimsoll line and mounting lt on tiny wheels. They did it to attract attention-and got it!

» -fr ¡

The second Rugby delivery truck has been purchased by Mr. R. Gamble, of Wyalkatchem, who found the first   Rugby truck completely satisfactory. Low running costs, easy running, free- dom from squeaks and body rattles and dependability at all times are a few of the attributes of the Rugby truck.

The. Ford Motor Company ..obtains about five patents a year. Other in- ventors obtain about SOO patents a year on devices particularly applicable ' to Ford cars arid Fordson tractors. With ten million cars in operation, the op- portunity to make a fortune by invent- ing something for the Ford, at once useful and cheap, is an alluring one.

-- - - - - --m

j Mr. J. W. Green, of Arthur E. Davies ?

I and Co., of Fremantle, last week took delivery of an Overland. Realising the value in the .popular Overland, Mr. Green did not hesitate to place his


? ? ?

Another farmer in Mr. S. E. Snook, of Cunderdin, has secuerd a Rugby car. Now that harvesting has closed, with bumper crops at nice prices, farmers ? will have time to drive around a bit I

in their Rugby cars. j

To .the order of Mr. A Barr, , of Bull-

finch, Adams Motors, Ltd, have sup- ' plied a beautiful sports model Willys ', Knight. An aristocratic car is. the Willys Knight, and Mr. Barr was in raptures with his new car.

.. ? ? -

"Once a Buick owner always a Buick owner." This apparently cannot be said at all times, as Mr. J. F. G. 'Robin- son, although he has long been a car owner, bas just purchased his first Buick. Mr. Robinson's new 'cat-is an American bodied standard six, and he is very pleased with it.

Mr. A. K. Langsford, manager of the United Insurance Co., took delivery of a Chevrolet last week, making another addition to the many commercial men who find in this light car the combina- tion of qualities necessary for depend- able and economical road travel The Chevrolet will, go anywhere in as quick and comfortable a manner as possible; looks well; and lasts as well 'as lt looks.' . ? ' . -.

Mr. Ben Sharpe, of Wolleen Station, has taken deüverv of a smart single seater 15-30 h.p. Crossley arranged as a station runabout car, being fitted with a tray body behind thc driver's


? ?.? ?

The Bean fourteen has balloon tires as a matter of course-real' balloon tires, and not merely large diameter tires. Four-wheel braires are optional equipment, while every Bean fourteen is fitted to accommodate them.


Lloyd George's chaffeuse, Miss Char- lotte Marsh, is in America nt the heme of the Ford, learning all about it. She has driven and sold, them, and during the war acted as personal chaf- feuse to thc then Prime Minister.

? ? ?

JMr. J. Brennan, of King's' fark road, last week took delivery, of a handsome Minerva car, -20 h.p., six cylinder, from the local agents, Messrs. Adams Motors, Ltd. Miss -D. Brennan is to be seen driving thiE new car, and it ls certainly in expert' hands- when driven by one of Perth's leading . lady drivers.

Within the period of 10 days Messrs. Denny Bros, Ltd., placed no less than six Heb trucks (three 25cwt. and three 36cwt.) in service for wheat haulage in the Yealering, Kulin and Kondinin districts, as well as a 2-ton A.E.C. lorry which will operate at Kondinin. This is an endorsement of the popu- larity Reos are enjoying in the wheat growing .areas.


Denny pros.' Ltd. advise that a new Australian price for Crossley cars took

affect from the 22nd instant, the price of the 15-30-h.p. model, with:English body, being £ 545. The firm have a few of these cars in stock at present, which they can sell at the original price of £515, but further deliveries will be at the* gigher figure. Will Prospective Crossley buyers please

note? j

? ? ?

Messrs. Pearce and Adams have 1

taken delivery of their fifth Reo chassis, fitted with a charabanc body, to add to their Red Reo charabanc ser- vice.. Fleet owners are exacting buy- ers, and no doubt this firm was in fluehced by the economical running re- sults -and "no trouble" performances

of their existing fleet of Reos when j

placing their order for their fifth chassis.


Having decided that lt was time for I

them to purchase a new car, Messrs. Beaton Bros., of Thundelarra, Yalgoo, decided to invest their purchase money to good advantage, and to this end took delivery recently of a large Ame- rican bodied Buick six. These cars are rapidly becoming, more and more popular, and justly m,ffor they are 'amongst the most handsome machines to be Eeen in Perth.

. '.' . ?

, Mr. Bingemann, of Perth, recently

purchased a Gray car. Messrs. Sewell 1 and Poole" state that it is the finest that bas ever left the showroom. It looks smart in its antique leather up-

holstery with an olive grey body and I cL'sc wheals with plated hubs and rims.

