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¡§ LUDENDORFF - ; 1¡¡ j

]=j Who recently made a sensational ji l ?= ft tack upon his c^mrade-in-armft is j g during the war,Fiçïd" Marehki. ;H j

H¿ von'Hindenburg, now -President-=1

ot Germany,- -for the lattet'^EH.

^ support of the Locarno Pact. si




By C.B. -r- ?

Amongst , the earliest ot the -explor- ers ci .this great State; "was -Lieutenarh: afterwards Captain William Preston, E-fí., .an;oflieer <jí *the H.M.S. $ access, on its initial voyage to Swan. River,

j when ats commander. Captain James

i Stirling, was in command, and after

i wards as; .first "lieutenant,, ot H.M.S.

j Sulphur, -when; that ship : did-guard.

. duty, to ¿he-newry- foúñiK?3 ': colony .

I . ip -lieutenant r Preston. Inp-. State j owes a ¿reai debt, for^the «fliect of his

j eárly; explorations; ted to. thé -discovery

j ol^theCollie and PrestbrTTtivers. Lakes

1,1'rpstoh arid Clifton, and it is not too j much ,10. say; that *o "these endeavors' I' we^ owe in ¿np ,sligb_t degree; the;early

settlemerif :at -ïiunbûrj". and Busselton.

This "intrepid "young cxplorer'-was also responsible, foi' the Irrst attempt"* to pierce the1 veil thrown hy ^fhfe forbid - ! ding .shadows ot the Darling Rahjges. j Later on Lieutenant Preston 'Was /rè I spdnsible for -the conduct lof a bpat;ex j pedition which waü- suggested sboula. j oy eaty surveys pf the'epast,, explore j the'cöastline from iAlbany'to Fremantle. [jVdyerse conditions, however,,,. super

! varied, and the explorers. ' inade prác ; tically what was .the Jlret land"Jour-

ney : frons the settlement on - King George's Sound to Fremantle

' Sooniafter the attempt/ the explorer was appointed on promotion to H.1I£. Electra, on. the ' South American_ sta- tion. ? . '. ,

¡The subject of our. »Ketch came.from a. very' old family -renowned in; naval annals, being the son of Amrdrát of the Wbite,: D'Arcy Preston,-whose na- val exploits as the commander ' bf many stornjing"*parties "in the ' W<est Indies gained-him - much honor , and'' not little prpfit. The Admiral on his retirönent from:active: "service became Deputy Lieutenant o'f the North-abd West Ridings of Yorkshire. ' ^

lieutenant .-William Preston entered the navy as a first-class volunteer, during January,-1811, andiwas>appoint ed to the" Venus "frigate, and served for a number jof years on the West Inr dian and ïforth American -stations. On January-2.4, 1826, lie was appointed to the Success carrying -28 - guns, '.under the command of Sir James. Stirling, who was io become famous' as the practical founder, and first governor ,ot this great State. After his retirement from the position at governor ot the' Swan River' Settlement; he was, on the prospect o£ war with France, appoint- ed to thc command of f the battleship Indus, carrying 78 gun«, eventually" at- taining command pf the Howe, carry inp 120 guns.

Though Sir James Stirling is better jgxewn in this State-'-by, his actions tfurlng the period he was governor of the State, he eventually rose to high naval command, upcoming a Junior Lord oí the Admiralty for a - short time in 1$S2, and the Comniahder-in> Chief of the China Squadron ..during i the Russian war. i .

From th? Success Lieutenant Pres- ton was transferred, as" first lieuten- ant of the Sulphur^ and..on'attaining the rank of Commander in 1833 was transferred to the South American sta- tion to the Electra.

.On "this station promotion was.fair- ly rapid.for.Lieutenant^irestpn became second captain- of the Stag, carrying 46 guns, in 3«3p. . ; " . . .

Between» the governor of the Swan River Settlement.and.Lieutenant Pres- ton'there.was a bond of marriage, for both naval ofnecHfi nad¿married daugh- ters of James jlanglc. tesquire. M.P.. for Woodbridge. after; the Woodbridge in Western Australia, near guildford, and - Untr estate of Captain James Stirling took - its . name.'