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(Before Messrs.Sturt, P.M., Rawlings, Thom-

son, and his worship the mayor, J.P.'s.)

MINOR OFFENCES.-Fanny Anderson, a young woman, was fined 5s , or 24 hours' im- prisonment, for using obscene language. John Muggun, Ellen Williams, and Eliza Williams, were each sent to prison for six months as vagrants.-Alice Bush was fined 10s., or 48 hours in gaol, on a charge of using obscene language.

REMINDED.-Lawrence Murphy was re- manded till Friday, on a charge of stealing a deposit-receipt for £280. B.ul enlarged. Minnie Levy was remanded till Friday,

charged with stealing £50 from George Wilcox., Bail allowed.-John Cameron was remanded till Friday, accused of stealing goods from the goods station of the Victorian Railways. Bail allowed.-James McKey was also remanded till Friday, accused of embezzling money at Deniliquin, N.S.W. Bail allowed.-James and James Casey, father and son, were re-

manded for a week on a chargo of assaulting   and robbing Thos. Collins, alahourer.-James Duffy was remanded to head-quarters as a deserter from the 18th Regiment.

DISCHARGED.-Wm. Smith, charged with larceny as a bailee, was released, as the prose- cutor withdrew the charge.


(Beforo Messrs. Sturt, P.M. ; Rawlings, '

O'Brien, Hull, and Alston, J.P.'s.)

LARCENIES -James Gorman, for stealing a bottle of -vinegar, was sent to gaol for two

months.-Jane Cook, who had walked off ' with a wedding-ring shown to her by a sea- man named John Palloy, and had pawned it, was sentenced to one month's imprisonment.

REMANDED.-Martin Sorum was remanded to appear at Sandridge Court next day, on a chai go of deserting his ship.-Wm. Nichols, ¡ who pleaded " Guilty" to being a deserter from the 14th Regiment, was remanded to head-quarters.-Lewis Montgomery was re-

manded till next day on three charges of. forging and uttering, a principal witness, named Donald Buchanan, being absent. Justinia Freyer was remanded for medical inquiry on a chaTgo of insulting behaviour.

- I

FITZROY. - At this court on Monday- i before Messrs. Harker,' Delbridge, Falconer, and Huiles-John Lynch was charged with larceny from a dwelling-house. The prisoner was a recent importation, and had come out from England as cook on board the ship Montrose. He was lodging at a houso in Gertrude-street with a shipmate named Kelly, from whom he stole a coat and bat, for which ho was arrested. On being searched, the police found on him a bunch of skeleton keys

and several drills, and a packet of fuse. Tho | skeleton keys were ingeniously made, and of i very superior construction to those usually , found on tho housebreaking fraternity in the I colony. The prisoner was sentenced to three 1 months' imprisonment with hard labour. Ada Renshaw and Arthur Renshaw, two neg- i lected children, were broughtup by the police.

Their case was postponed for a week, to give , the mother an opportunity of getting relief ' from the Ladies' Benevolent Society.-Wm. Eltham was fined 10a., or two days' imprison- ment, for threatening the life of Annio Whit-


EAST COLLINGWOOD.-At this court on Tues- day, Messrs. Templeton, Hailes, and Reade were the presiding magistrates. Fanny King, a woman of immoral character, was charged with having stolen a gold chain, a locket, a pencil-case, and a guinea, value £6, the pro- perty of William Taylor, of Hotham. The facts of the case, as shown in evidence, were

