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I . ?

To a surprising degree the de« , signer and buirdcrs of ihe car illue tratcd succeeded in combining utiiity and nattiness of appearance. ;

Built on -- to a Chevrolet chassis, chosen expressly for its economy of operation aci dependability, the body

follows the lines of some of the latest

European sports models, but at the same time lt has many interesting fea-

tures not to he found on them. For ' instance, a business man's car and one likely to be used on long runs into the outback, it has a self-contained travel- ling radius of 2600 miles (reckoning only 26 miles to the gallon ox . petrol, and any Chev, will do more). It has special arrangements for sleeping ac- commodation for its driver, should a night , stop-out be necessary, and also provision for the carrying on of office business. A. special table, fitted to the fadaboard by means of brackets (but easily removable) serves as writing or typing desk, while small compartments behind the dash, covered ?with neat

I sliding panels, holds any- necessary re- quisites. The bed (shown made up,

with the back squats removed abd used las a pillow) has the foot to the rear, I with the rear body panels protecting j the sleeper, while the head, as indi ¡cated by the pillow,-'is in the driving

? compartment. All very cosy, you will admit.

I~ The bodywork Itself is the product

of . local workmen (.the Maher Bros.), *ad to them it ia a credit. Finished in cream, with copper radiator shell j and exhaust Pipe, V-shaped wind- screen, etc., lt looks-pleasing.

In choosing.a Chevrolet chassis, the owner and designer. Mr. Ivan H. Par- ker (new business manager of the .City Life Insurance Co.) was actuated by. business mo tl res. First, as an insur- ance man covering a very large terri- tory, he had to have ' reliability, coupled with fuel economy, otherwise -with the high consumption-his travelling radius would be impaired considerably. Secondly, already long'

the possessor of another Cher., fee has ' an engine with whiçh he is thoroughly conversant,. a big thing should any- thing untoward occur on the long trail.

Then, on the sports body, he has something likely to attract attention, and something, therefore, of publicity value, and publicity pays.

Again; Mr. Parker reckons the car- riage of his own petrol and oil from Perth, where it bought <at its minimum price in W.A., will save him a lot in running expenses, and also the uncertainty of procuring supplies.

Mr. Parker had his objectives utility and appearance-well in mind when he designed his bus.

Our illustration shows: Top, a side view, revealing the graceful lines. Thc owner stands at the front. Below (left): A typewriter in position on the adjustable table, and (right) the bed made up.