Wherever it is noticed in the street ] it attracts a crowd of admirers. Mr.

Bingcmann is highly-delighted with hid | purchase, and reports that it is giv- ing excellent service. ? ?

' ? ? *.

Austral Motors Ltd. have instituted a fine Vulcan service for all owners of

Vulcan trucks." A Vulcan service truck j

will always bo available for.the use i of those owners of Vùlcàhs who are ' having them overhauled or repaired,

or whose trucks may be out of coin- : missipn." "They will simply ring up for ; the service truck and use it until their ! own truck is available. The conveni- ? euee of : this service, will be. instantly j appreciated by truck owners.

1* "*" "*"

For : the* haulage ? of general - .mer- chandise between Perth and Kulin and wheat carting in the Kulin area. Messrs. M'Xamara and Clarke have placed with Messrs. Denny Bros. Ltd. thëir -JÓrder" for.'their first 36cwt Roo trttck. M'Katfiara and Clarke, 'have been well supported by the local farm- ers in obtaining wheat carting con- tracts, which is-evidenced by the-fact that they expect to be busy on. this work only for some time t0 come. ;

? ? ?

The Darracq car needs no introduc- tion to those who read the doings of cars on . the Continent of Europe. In addition to taking first, second- and third places iri the French Grand Prix with onlv three Darracq cars entered in this;classic, the Darracq also an- nexed the'first, second and third places in the Brooklands 200. Two speci- mens of this car. ^with French bodies, beautifully finished, 12 and 15 h.p.

respectively, have been landed by ;

Comet Motors Ltd.. and immediate de- livery can be made from stock.

? ? .??.

"Where does the power come from?" ' is the general query regarding the

Chevrolet. The answer. Is seen direct- J ly the bonnet is lifted. There,.as.po», j erful looking as it ls, the Chevrolet | over-head-valved engine creates an impression of being a source of end-

less energy, yet withal a unit that is j

most accessible and simple. Mr. C. E. Wilkinson, of Northam, who took de-

livery of a Chevrolet last week, should |

find he has control of a most econo-

mical car, one that will pan out pure ;

gol8 in its lowness of running' costs.

"I am practically a novice with cars, j yet during four months' service the.

Gray has never held me up. I use it ; as a family car, and generally-carry j over the load. It runs silently, and ! most journeys can be taken ' on top gear. . This alone prox-es a well-bal-

anced engine. My journeys have ranged j

from 20 to 100 miles with petrol con- sumption about 30 miles to the gallon. One feels this way about it: It mat-

ters hot where you want to go, when j you want -to go, how fast or bow slow j you want to go-bop in, family 'and j

all-the Gray will do the rest"-From : a letter received by Messrs. Sewell and i


? ? ?

International trucks have always 1

been to the fore in improvements. The j

factory advise:the local agents,. Messrs. Adams Motors, Ltd., that a further two new innovations are being - added to the already popular fleet-of trucks in the. form of a 2-ton truck, -ÍSOiñ.' wheel base, fitted with solid tires, 4in. front and Tin.- rear, and electric light equip- ment The second is a special 'bus chassis, 190m. wheel base, and equip- ped with a 6-cylinder engine; disc steel wheels, 36 X'6 pneumatic tires in front, and 36 .x 5. dual cushion, tires in the rear: ?? Safety has been amply provided for, by the Siting of four-wheel, brakes. 'Bus owners'" are' also to be catered for to some purpose by International, and when the word International is spoken it signifies "after service." The. an-

nouncement -that Adams Motors, Ltd., j

are,establishing; a large and up-to-date

garage for International trucks in the I hewlyiacqnlred: premises from Stir- j ling-Street" to "Beáüfort-'stree't. sHouId |

ensure . patrons of an "after ser rice" that will meet-all demands. -

Many of the world's leading automo-

bile engineers are of the opinion -that a small lightweight automobile, econo- mical in operation and having a low first cost, will/.eventually supplement the larger and heavier automobile- of to-day.' The small car will not replace big automobiles, but would fill.a need that exists to-day. . The small car of the future will be built very low, and probably have a. tread narrower than the . present standard., It will be of

two-passenger capacity. Its chief ad- vantages will be f u<?l economy-10 or 50 miles on a gallon of . petrol5-and ease and convenience of handling. In- cidentally, a machine of such construc- tion-would be a 'great aid towards so- lution of congestion, since it would take up less room when it is parked

or when moving in the traMc !

The little car will be primarily for city i driving in place of the larger automo- j bile, which win he used more for. ex- j I tensive trips, toprins, etc.