that one day last week the prosecutor whilst   intoxicated fell asleep in Flinders-street, and   on awaking found that the articles mentioned had been stolen from him. They were after- wards traced to the possession of the pri- soner. The Bench committed her for trial. Three youngsters, of the species now known as "larrikins," named James McDonald, aged 15, David Roberts, aged 16, and James White, aged 13, were brought up charged with stealing a scent-bottle, the property of S. Kelly, storekeeper, Smith-street. The boys were shown to have gone into the shop ostensibly to buy some paltry article, and one of them purloined the scent-bottle. The Bench re- manded the prisoners until next week in order that inquiries might be made respecting their parents. Nothing was known to the police of the parents of McDonald and Roberts, but White's father, who keeps Mac's Hotel, in Smith-street, sent word to the Bench that he could not manage his son, and would pay for his maintenance if the Bench sent him to the Reformatory Schools. Bail was allowed for each prisoner in the sum of £10, but none was forthcoming for any of them and they were removed to gaol. James Jamieson and Wm. Lambert were fined 10s. each for being drunk and disorderly, and a woman named Margaret Forrest was sent to the Yarra Bend as a lunatic.

EMERALD-HILL.-At this court, on Mon- day, Wm. Ogleby was fined 10s., for using obscene and abusive language.-Eliza Hay- ward, a notorious character, against whom several previous convictions wore recorded, was brought up, charged with being drunk and disorderly, and using obscene language.

Being convicted of both offences, she was' fined 40s., or 14 days' imprisonment for the first, and £10, or three months' imprison-

ment, for the second. Mr. Mouat was the, presiding magistrate.

SANDRIDGE.-On Monday-before Mr. Mol- lison, P.M., and Mr. Barker, J.P.-John W. Johnson, charged with being drunk and dis- orderly, was fined 5s., or 24 hours' imprison- ment.-Nicholas Hicks, on tho same charge, was fined 20s., or threo days' imprisonment, having been previously convicted on the same charge.-Frank Wright, charged with» resist-

ing the police in the execution of, their duty, ' was lined 10s., or 48 hours' imprisonment,

Charles Vass and William Jones, who swam a«horo from the ship Sir narry Smith, wore sentenced to have 10 lashes each, and Francis Holmes to 15 he having on previous occasions been convicted on the same charge.

PRAHRAN. - (Beforo Messrs. Templeton, P.M., Carter, Looker, and Thomson, J.P,'s ) On Monday, Catherine Phelan summoned Samuel Hampson for unlawful assault, and Samuel Hampson summoned John' Phelan, tho former's husband,'for a like o'ffonce, but the Bench considered one party was as much to blame as the other, and dismissea both cases.-Mrs. Sarah Smith applied to have her brother's two boys, aged 11 and 13, sent to the Industrial School, but the Bench thought it would be an imposition to charge the state with their maintenance, i and refused the application, at the same time ordering a warrant to issue for the father's arrest.

WILLIAMSTOWN.-At this court, on Tues- day, William Richards, brought beforo Messrs. Mollison and Power, charged with being drunk and disorderly, was fined ßs.-James Smith charged William Symonds with assaulting him. Thefornñer was,the engineer and tho latter the fireman of the steamer Résolue, and on a complaint being made by Smith that Symonds had neglected his work, the defendant struck him two blows on the face. The defendant was fined 40s., and ordered to pay 5s. costs.-John Curry, a publican, was charged by the police with receiving from Hannah Smith certain ( articles of wearing apparel in payment for, liquor supplied to her. The Bench reserved their decision till Friday.- Another publican, William Duncan, was then charged with assaulting Eliza Clarke. The lattor stated that she was a married woman, residing with her husband and family on premises attached to Dun- can's, On the 14th Duncan's sei vant was about to shut the gate of the yard, when com- plainant interfered, upon which defendant threw a bucket of water over her and_ threw another into hor houso, wetting her children, v> ho were in bed at the time. A witness for the defence denied that the water over touched Mrs. Clarke ; but the Bench, after some deliberation, fined the defendant £D, and ordered him to pay £2 7s. 6d. costs. Mary Duncan, the wife of tho last defendant, then appeared on two charges of assaulting Eliza Clarke, the complainant in the last case. Complainant stated that on the first occasion Mrs. Duncan struck her on the arm with a paling, and on the following day she struck her on the arm and face with her fist. The Bench considered tho charges proved, and fined the defendant £3 and 15s 6d. costs in each case. -A chargo against Eliza Clarke of fraudu- lently detaining £17 10s., the property of William Duncan, was postponed till Tuesday. -The remainder of the business was post- poned, and the Court rose shortly after 5


RICHMOND.-On Wednesday, before Messrs. Templeton, Hosie, Harcourt, McCrae, and Connor, James Robertson was brought up on remand, charged with being in a public place with intent to commit a felony. The charge was made at the instanco of William Whittle, shoemaker, who alleged that tho prisonor had met him in the Richmond-paddock last week, and insisted that he should help him to rob a house at South Yarra, as ho wanted money to enable him to join Power. The prisoner pro- duced a skeleton key, which he said would un- lock any d oor. In consequence of the prisoner's threats, Whittle could not get away from him until they entered a shop in Melbourne where the prisoner wished to buy a key. Afterwards theprisoner came to Whittle's house and asked for him, whereupon Whittle and his brother took him in charge and handed him over to the police. When it was montioned that tho prisoner had a skeleton key in his possession ho was seen to throw something away. A search was subsequently made whore this "somethine" was supposed to have fallen, and four skeleton keys were found. The keys weie of different sizes and shape. This was the substance of the charge against the pri- son«. The Bench considered that a buffi, cicnt case had not been made out, consider- ing that nothing had previously been known against the prisoner. He was, therefore, dis- charged, Among the summons cases disposed of were the following ;-_"/te Police v. James Bliaip. The defendant was lined 20s. for not placing a light on a dangerous formation. Ellen Cosgrove v. John Cosgrove. - The defendant was called upon to show cauRe why ho should not be bound over to keep the peace. There was a cross summons, in which the husband charged the wife with threaten- ing his life. It seemed that the two were always quarrelling. The Bench bound both of them over to keep tho peace for six months.-Robert Shepheid was summoned by his wife for maintenance. The defendant alleged that his wife was given to drink. The Bench required him to nay 10s. a week towards the complainant's maintenance ; but he said he would sooner go into gaol than enter into recognisances to pay her anything at all. He was accordingly locked up. It was undeistood that he was well able to pay if he chose.-Two applications for publicans' li- cences weie granted ; the applicants were John Bennett, of Swan-street, and William Andrew Hay, of Bridge and Neptune streets. r "

HAV. THORN.- At this court on Tuesday-be-j fore Messrs. O'Brien, O'Grady, Molloy, andr Stackpoole-Catherine Murray waa suth-;

m on ed for the maintenance Ot'three of hor, children, at present supported in the Indus- trial School ; but the caso was adjourned to1 Thursday .next for the attendance of, a mate- rial witness.-Patrick Miney was complained; against by Constable King for cruelty to a cat.' The defendant was inithe employment of Dr.i Bragge, of Hawthorn, and on the 10th inst.,

had tuleen the cat outside the house and, killed it by trampling on it. Mr. Atkyns ap-

peared for the defence, and contended that! there was no cruelty within tho meaning of the statute; the cat had been worried by dpgs, and it,was put out of pain. The Bonch, were divided in opinion, and the case was dismissed.-The Court then sat to revise thei supplemental lists for tho South Bourke dis-, tnct, Southern Province, Boroondara A, and for Central Province, Boroondara B, which' were presented by the registrar, Mr. Rawle ; ' and also tho supplemental lists for Nunawad- ing, division of South Bourke, for the Legis- lative Assembly, which were presented by Mr. Toon, for the registrar, Mr. Clisby. The revision was merely formal,, as there were no appeals and no objections. The lists were accordingly signed, and the Court then ad-

journed. 1

FLEMINGTON.-On Saturday-before Messrs.   P. McCracken and T. Napier-Deborah Terry  

was charged with using abusivo language to I Mrs. Hatton ~«t_<___e public road at Fleming-

ton, on Sunday, the 17th instant ; fined 5s.,,' and 5s. costs. A similar case against the same i

defendant was dismissed.-Catherine Pater- j son, for allowing several persons to bo drink-1 ing on her licensed premises at Flemington on Sunday, 17th, instant, was ¿ned 10s., and

5s. costs -The licence of'the 'Princo Albert Hotel, Flemington, Was transferred from Wm.

Peai ce to Thomas Dean. > '

HEIDELBERG.—At this court, on Monday,   before Mr. Strutt, P.M., Mary Shanks was fined 10s. and 2s. 6d. costs for using obscene

and indecent language to Mrs. Jenkins, at   Templestowe. Mary Shanks was further

ordered to pay 10s. damages and a fine of   10s. and 2s. 6d. costs, for breaking the win- dows of Mr. Z. Jenkins.—A complaint of Mr.

Z. Jenkins against James Shanks, for assault, was postponed for further evidence one week.

—Ada McKenna applied for a beer licence for   a house on the Doncaster-road ; this application had been previously made to the Kew Petty   Sessions and refused. The Bench decided that they had no authority to entertain the

application, the Kew Petty Sessions being the   nearest court.—John Lawler, the toll-collec- tor at the Heidelberg gate, summoned John

Scott, the driver of a grocer's cart, for ille-   gally evading toll. Defendant went into a pad- dock belonging to Mr. Henry, of Northcote, at one side of the toll bar, and came out at the other side into the Heidelberg road dis- trict, thus evading the toll. Scott pleaded that he had Mr. Henry's consent, but the Bench held that Henry also was liable for allowing traffic to pass through his paddock, for the purposo of evading toll. Fined 5s. and 25s. costs.

ELTHAM.-On Tuesday last, at this court (beforo Mr. Strutt, P.M.), Georgo Plant, con- tractor, proceeded against James Ransett for stealing wood.' It appeared that Mr. Plant had taken a contract from the Eltham Road Board for forming two miles of road, ono of the conditions being that all the timber grubbed by him should become his proporty. A large quantity had been cut up and stacked by the side of the road at his expenso, but nearly the whole of it had at various times been purloined without his being able to detect the offenders. A watch, howevor, had at length been set, which resulted in a num- ber of summonses being taken out Ransett i was acquitted, as it was shown that it was not ho who had committed the offence in question, but some person who was using a 1 cartwi.h__i3namomarked on it-JohnAmess and R. Howlett were each fined 40s., and 10s. costs, on a similar charge.-A miserable-look-

ing old man named Paddy Dooling was sum- moned to show causo wny he should not contribute to the maintenance of his four children, who had been sent to tho Indus I trial Schools. Senior-constable Lawlor said he had been induced to take these proceed- ings in consequence of Dooling having called n him for ,tho purpose of asking . him as

to tho best means of getting one of tim children out, and having then stated in answer to a question as to his capability of maintaining it, .that he had £30 in gold about him, and that ho was owed some money by a, person at Heidelberg, which he had earned during harvest apd by digging a waterhole Doohng, in defence, stated that he had been for along timo'an'inmato of'the hospital from which he had been dismissed a few months ago uncured, Upon his return to the district, a few of his friends had raised a sub- scription fcr him, which had enabled him to erect a hut and to have a few pounds. The disease from which he was suffering-a can- cer in the back-prevented him from earning enough to enable him to contribute anything towards the support of his children. ."The case .was dismissed.-JamesStock was cb t0 Jlwith injuring a dog valued at £5. Ed\varü Chan, man stated that the dog was in his charra On tho 7th inst. tho animal stole the defend ant's dinner, which had been placed by the side of tho road. He offered him another dinner in placo of it, which he refused, and said he would bo satisfied if a small loaf nnfl some cheese were purchased for him. About four hours after ho was passing Stocks's resi- dence, when the latter carno out with a gun and, saying he would have his dinner's worth out of the dog, shot the animal in the loins. ''It was not, however, seriously injured An attempt was mado to provo that the animal was a very dangerous one, and that it had not been shot, but thero was no evidence in support of this.. Tho Bench inflicted a fine of 20a., with 10s. costs, but on the application of Mr. Mills, who appeared for the defence agreed to stay proceedings for a fortnight in order to give tho defendant an opportunity of